08 July 2013 @ 01:26 pm
alright, you chuckleheads.
you're all obviously very bored, and since you're incapable of coming up with entertainment that isn't pants-on-head retarded, I'm here to help you out.
I know, I know, I'm very generous.
so, here's what we're going to do:

reply to this post anonymously and say whatever the hell you want.

seriously, that's it.
blubber about how mean the admins are, talk shit about people you want to punch in the face, whatever.
trust me, you'll feel better after.

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12 May 2013 @ 09:35 pm
We've seen, or heard of, what the administrators have done to our souls. Materialized them. Liquefied them. Maybe even put them into our collars, or something absurd like that.

Where does that leave their victims whose souls were materialized/liquefied at the wrong time? Let's say: during a state of possession. Might there be a way to filter out the foreign influence? What of those of us who are physically ill and fragile no matter how many times we die and are resurrected? Shouldn't there be a way to tweak this materialized soul to fix that?

What a sloppy system. It seems to me the administrators are lazy.

For the record, Jason, if you are reading this: yes. I am questioning your professionalism. I am calling you lazy. If you're offended, track me down and punish me all you like, but fix the souls you materialized wrong.
01 May 2013 @ 10:06 am

[Lancer takes a deep breath before speaking.]

So I'm gonna be throwing my brother a birthday party. Who wants to come? And do any of you know what people do for birthday parties in this day and age?

[A pause.]

Oh yeah, Archer, stay away from the party if you know what's good for you.
The first voice that boisterously sails from the terminal's speakers is clearly recognizable to those who know her as Sayaka Miki, formerly erstwhile agitator back in.. what seems to be totally unaltered spirits.

cut for colored text )
19 April 2013 @ 09:02 pm
[Feferi can't face the network, and she really can't face anyone she knows in person right now, so this is only voice. And it sounds tired, and defeated. It's clear she's been crying, a lot, and she just sounds broken - not angry, just broken.]

...I'm done.

I can't do it anymore. What is the fucking point, when my words are only going to be used as a weapon against us? If I can't trust people I love...and it's not even their fault. I know that it's not, but I...I can't handle this uncertainty. I could handle having my heart broken, but I...I can't handle this.

Congratulations, Jason. You wanted to find the exact point at which Feferi Peixes can't handle the shit that you throw at her anymore? Well, this is it. I'm done.

My lusus - my guardian, my mother, sort of - is here. Don't worry; she can't hurt anyone, not with me around. I'm going to be with her for a while. Don't come looking for me. I breathe underwater, she is underwater, and most of you couldn't get there anyway. I don't want those that can - assuming any of you can - trying. I don't want to talk. I just want -

[She starts to laugh, and then her laughs turn to sobs, which she has to calm before she can speak again.]

- you know, I found out a while ago that if I hadn't been brought here, I would have died roughly fifteen minutes after my last memory from home. Till now, I thought there was a point to fighting, because I didn't want that to be my end. But I just don't know anymore.
07 February 2013 @ 06:56 pm
It has concerned me greatly of late as to what "Losing your Soul to the Tower of Animus" may mean. And I am afraid we may be witnessing the first symptoms of such a loss...

[ It's to say the ridiculous amounts of sheer foolishness that can be witnessed all around the tower, especially as of late. It is the first time since May that Gandalf posts something on the network- Nothing surprising considering his dislike of such communication means. But here and now, sending this message is absolutely necessary. ]

Throw yourselves out of the tower next time and rid us of your stupidity )
27 January 2013 @ 05:18 pm
 Alright, listen up!

Given that the stupid plan with the nuclear reactor failed a while ago, and the insane robot girl roaming about, I can conclude that any weapon that relies on huge supplies of energy is doomed to fail or backfire in one way or another, thus the use of creating small scale mobile suits or robots is utterly useless if it can be turned against us, so small scale weapons and such will have to do with a limited chance of backfire.

Thus I'm asking all of you for weapon ideas. As ridiculous as some of these are, this might be the one chance to build something useful that won't one day tries to kill all of us. But if you want something magical, ask something else. I'm not some silly witch or something.
23 January 2013 @ 09:31 pm
I tried writing down what the sun felt like in case I forgot again. Tried, at least.

Could you tell me a little about your worlds, if you don't mind sharing?
16 January 2013 @ 07:33 pm
[ To some people, it may seem like Mami was not affected by the Tower's latest shenanigans, but she certainly was. She believes that ten years have passed for her, even if she doesn't look it. She chalks it up to being dead and therefor, being unable to age. Since, you know, the dead can only rot.

Sadly, that's not the case. ]

Good evening. My name is Mami Tomoe for those who don't know. [ She's mostly referring to the new comers because she has made a few network posts in the last ten years, right? ] If you need my assistance, I'll be glad to help you out. I can't say you'll enjoy your stay here sadly.

... I would like to speak to those who come from Mitakihara, or anyone who knows of our situation. [ Situation? If you're thinking Puella Magi stuff then ding! You're right! ]

I believe that's it, other than the usual "how's everyone been holding up in the Tower" question I usually ask. Stay safe everyone.
13 January 2013 @ 10:26 pm
[When the feed comes on, it's a face people in the tower might have recognized at one point. By now, Feferi's an adult troll, who looks like she's 11 sweeps (roughly 25 Earth years) old, not the teenager that would normally appear. There's no sign of the necklaces she used to wear, and the only sign of her place in troll society is the tiny sign on her tiara, which she's had remade over time.]

Are we reely having new arrivals again? It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten what it was like...it's been sweeps and sweeps.

If you're just now arriving...I hesitate to say welcome. This isn't the kind of plaice anyguppy wants to wind up coming to, and I say that having been here for sweeps now.

It's dangerous here, for reasons that include monsters both human - the admins - and inhuman. But there are a lot of us who have been in this plaice for a very long time, and we're glad to kelp if you need anyfin at all. I'm Feferi, and if I'm not answering the network, I can usually be found in the aquarium, the pool, or the meadow. Please feel free to come find me.

...is everyone else holding up all right? You know me, I worry way too much about everyfin ever.

[OOC: apparently my troll math gets funky late at night, edited for slight correction on her age).]
13 January 2013 @ 11:55 am
[To most, this will seem quite unusual. The video was of a certain demon that prowled the halls, only... her visage was significantly older. Her hair was pinned away from a lightly lined face, and bright strands of gray threaded through the mane. Catarina settled back from the terminal, her movements less of the barely contained wild seduction that usually filled her body and more controlled, more in balanced with what she was. But to those who doubted this was the demon they usually saw, the bright mischievous look in her eyes still didn't dim]

To those who recently joined us here in the tower:

I realize many of you may have light fingers, and that bright shiny baubles are irresistible to said digits. That is why I will be kind in saying if you return my necklace to me by the end of the day, I will not remove your head from your neck. If you make me wait, I will be sure that I will be the very painful cause of the first of your many, many deaths here.
[This question's time stamp marks it as being made some time in the middle of the night, and there's quite a few typos left uncorrected - it seems like the owner cared more about posting it than making it pretty, probably because of the cold making their hands clumsy. It's been posted anonymously, but not under the ubiquitous 'times new roman' font that pops up often.]

questeions like these get a lot responses . it alwayss surprissed me but id like to take advantgage of that now

what do yuou thinnk makes a hero?

dsicus amongst youselffves or rmable or wtefver

jsut tell me
25 November 2012 @ 03:12 pm
...I don't understand this at all. Not one bit.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for this girl Ruana? Be her friend? She sounds like a confused child. If they did the same kinds of things to her that they're doing to us, she deserves at least some sympathy.

At the same time, though, if she's happy to go along with what they're doing, and it isn't an act, then I can't exactly be sympathetic.

...I will say that I'm glad that the translation mechanisms are working again, however. That's such a relief.
25 November 2012 @ 02:42 pm
So how does it feel to think that we're all the ungrateful friends of a lonely little girl?

[He doesn't care. About Ruana, about many of the things he'd glimpsed on the network yesterday before it was all deleted, or even who might be reading this.

One thing he is learning is that in order to glean truth in the Tower, knowledge is power. Knowledge provided by the Tower is unable to be proved, but only so many people can make the same observations. Power was important.

Besides he's not moving far from the first few floors today.]
24 November 2012 @ 06:50 pm
[The network has rebooted, and with it the translation systems--everything is in working order once more.

The following files have appeared, apparently by accident, on the network:]


[These files will be available for two hours before being deleted, although those with particularly good computer skills will be able to find the deleted files again.]
23 November 2012 @ 06:00 pm
[For the most part, Lancer had been avoiding the comms. He knew where to find his friends and Master in person. The language barrier wasn't that much of a problem because both he and Ayaka spoke Japanese, and most of the other Servants should be speaking it too unless they had been caught up in the language switching.]

[However, right now, there was something he really wanted to ask the tower at large. That is, something besides whether or not he could still communicate with his fellow Servants. That morning, he had found a stack of papers in his room. Papers that told him he was now a janitor. He's not quite sure what it means.]

[So now he's standing at a console, papers in hand. He also has a pen which he snatched from one of his roommates, just in case he ran into someone who didn't speak the same languages that he did. He speaks in English first, as slowly and clearly as he can.]

Hey, my name is Lancer. How many of you can still understand me? How many of my kind can still understand me? If you understand what I am saying, contact me back, maybe with video. I have a question I want to ask.

[He repeats the words in Japanese, and then Gaelic on the off-chance that someone can speak that.]
22 September 2012 @ 11:11 pm
[The feed starts today with Kidou looking very worried. Like the most worried he has ever looked in a long time.]

Good afternoon, this is Kidou Yuuto. I know a few of you are still recovering from the most recent experiment... and I'm sure a lot of you have more important things to worry about but have any of you seen Otonashi Haruna lately? She's a young girl with dark blue hair and grey eyes... she's usually seen in a school uniform and she wears a pair of red glasses on top of her head.

I know everyone was pretty busy last week, probably too busy to notice a little girl... I was a bit caught up in everything myself but I still would have seen her... I'm starting to get really worried.

I checked her room and her bed looks like it hasn't been used in a while.. her trunk was empty too.

If anyone has any idea what might have happened, please tell me.

[And there's a pause as he's a bit hesitant to say this next part]

... She's my little sister, and I really don't want to lose her... [He's pretty sure he has an idea of what happened, but he doesn't want to believe it...]
[Sayaka's got a pair of goggles on her neck today - odd. People who know him would recognize them as distinctly Kidou Yuuto's - cracked lens and all. She seems to be a little uncomfortable being in her own body.. then again, that's probably something a lot of people have residual feelings of, right now.]

So if I learned anything last week, it's that the tower really needs a soccer league.

..I'm just saying.

[private to Kidou Yuuto:]

..Hey, Kidou. Looks like I'm the one that failed you, even after you worked so hard to keep that promise... Eheheh. Sorry about that.

[She taps the goggles, to indicate they're the new subject of the conversation -]

You'll want these back, right?
Enoch I need your help it's sayaka

..yuuto, it's kidou yuuto

the gem it's

it's really dark, a lot darker then i remember it being

sayaka told me to look for you when it started getting dark she said something really bad would happen when it started getting dark and ive been coughing up blood all day my visions starting to get worse too everything's starting to blur

please help me i told her i wouldnt let it get dark i gave her my word


[And if anyone happened to want to find Kidou or stumbled upon him, he's at a terminal down one of the dorm halls. A bit of blood is splattered across the keyboard thanks to his coughing fits and he's either having one of those said coughing fits or just sitting on the seat in front of the terminal, hugging his knees to his chest as he waits for replies.

Also said gem in question? It's..... well, it's not black.

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[There's only one 'mysterious anon' behind the keyboard today, even if their secret identity had been somewhat compromised - Sayaka's banking on the hope that no one had really figured out what was up that day, and that no one read back through the network entries like they had.
The sheer amount of people that questioned who Jason was, and what he had done - it was just teeth-grinding. That had to be fixed. Thus, she had once again turned on anon and changed her font to the eponymous Times New Roman.

...This whole thing took her literally hours to type because writing professional sounding things is hard ugh Jin.... she... really needs to talk to you after that mess the other day....]
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