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[S1727002: Text] & [Open - Action: Fl 3]

[A single word against S1727002 appears on the network.]


[Sephiroth has been sat in the Library, staring somewhat blankly at the ticking countdown permanently visible, for several hours already. He wears his signature leather attire except for that he's substituted his leather trench and armor for his loose grey vest that he usually frequents the gym in. The reason is obvious should anyone come close enough to where he is sat; his left forearm is rested up on the table next to where the keys are, tightly bound in fresh dressing which hasn't long been sourced from the Infirmary. Occasionally he flexes the fingers, but not very much.

As if he hasn't been through enough, it seems Ruana couldn't even bring him back totally in one piece and the rip along a tendon of his forearm isn't even healing as quickly as it's supposed to, even if it is under Glamour. He's not too sure of the extent of the accidental damage, either. It's not like he'll be fighting as effectively for a while.]

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