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[All throughout the tower, any available screen turns on, revealing Dax, Jason, and Riki in a clean white room. Dax is the one in the forefront, however, and he is the one who speaks up. He's smiling as usual. Zo is nowhere to be found.]

We apologize for the circumstances of the past week--we were doing out best to fix things, but such--catastrophic outages--take time to repair, and I believe in the interim you may have found things a bit difficult! Rest assured, however, that the offender has been punished appropriately, and all damages to the Tower and its citizens have been reversed to the best of our ability.

We do regret to inform you, however, that we are unable to entirely eliminate the intruders. We have rendered them incapable of terminating anyone in the tower, but prolonged exposure will cause exhaustion, so please be careful! The dormitory levels have been quarantined entirely from these creatures, so don't worry too much!

Now, let's get the tower back running properly, huh?

[The screen goes blank, but then there is a humming throughout the tower. A few things happen at once: the lights turn on, the clear-collared workers of the tower rise as if from a dream and return to their posts, and red-collared retrieval units can be seen removing the bodies that have accumulated over the past week.

All dead characters will be revived on Sunday, following ten minutes of sleep paralysis.]

Note: the network is now active again.