[Oh dear. Sora is posting to the network again. Is this going to be as bad as last time? Will there be beeps, error messages, angry flashing signs, Tron-world adventures?

...nope! There's just a kid using the video function. Apparently all of those computer-using lessons really have done him a world of good.]

Okay, so, I've been thinking about something. There are a lot of people in this tower from my world. In fact, there are so many of us that it's hard to keep track of all of you! And, um, since I haven't talked to all of you in awhile, I was thinking that maybe we should meet up somewhere tomorrow. Maybe the meadow, since that worked pretty well when we had that bonfire awhile back. What do you guys think?

...oh, and I don't just mean people I know, either! If anyone from...[He can't just say a name; his world is made up of a lot of other worlds, but they aren't connected to the worlds of everyone here. So how does he describe it? He has to take a second to think it over, before one similarity finally does come to him-]...from a world where the Keyblade exists sees this and wants to come, they should! I'll try to bring some food or something, too.

[Is that it? Nope! He has a question for the Tower at large, too.]

Also, um...did anyone else spend all of last month sleeping? Or was that just me?

[Yes, this is a genuine, serious question, about a thing that actually happened.]
02 April 2012 @ 10:47 pm
[There's a burst of static, and a garbled sound like someone talking for a brief moment before it clears, beginning a voice message.] -doesn't this thi-[More static, along with the sound of buttons being pressed. Likely buttons that should NOT be pressed, if the beeps that keep sounding mean anything.]-ith instructions or something?

[That? Is the sound of TEN MILLION BUTTONS being pressed. One of them has to let him write. But WHICH ONE?

Until now, this has been a mystery to Sora.

But apparently he figures it out, because suddenly, text!]


oh, there it is! Now I can send messages to people. This is neat!

but writing everything out like this takes forever.
[Because guess who's typing one. letter. at. a. time.

But there must be another way! Maybe if he can figure out how video works...

Oh, hey. Time to abuse the terminal's keyboard again.

This goes on for a few minutes, occasionally accompanied by various warning beeps and error messages. Finally, the video flashes on briefly, revealing the face of one (1) VERY SURPRISED Sora, who...was maybe starting to think that this wasn't going to actually work.

...but then he has the biggest smile because GUESS WHAT? IT DID. Computer: 58, Sora: 1.

He's definitely catching up, okay?]

Alright, it wor-huh?!

[And all of his hopes are dashed when the screen turns bright red, and the video shuts off after another, this time much angrier, error noise. Apparently, the terminals do not take kindly to misuse.

Finally, there's just a minute of silence. Then...]

...did I break it?

[Meet the future savior of all worlds, everyone.]