25 December 2012 @ 11:00 am
Does anyone know where to get something to put on your hands to make them stop hurting?

While we're talking about that, does anyone want a gun?
11 September 2012 @ 07:19 am
[Well, this is certainly... surprising. One moment he was in a heaven (not literally), and now he is in... a place that is too far to be called as one. And not to say, he's having his doubt that he's still in Aincrad, since that place was never as dusky as this place.]

If I were to mention VRMMORPG or NerveGear, does it actually ring any bell to you?

Thank you very much in advance.

[Better take things as cautious as possible.]
23 July 2012 @ 10:32 am
[ Waking up in a strange bed wasn't a big deal. She doesn't own enough that the trunk cannot fit all of Satou's precious belongings. But that doesn't mean Satou can forgive the letter. Without giving her situation much more thought, she's rushing off to find some way to contact her friends and is immediately attracted to the nearest network terminal. Her expression is firm and determined, as Satou is initially very confident that things are about to be sorted out. ]

Mikale, answer me at once! Where are you? --- actually, don't answer, because I really don't know where I am either. But you can hear me, right? They saved you, right, Mikale? Stop closing off your mind, I can't feel you anywhere!

[ Satou puts a hand to her head. Mentioning their link makes her aware that it's broken. That should only happen if he's dead (or being a jerk). This thought brings her anger down a notch, though the feeling replacing it is a slow downfall into panic as the whole "world ending" thing begins to sink in. ]

Hey... hey, Mikale! Answer me already, please! Touka-chan! Touka-chan, are you there? Are you okay? They brought you here too, right? Is Masume there? Please tell me she's okay...! Please tell me they saved my little sister! Someone, anyone, answer me! The world can be destroyed, we can get through this, as long as you're all okay! They can't have only saved me, right? Someone tell me that they saved everyone else!

[ She catches herself about to sob, struggling to keep a straight face and wiping her tears with shaky hands. ]

Ne... ne, please... S-someone answer me! What's going on? What's happening? Please, someone respond! Where are my friends? This is a joke... please tell me this is a really stupid joke! And if it's not.... if it's not, whose neck do I have to wring out to get them back?!