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[video - itp: repliku's sense of self-preservation is as high as ever]

So, "rescuees".
We've known what we really look like for the last few months. So I ask, have any of you even wondered what our so-called "administrators" look like without the glamour?

Well, now that the monthly distractions are over, I have one thing to show you. Say hello to your favorite scientist.

[Ira smirks, holding up a picture to the camera of a certain drawing that his friend drew from his sister's memories.]

Some of you may remember another person sharing this sketch, and it's true - even the admins aren't what they seem.

Now Jason, I ask you directly: How do you call yourself human?

[Can't even say that it's the way he claims to be human, either.]

[[ooc: The visible sketch is a WIP because Jason literally crashed photoshop four times when I tried to load it. Will update it later when it lets me finish.]]
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[For almost a minute, David doesn't say anything on his end. He's intensely staring at the sketch, head moving slightly as he takes in the details—but from the way he's holding that cigar tightly in his mouth, lips pressed into a frown, it looks like he's glowering.]

[When he finally does speak, his tone of voice removes all doubt.]

... Dat reminds me a lot of a villain I've tangled with back home.

Two villains, maybe.