04 April 2014 @ 10:50 pm
[A single word against S1727002 appears on the network.]


[Sephiroth has been sat in the Library, staring somewhat blankly at the ticking countdown permanently visible, for several hours already. He wears his signature leather attire except for that he's substituted his leather trench and armor for his loose grey vest that he usually frequents the gym in. The reason is obvious should anyone come close enough to where he is sat; his left forearm is rested up on the table next to where the keys are, tightly bound in fresh dressing which hasn't long been sourced from the Infirmary. Occasionally he flexes the fingers, but not very much.

As if he hasn't been through enough, it seems Ruana couldn't even bring him back totally in one piece and the rip along a tendon of his forearm isn't even healing as quickly as it's supposed to, even if it is under Glamour. He's not too sure of the extent of the accidental damage, either. It's not like he'll be fighting as effectively for a while.]
07 February 2014 @ 12:31 am
[A text post on the network. Simply because if it's with a text and not a video, his expressions, however controlled, won't betray him.]

For anyone who didn't know yet, Hidetoshi Odagiri is gone. Any business you may have with him will be on hold.

As this is February and Ruana's month, do be careful around Valentine's Day (on the 14th of this month). If it's like the last few times, it won't be odd if you find yourself falling in love with someone and possibly risk death for a number of reasons.

[He remembers the previous Februaries he experienced here, which were really...something.

He'll be sticking around to watch the post. Or someone could walk up to him, as the young man is using one of the terminals in the dormitory hallways
14 January 2014 @ 03:53 pm
I wanted to express my appreciation to whoever assisted me in the infirmary in realigning my arm, but given the state I was in at the time, I am unable to recall who that person was. If you are that individual, or if you know who that individual is, please let me know. I’d like to give them my thanks in person.

06 January 2014 @ 05:25 pm
how did ur playdate go wit jasun
20 November 2013 @ 11:18 pm
To all of those that cannot stand to fight their own battles, and would sooner flock together mindlessly in the name of what you consider to be 'right', only to then become that which you so self-righteously despise, 

You have accomplished nothing with your pointless schoolyard tactics, other than expose your own hypocrisy. 

Next time, approach me directly with your grievances, my mailbox is not suited to such trash. 

It would be cleaner, and far more expeditious in reaching a resolution.

Consider this a cordial warning. 

06 November 2013 @ 09:55 am
[Over the last few weeks Brunwulf had become increasingly restless. He wanted a fight. A sparring session with someone at least. His Nord blood demanded that he fight with someone to hone his skills, which were going to waste in this place. Aye, he had Floor Thirty Two to hunt and things, but sparring with another man would be better. He narrowed his eyes into the screen, as he sent his message.]

I am in need of some fighting action within this tower of torture. Would anyone wish to spar with me? With either blade or fists, I do not mind. A fist fight would be welcomed, as I have not had one of those for many moons. If anyone wishes to take up the challenge, meet me on Floor Thirty Two. This is where I often go to hunt and practice my blade skills.

[He wondered if anyone would be man enough to challenge him. Or perhaps a strong woman might even challenge him. Who knew?]
06 October 2013 @ 06:32 pm
Are meaningless items the common reward for enduring the trials this place has to offer, or is there a deeper significance to these things?

My apologies if this question has been asked every time there are new people about. Please feel free to make your responses as pedantic as this question must be.
11 September 2013 @ 12:28 pm
There is an issue that has been in my mind for quite a few months, people of Animus.

As you all know, our worlds were somehow destroyed and, somehow, we were ‘saved’ by our souls being brought here and inserted into hideous wireframe constructs. Supposedly, we are still alive, despite the fact that we were ripped from our own bodies. ‘Death’, in a matter of speaking, is not permanent – we are just give a new ‘body’ to inhabit. However, in less than a year, when the Glamour system runs out, we will truly ‘die’ and not come back.

Some of us, however, are working to restore our worlds and bring us back there. The administrators claim to be doing that themselves. Whether or not they truly mean to do that, I cannot tell.

Would you believe that such a feat is truly possible, however, considering our own conditions and that of our worlds? Do you think that, somehow, the administrators can bring our worlds back so that we can return home? Or do you believe that we can find a way ourselves and stop the administrators before our time runs out next year?

Suffice to say, I am very doubtful of this idea, considering its sheer absurdity. However, as this entire tower is full of things that completely contradict proper logic, I am not sure if I can completely disregard it.
21 July 2013 @ 04:34 pm
--ridiculous. I suppose you'd just let them get away with it. [Jason's voice crackles over the network, catching him mid-conversation. His anger is obvious.]

It's my month and I get to do what I want. [Zo sounds childishly petulant.]

Your month but my collar checkups. We're lucky we've at least trained some of them in learned helplessness or who knows how much worse it could have been! [Jason's anger only increases--he obviously doesn't know he's being recorded and broadcast.] And you know the rules.

Yes, but Riki already-- [Zo's petulance increases, but Jason cuts him off sharply.]

Riki's concerns aren't mine. They've interfered with my business, I'll punish them.

[Zo's tone darkens--still childishly angry, but there's an edge to it.] You know I have to approve whatever you're gonna do.

[Jason sighs, but his tone softens a little. It's difficult to tell why with just audio to go on, though.] I realize that. I'm hardly going to request experiment time; it's my turn next month anyway. All I want from you is--

[The feed cuts out.]

(There will be no NPC responses to this post.)
20 July 2013 @ 05:11 pm
I'm not imagining that it takes longer and longer to be able to move again every time you die, am I? Someone else has to have noticed this.

Why do you think that is?

[ ooc: Shinji may or may not reply to everyone who answers. Feel free to have characters discuss among themselves. ]
*Enoch is holding a sheet of paper - thin plastic, really - in front of him.*

This is what started this, I'm sure you've all seen them now and know what I mean.

*He lets out a breath and lowers the paper.* And if the red-collared brute somewhere behind me doesn't see fit to attack me for this just yet, I'd like to say something. An apology. To our current administrator, for the trouble this could cause on his undeserving watch, but most importantly, to all of you. To everyone who was here at the beginning of last month.

*There's a pause while he takes a breath, steeling himself and preparing for possible attack. When he speaks, he doesn't look up at the screen, playing with the sheet of plastic in his hands.*

...I've had over seventy names in my lifetime, and I've somehow found myself with yet another alias in this tower, and I'm certain all of you have seen it. I am one who would call himself Pandora.

It was never my intent to bring harm to anyone, but if not for that incident, we would not have been able to find this, it was hidden in the glamours. I am so, so sorry for everything...true enough to my newest name, the demons must be released before we can find hope...

*He looks up at the camera again.* So let us find it together. Let us all stand strong. There is no need to be an enemy...no need to be an opponent to anyone. Ruana is a danger to us all, here and at home. Above and below.

*He glances back for sign of his retrieval unit...and warily turns back to the camera, allowing his feet to rest after the efforts to put up all those pieces of paper.*
[There's an audible chime, like a cheery voicemail tone, from every terminal simultaneously, before text appears on the screen.]

Good afternoon, Tower of Animus. My name is The Observer. I've got a special message for you today, direct from one of our beloved administrators. Please read, listen to, and memorize this message, and reproduce it wherever you can!

Cut for long but very important message. )

Wasn't that a special little message? Now, copy it down in your notes so you don't forget it! No matter whom you're allied with, be it Pandora, Ganondorf, your friends from home, or just yourself! There will be a test on this.

And the first section of the test is this - I want you to place at least one copy of this message somewhere in the tower. No points for hiding it! It has to be visible to everyone! In a few days I'll tell you all how you did, and I'll repeat this message for you lazy people who didn't see or hear this today.

That's all for now!

- The Observer

[All characters with mailboxes will find a copy of the message in their mail as of this evening.]
19 June 2013 @ 09:40 pm
You're a bit slow, aren't you? Fine, fine, I'll give you some more hints.

First, remember, for our dear first five monsters, you need to fulfill a special requirement to kill them during the day. I won't tell you their specific requirements yet--you haven't even figured out who they are, I bet!--but I will tell you this:

If I was a monster so repulsive even I wanted to stop myself, I would need ... before I could stop.

And now, for the identities! Here are some clues for you to figure out!

The Laughing Monster's powers as plain as you can see
Are what he feels and what he is and who he longs to be

The Apathetic Monster never more wants for a sword
With speed unparalleled, it'll find its enemies gored

From blood comes the fire in the Crying Monster's veins
'Tis utterly powerless otherwise, or so the world does deign

Dearest Screaming Monster, what curses do you see?
Whose puppet strings direct this terrifying prophecy?

The Growling Monster on borrowed time lives on
Though borrowed time is stopped once it is called upon

((Ruana will not be replying to this post, but you can reply to each other and use it to try and figure out who's who.))
06 June 2013 @ 09:40 am
[Romeo looks more serious than he usually does the rare times he's on the network. He should have done this days ago but things got scary and he had a lot to think about with everything that has happened. But he doesn't want to hold off any longer.]

Does anyone know a girl she has long brown hair and is maybe a bit bigger than me. She's got a friend that looks like. [Here he holds up a picture.]

Also a man with really long silver hair and a big sword. If you know them can you tell me where they live please.
05 June 2013 @ 04:05 pm
I know what happened. Are you happy with yourselves? Doing things when you don't even know what you're doing, or why. Look what you did... there were people suffering, children crying. Do you know how much pain you caused? It isn't right. It isn't fair.

What gives you the right? You take other people's lives in your hands! Take their choices from them. Deciding whether we should live or die for us. Do you think that we want to die? I don't. While there's life, there still hope. We should keep on living, no matter what. We should always keep--

[After this brief speech, Kariya slumps, breathing heavily. His good eye widens, and the swollen veins in his face seem to pulse for a moment. The effort of speaking has obviously taken a lot out of him. The physical and mental shock of the worms returning has taken its toll on him. He looks as if he's having trouble standing upright at the terminal. A spasm of pain crosses his face. When he speaks again, his voice is weaker.]

I need a healer--is there someone who can help?
11 May 2013 @ 06:41 pm
[Heather looks sulky and a bit awkward as the feed starts.]

Um, hi people. So, this place is absolute torture.

[She looks down, off screen for a second before turning her gaze back upon the viewers.]

Does anybody know any way to make it more, I dunno, bearable? Like, is there anything to do or something? Anything at all.

[She sighs softly.]

Well, that's all I guess. Please. Anything.
24 March 2013 @ 01:33 pm
[Ryoji switches the feed on with a small smile. He has cheered up significantly after talking to a few people and making a few friends (or at least, people he thinks are friends). He still is nervous about what he has to say, but he tries not to let that show.]

Hi everyone. It's a little late, so I don't know if anyone is still around, but I couldn't wait any longer. So many things have happened lately... which is probably why I haven't had a chance to talk to you all, but...

[He swallows, then takes on a more serious tone. He's determined to help people, though he doesn't know that he's actually doing more harm than good.]

I was in a group of people who went down the elevator again earlier this month. We were looking for a control room and an exit from the tower. It was dangerous, and... most of us didn't make it out alive.

[He feels guilty, not because he was killed, but because others on that team did. He finds a lot of them strange and he isn't sure whether he can trust everyone, but he still blames himself for not being a better leader.

He shakes his head and continues on.]

The point is, I have information. If anyone wants to know anything, just ask.

[He doesn't have any idea that he received this information through working with a group led by the one man who likely caused the most trouble in the tower this month. He may need a bit of enlightening about that.]
09 March 2013 @ 11:15 pm
Legend League! Where you at?

Roll calls aside, need some help/advice/whatever the hell. Anyone have a clue what floor it is where power fizzing starts? It's total bullshit that it goes all the way up to that atrium right under the apartment floors. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.

Oh, and if there are any monster nests or something I should keep the hell away from. Walking into the beehive is not what I had planned for my week, thanks.
07 March 2013 @ 09:04 pm
[Genesis Rhapsodos stares into the monitor for a few good minutes, clearly thinking of what to say as she takes all that she saw and did and learned so far today. It was really all mind boggling and utterly depressing. Finally, she sighed softly, her mako blue eyes lowering as she murmured to herself.]

Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul
Pride is lost
Wings stripped away, the end is nigh...

[She sighed again and lifted her eyes.]

My name is Genesis Rhapsodos and it looks as though I am to be joining you here. I've already eaten the oatmeal, as I was told to do. But now I wonder what to do now.

Can anyone tell me or will I be doomed to spend the rest of my days here?

Is there hope?
01 March 2013 @ 12:57 pm


I don't believe in this network nor the new mail system but I hope that you will see this.

Meet me in the Cafeteria after it closes for Dinner.

We have much to discuss.


[He's really going out on a limb here. He never uses the network to try to contact anyone directly (and it's not suggested at the best of times) and it's even more irritating that he can't filter to her since he doesn't have her on his contact list. He could go to every Dorm room one by one but he wouldn't like to be stalked such either. Feel free to reply but he won't linger at the terminal too long]