[text-- this morning]

WHAT WAS THATwhat just

[action, at the terminal]

[As he's putting up the short message, Ven can be seen in the terminal outside the first floor dormitories, slumped overo n the keyboard with his hands over his head and his face hidden. It looks like he's trying to calm himself down.]

[text-- later that afternoon]
There's someone here that knows how to make weapons, right? I think I saw something like this before. I need swords; two, if you can. But I know how to use just one. I'm trying to learn something different.

If you need anything in return, I'm willing to help you out with whatever you need. Thanks in advance, if you can.
It's really cold here.

Did someone turn down the temperature?

Has anyone figured out how to fix this yet?
16 September 2012 @ 11:58 pm
Rolling on the ground is really easily compared to balancing in an anti-gravity field.

I as Roxas hereby decline any and all possession of Ice Cream forevermore, as I've decided it's not worth it.

Thank you for your time.


17 September 2012 @ 01:53 am
Just so everyone knows, skateboarding is totally harder than stupid, magically-gravity-defying glider things.

Also I hereby donate all my icecream I will ever get to my best friend ever Roxas.

You may now go about your daily routines as normal. Thank you.

[...nope. Not even trying.]


[Really not trying at all.]
06 September 2012 @ 12:34 pm
Okay, guys, I've given this request thing some thought.

[Quite a bit, since he's been quiet for quite a while, and hasn't been doing much of anything-]

After Jason gave Sayaka, Ven, and I our matching set of scalpel wounds, I realized that we may have actually irritated him, even if only a little bit. And if this is his month, then next month he theoretically won't be handling requests.

[A pause.]

So, who wants to join in flooding the request box? If a bunch of people request for him to get punched on a month that isn't his, we might get somewhere. I kinda doubt it, but I have to try.

'Course, if you request this, you might wake up with a hand stab- or worse, if he somehow hijacks the situation. Which he probably will. Just, be ready for potential pain, okay?

[[OOC: Here is a convenient link to the IC request box!]]
Hey guys.

Betting it's a Jason month this time.

Mostly 'cuz I woke up with a note pinned to my hand with a scalpel.

So if you were planning on anything that isn't the tower being more awful, sorry, you're gonna have to put that on hold.

That's pretty much all I got to say. Peace.
29 August 2012 @ 11:36 pm
[Xion doesn't normally use the network unless she's looking for someone. But this time, it's a little different. She'd asked if she could stop here, to let everyone know.

No video though. She kind of... does not want to be found. While the network terminals aren't everywhere, but if she can make it as vague as possible, then she'll go with that. She wishes the filters were working, even if she's never used them before, if there was ever a time to start, it was now.

Her voice is very tired, even a little hoarse, and just a tiny bit pained, though she's trying to hide it.]

Sora, Riku, Roxas, Ven, Namine... and... anybody else from my worlds. Or anyone really... Vanitas is back. I think he remembers but... I'm not sure. He's different now, a lot worse. Please just stay away from him. [Stay safe]

And... Elena, Rusty... [she pauses, swallowing; she doesn't have quite enough nerve to address Tseng so informally. Hopefully they'd figure out she was trying to contact her fellow Turks, though.] I... haven't seen Reno - Sparky - anywhere, but his name's not gone from the door so.... I-If you see him, just... please tell him to find me. Us. [Her and Shion]

I'll... be where Sora found me later, when I was asleep. If... if anyone needs me.

[No way she's just outright say where she'll be staying on the network, not if Vanitas or someone else can see this.

She'll probably stick around for a little while, but she has friends nearby who are going to make sure she makes it down to the infirmary, and keep her safe in the meantime.]

[ooc; There might be threadjacks from any of the friends ([personal profile] pitiedthefool, [personal profile] worldsapart , and possibly one other I'll edit in) Xion has with her, if they see something objectionable or they really want to comment on. On the whole though replies'll come from Xion]
12 August 2012 @ 01:20 am
[Lina is on the network once again, this time with a proper question rather than overreacting over something.]

I know there's other magic-users here - I'm curious if any of you have tried to use your magic to get out of here. I've tried several times so far - different spells and locations, and only gotten my powers taken away and a lot of shocks for my trouble. [She scowls a bit, then huffs.] That said, trying to get out by force, even if it's magical seems to be a lost cause - so I'm wondering if anyone else might have some kind of alternative methods to consider using. Has anyone tried teleportation magic, for starters?
22 July 2012 @ 02:51 pm

[Anyone tuning in today would find a video feed of Ven sitting in front of the computer, grinning a bit more devilishly than he usually did, and waving a green sharpie around bit as he held it up in his hand.]

So you know those clear-collared guys that run around taking care of this place? Turns out you can basically draw all over them as much as you want without them noticing or even caring! You can write anything you want on them and they'll just keep going about their day as if nothing happened!

[There was the distinct view of Roxas and Sayaka lingering and high-fiving in the background.]

Happy Anniversary~!
11 July 2012 @ 05:28 pm
[After the...last time he was on the network, Roxas isn't exactly eager to stick his face on it again. But he still wanted to offer something, so he accepted voice begrudgingly. There was an awkward few seconds of silence before he began speaking.]

Uh, hey. It's Roxas. I just wanted to ask something to everyone at large...

[A pause, and he gave a loud sigh.]

I've been keeping a journal, and I realized I've almost been here for a year. Who else is around who's been here that long? I'm...thinking of making a cake.

[Okay, so that was partially sarcasm, but-]

At least that way, we'll have something positive for the occasion, instead of just the usual stuff. I just, need help making it. I've never made a cake before.

[...of course, he also was planning on trying to shove it in the suggestion box, or the red-collar elevator, or something...but there wasn't a need to mention that part out loud.]
[The video flicks on to a very perplexed-looking Lina with folded arms and a crossed leg, relaxing in her chair.]


People in charge, or people who've been here a while, I guess - is this some kind of person-copy-making place? 'Cause I keep seeing a bunch of guys that look like Link, and either I keep runnin' into the same blue-eyed and fuzzy-headed kid in different clothes, or there's more than one of him runnin' around.

[She pauses, then leans forward, giving the camera the stinkeye.]

So whoever's in charge - if you are makin' copies of people, don't copy me! Someone already tried that at home, twice, and it didn't go very well either time!

[The fact that her and the others kind of violently tampered with the equipment causing the copies to fail and the building to collapse goes unmentioned - nor the fact that the other was a polar opposite weepy pacifist made by a magic mirror.]


search: location|

results not found

search: where is this?|

results not found

[then, to the sound of furious typing, the video feed starts. for anyone who knows the Tower well enough, it looks like the terminal in use is in the third floor library. the one using is is a frustrated-looking young man, typing very fast without noticing that he's being recorded and getting more and more irritated, until--]


[--he looks up, mildly surprised. he shifts uncomfortably, slightly embarrassed:]

Hello? [he clears his throat.] My name is Terra. Is anyone there? I came here from-- [he stares, mouth forming the next words, but his expression darkens and he clearly changes his mind, shaking his head.]

What is this place? [a pause.] Is this world dealing with monsters that you can't control? I can-- [--nope, he can't. Terra's jaw visibly clenches.]

I may be able to help. But... Please. I need answers. [whatever thoughts were distracting him finally catch up for a moment:] I shouldn't be here. This isn't possible.

[he shakes his head again, before fixing the feed with a firm stare:]
Thank you for any help.
[When the feed comes on, Aqua is smiling warmly, though she looks somewhat weary.]

Hello. My name is Aqua. Some of you know me. Most of you probably don't, though.

I'm actually doing this to make an announcement. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like everyone from any world where the Keyblade exists to respond to this message. There's been some confusion lately, and I think different...

[She pauses. It's clear by her expression that she's searching for an appropriate term.]

...timelines, may be involved. It's lead to aggression before -- I just think, considering the circumstances, we should try to at least be polite to each other, if not work together.

[Her smile wavers a little, replaced by quiet reservation.] I know not everyone will agree to this, but I'm sure it will be helpful in the long run if as many people respond as possible. There's a form below this that I'd like if people could fill out. Feel free to lock your response to only me if you would be more comfortable doing that.

I'd also like to make another call for the people who have been taking magic lessons with me. I know it's been hard to keep up with because of the...chaos. But, our meeting place will stay the same, and anyone is welcome to find me in room 1-07 if they need me on a day that we haven't scheduled lessons.

And, for those who have Keyblades...I can teach you, too. If you want me to.

[Her lips tilt upwards again.] Thank you all very much for your time.

[The feed cuts off. As promised, there's a form for all the KH cast to fill out!]

What is your name?
How old are you?
Are you a Keybearer?
Did you ever apprentice under a Master?
If you did, what was their name?
Have you learned under more than one Master?
List their names, if you have.
Would you consider yourself to be of the light, or of the darkness? Both? Neither?
Do you have anything you'd like to ask me?

02 November 2011 @ 12:51 am
sup homies

finally woke up from that coma that lasted three seasons
only to find out i have amnesia and an evil twin bent on ruling the world
and theres some love quadrangle goin on involving my mother the butler my uncle and a monkey
and somehow its all my fault

so other than that whatd i miss
06 September 2011 @ 01:12 pm
first off.
important question.
whats with these optional clothes provided.
like jesus dick suddenly its the 80s and everyone has the dumbest ideas about the future.
forget the spaceships forged from rigs still running windows 95.
shit is straight up lifted outta a jem video.
bret michaels approaches his band with an idea for their next mv.
hint were rocking the space theme.
cmon dudes gather up the gaudy skintight monochrome horseshit and lets do this.
btw roomies wheres the beer bong.
31 May 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Ignore. ♥
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