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[Every monitor available clicks on. Zo is sitting at an incredible computer terminal, dotted with thousands of screens that can be seen, possibly more that can't be. For the moment, all of the monitors are off. Zo himself is on the chair in front of the terminals, but he's looking away, at the screen displaying to the rest of the Tower.]

Okay! So I know everyone's talking about people going missing and stuff. I said it wasn't because we wanted them to a lot, and that's true, but I decided something today!

[The monitors behind him all flicker to life. There are various worlds displayed on the monitors. Beneath each one is a timer, labelled "countdown to world destruction". The times are all frozen at 00:00:01, and as such the monitors aren't moving either.

Some of the worlds may be recognizable, if one looks closely, as worlds belonging to people in the tower. In one monitor, Florence, Italy. In another, the Veil. And so it continues on in the frozen screens.]

I decided I can bring everyone back. And everyone who wasn't here, I'll bring them too. It'll be... Hard. But you're all sad, so--

[There's the sound of a door sliding open off-screen. Zo jumps and runs to the monitors. Dax and Jason appear, ignoring the display still transmitting to the rest of the tower in favor of the two of them yanking Zo from the displays.]

[Dax isn't smiling for once.] That's quite enough!

[Jason starts turning the machine off, and the monitors start going dark one by one.] We don't have the capabilities.

[The display Zo is transmitting from shifts to show Dax dragging Zo toward the door of the room--and indeed the wall is absolutely covered with monitors.]

[Zo whines and then kicks Dax hard, although Dax ignores it.] Let go! Let go! I'm fixing things!

[The monitors keep flicking off. Dax opens his mouth, obviously to chastise Zo.

Zo's eyes glow white.

All the monitors flicker back to life.]

No! No! I'll fix it, I'll fix it!

[There's a thin mechanical whine, soft at first but growing louder and louder. Jason curses, and typing can be heard furiously in the background. Dax can't seem to move at all; Zo steps away from him. A pleasant computer-toned voice can be heard:

Extraction process initiated.]

Jason curses again, and this time jumps for Zo.]

No! Go away, go away, go--

[The screen goes blank. The whole tower rumbles. The clear-collared workers of the Tower all drop to the ground at once, unmoving. Every light in the tower goes off.

The first roll of thunder can be heard in the background.]

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