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"--was necessary." Riki, looking distracted and hunched over some sort of monitor, doesn't seem to notice that one of the more out of the way displays is now displaying him.

Dax, his back to the display in question, doesn't notice either. "Maybe for you to finish your project, but surely if you had to distract them--"

"Couldn't watch the doors, needed to keep 'em from breaking in."

Dax doesn't seem to want to continue that line of thought--he opens his mouth, sighs, and switches subjects. "Your project isn't really necessary either. And the distribution of materials isn't efficient."

"You always say that." One of Riki's hands stretches out into the air beside him and a holographic monitor ripples into existence. There's a number of charts and status reports on the screen, but it's too small to see and is quickly pulled into Riki's field of vision and out of sight of the monitor. "Gone soft on us."

Dax's sigh then is especially put-upon. "Morality isn't "gone soft". I suppose it could be worse. Ruana's taking over next, after all. She's--worse than Jason, though I don't know if they realize that."

Riki glances sidelong at Dax, pausing from whatever task is at hand. "Shouldn't say that sort of thing."

Looks are exchanged between the two men. Then the display crackles and distorts and for a moment fingers torn and clawing and bleeding on the screen.

Ruana bursts into the room. "Good morning! Is there really going to be a wedding? Oh, that's so exciting! So romantic!" She drapes on Dax--though when did she even hoist herself up onto the taller man? It was as if she'd just appeared there. She smiles at Dax, all lovestruck teenager. "Don't you agree?"

The display flickers again, and hands reach out to Dax, cling and tug and tear and rip and bleed--and then the screen flickers back to normal, and Dax is standing there the same as always.

The video feed turns off.