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[The woman who appears on the video feed might be familiar to some of the Tower residents, particularly the older ones; though, really, not necessarily as old as she thinks, but she doesn't realise there have been other Aquas here since she left.

Despite the situation, she sits up straight and offers a smile.]
Hello. My name is Aqua. Some of you might know me, but I've been gone for a long time.

If anyone remembers the whale that attacked the Tower, I was returned home after that. I know it's been... [a small pause, and though her smile doesn't falter, her gaze does, just for a moment. Her eyes fall away from the camera as she continues, in a slightly softer voice.] ...a while, so I think I've missed a lot.

[She looks into the camera again, holding her head up straight.] If anyone could tell me what's happened since I left, I would appreciate it. [And, with resolve:] I want to help.

I'm in the library on the third floor if you'd rather meet in person. [She nods her head in a small, polite gesture of recognition.] Thank you.
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[It's very rare that Xion checks the main network these days. Come to think of it, this is the first time she's actually looked at it since the hacking attempt a month ago. It was mainly an idle thing, something to help distract herself briefly from the infiltration coming up - and her own guilt about its necessity. She's already looked at a few of the other posts when she scrolls back up and...

That wasn't a name she expected to see. But one she took sharp interest in almost immediately. Her fingers fumble on the keyboard.]

I'll be right down.
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[A few seconds later, and she's logged out of the terminal. She turns. Her powers are supposed to be back now, right? It's been a week. They're just... not strong enough yet. Maybe she has enough for a corridor?

She lifts a hand, tries to form one, and for a moment feels elated as a small black swirl - a real one forms in midair. However, as soon as it gets slightly bigger than her fist, it flickers and fades. She tries again, with the same result.

Apparently her powers weren't quite strong enough yet.

In the end it might take her a little bit longer than "right down." More like a half hour, given that she has to take the elevator from the dorm floors down to the first, then sprint up from there.

All the way down though, she's trying to reign in her emotions. It's not the same one. It's not. It sounds like the first one, the one who was here before you were. She's not the one who knows what you're facing. Who helped you through that. She's not the same one.

And yet there's still an anxious, excited ball in the pit of her stomach as she arrives, a little out of breath, her head twisting left and right as she moves between the shelves to where she knows the terminals are, looking for a hint of Aqua's blue hair. Calling out - not too loud, not too quiet.]


[Xion, for her part, will look older. She's a bit taller, her hair is longer. She has a pouch tied around her waist by a homemade belt; though she'd been starting to wear that by the time Aqua left, the pouch is a lot more filled now. She's still wearing her trademark Organization coat, though now she has a visible shirt on underneath it, a pendant around her neck and a seashell bracelet around her wrist.

She's also being trailed by her Dusk, Sunny, and her retrieval unit, Suna]
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[Xion's look of relief when she sees Aqua turns almost immediately into alarm when Aqua summons her Keyblade. Her hands fly up, one towards Aqua in a "wait" gesture, the other in front of Sunny and Suna as both a protective and restraining gesture, as Sunny at least has puffed up defensively. He's been on the wrong end of Keyblades - or at least weapons like Keyblades - before, and it wasn't fun.

Xion, meanwhile, is trying to figure out how to defuse the situation.]

It's okay, they're friends. This is Sunny. [She indicates the Dusk.] And this is Suna. [now the retrieval unit] It's... a long story, but they're both friends, I promise. She won't hurt you guys. [She adds to the two behind her, particularly Sunny. Suna hasn't really reacted. Maybe she's just used to these reactions from new returnees.

That done, Xion lowers both her hands slowly. Sunny at least seems unconvinced, and ducks behind Xion's legs.]

Sunny I got one time when we were getting things from home. He was a Dusk who used to clean up around the castle, and he kept leaving flowers for me after I thanked him one time. Suna is...

[She pauses here. It was hard to say what was safe discussing, anymore. What with the construction of the secret floor, the admins doubtless knew about the rebel units. But still... If nothing else though they should probably be wary of walls, like when they had the chips. A basic overview couldn't hurt though.]

Some of the retrieval units help us now. Suna's one of them. Before, we used to be followed by normal units, because we tried to fight or learn about the admins somehow.
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[Xion mouth twists wryly]

Yeah... they really have.

[Though Xion's words are more focused on the changes in the Tower than anything.]

We've learned a lot, more than I think any of us would have ever realized there was to learn.

[But at the same time, that knowledge hadn't been without cost. Xion's eyes flicker briefly over to Aqua's screen, where the countdown is still displaying, ticking down, second by second, the time they had left until they either fixed everything, or died.]
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[Xion nods.]

Yeah... there's just a lot of it, and some of it should wait until we're somewhere safer.

[Thankfully they have that now. Xion sighs. This... wasn't going to be much easier than it was with Ven, was it? She'd left before he had, if Xion remembered the chronology of events correctly. Whale was before the body swap.

First of all, she goes over to tap the countdown she'd been glancing at earlier. Best to start with the most important, right?]

That's how much time we have left. We... some of us... [Xion pauses, suddenly nervous. Not everyone had reacted to this information well.] Dax left us instructions nearly a year ago, to leave chips everywhere. We did it and... if I understood it correctly, we drained the power core. We learned... something very important, I'm not sure how we would have learned it otherwise, but... now the Tower's running out of power. Once it does, if we don't fix things first, we'll die. For real.

[She just hopes Aqua doesn't disapprove.]
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Yeah, it's... [A part of her realizes belatedly she may have given the wrong impression. Uhhhh it's time to backtrack. Which brings them to another important point.] He's dead. He... over a year ago, February before last, he stood up to Ruana for us. I didn't see all of it [Couldn't, really. Couldn't bear to.] But... he said that their job was to save us, and he was going to do it, even if it meant saving us from her.

She didn't take it well.

[Understatement of the century.]

After that, some of the residents got letters, clues that would help them find things he left for us, in case what happened... did. And one of the things he left us were the chips and how to use them.

[Xion hesitates, before adding]

Though... we didn't know exactly what they'd do. He didn't tell us that much, maybe in case the other admins found them by mistake, or something. But because of things like that, some people don't trust him still.

[Overall Xion isn't one of them, though she knows many who are.]
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[Xion waits. She knows - on some level - it's a lot to take in. A lot. And what she still has to tell isn't going to be much better. She wonders maybe if they should find a place to sit down. But then Aqua asks her next question.

Xion hesitates a moment, before answering.]

When we drained the power core, it shut some of the systems off. Especially... the glamour system.

This place is called the Tower of Animus, right? I think... I remember hearing somewhere that "Animus" means "soul," in some language somewhere. And... [She slowly, carefully lifts her hands to around where she remembered the ball of light being. She circles the spot with her fingers, thumbs pointing up.] That's all we really are right now. When the glamour's up... everything we see. Our bodies, our powers, even a lot of the floors.... it's not really real. It's made of film. We're all... these wireframes, with our souls in the middle.

I'm sorry. It's... it's hard to really describe. It'd be easier to show you but... it's a Riki month now. He's always been better with the glamour. Unless something big happens, you might not get to see until May.

[And who knew what would happen by then.]
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[Xion lowers her hands, breaking the circle]

Yeah... I think so. I don't really understand all of it. But it makes sense. [She knows some things - like the forms they'd all taken on when Jason had brainwashed them, the costumes after they'd died.... some of those forms hadn't even made sense.] There are some exceptions, though... like the monsters are real. And... [The volume of her voice suddenly goes way down, only just above a whisper.] we've found a way to get our real powers back.

[The volume in her voice returns to normal. As for Aqua's other question...] I don't know why they want to. I know... that Jason wanted to do experiments, and Ruana likes games. And she thinks that it's okay because she "saved" us...

There's also been some weird things we've seen lately that... I don't think has anything to do with the glamour at all but... I don't really understand that either.

[Psychoradiation, she thinks it was called? But she's getting ahead of herself here, probably. Not to mention she feels like she's said those words a lot, even in the past few minutes.]

... I'm sorry. I know... that that probably doesn't help. I wish I did understand, but...
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[And here's someone that Aqua won't recognize, but definitely recognizes her.]

Aqua! You're...

[And then he pauses, thinking.

No, this can't be the same one he knew. This one is talking about things that happened before he arrived.]


[How depressing to think about how many different versions of people are forever trapped on dead worlds. Maybe more will get pulled, but with their time running so low, and with how Zo reacted...

Well. That's actually incredibly heartbreaking to think about.]

I'm Neal Cassidy. I knew a... different you who was here before.
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[He smiles.]

I'm sorry for the mix-up.

It seems like there are a lot of people who were here before returning. I hope it's not an omen.

[Well, it kind of is but you know.]
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Wow, you too? I had also left after the whale attack, but not very soon like you. I hope you were not hurt during that fatal time.
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[video] This is like 3 weeks old, but I couldn't leave this unanswered. Sorry!

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Me neither, although I did lose a whole lot of items that I had cherished.

Let us hope this new situation turns out better for both of us, Miss Aqua. [Even though she had a feeling it won't be...]
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[Quark never knew any Aqua, not as far as he could remember and he liked to think he had a good memory, but something very important catches his attention in this network post that he can't stop himself from responding to.]

A whale attacked the tower? A real live whale? I didn't know that!

[How come nobody told him about that? Gosh! That's a really big thing to keep quiet about! He had so many questions!]

Aren't whales supposed to be friendly? Oh! Was it a killer whale? Wait, how did it get out of the ocean? I didn't think they could fly!
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[That's a lot to swallow. But then, maybe it wasn't, considering everybody was from different worlds here. But a whale that was also an alien space ship?]

So it was kind of like a...a...cyborg whale.

[That would be kind of cool of it wasn't for the monsters.]

I hope none of them got in...oh! I'm Quark, by the way. It's nice to meet you, Miss Aqua! I'm sorry that you had to come back to such a scary place though.
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[Quark can’t help feeling a bit embarrassed, and it shows by the red flush that fills his cheeks at Aqua’s correction.]

Oh. Well, that’s good then.

[That’s all he can really think to say, though he does manage a smile when she mentions her friends.]

That’s good, too! It’s nice to have friends--they make things a whole lot less scary, huh? I made some friends, too, but most of them are gone now. I hope all of yours are still here.

[That way she wouldn’t have to be alone. It wasn’t fun to be alone.]
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[Truthfully, this isn't something she expected. She was acquainted, at least briefly, with another Aqua, but-- this one....]

[It almost seems too good to be true.]

[Maybe that's why Naminé looks as though she's still a bit surprised when the feed clicks on and she stares into it, blinking. Her eyes shift briefly, toward where the original message was, then--]

It's good to see you again, Aqua.

[Tempted though she is to go running down there, she remains as careful a girl as ever.]
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[Even the confession she must make doesn't seem to dampen her gladness by much, although there is a hint of guilt in it.]

Not always as well as I should, but I've been trying. It's much harder without a teacher...!

[Memories helped, of course, but they weren't really a proper substitute.]

I'll have to do better.
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[She's flustered into a quiet,]

Thank you...! [Before she has time to properly deflect the compliment.] But I... had a good teacher. [Not that that replaces talent, but.]

[She shakes her head firmly at the rest of Aqua's words.]
It wasn't your fault. You didn't have any choice. And-- you gave me enough to start with. I'm not helpless anymore because of you.

[Or helpless in the broader context than the one in which her own natural powers apply.]
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[ An armored helm looks into the camera, and the voice within it rumbles ]

Aqua. Now that's a name I remember... So let's find out... do you remember Cerberus?

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Re: [video]

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It's all right. The aqua I knew was a friend.