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[The image is fraught with static, but in between the snow and the shakiness a room filled with monitors can be seen, displaying various worlds. In the center, a small child--some who have been here long enough may know this child as Zo, or at least recognize that he seems to serve some purpose in the Tower. Some, too, may remember his attempt at bringing everyone all at once, saving the whole multiverse.

It appears this has been his punishment, and why he's been so quiet ever since. A collar is fitted around his neck--it appears to be glowing. Those who can see beyond a human's visual spectrum would be able to identify this as ultraviolet. The boy's eyes are half-lidded; he looks sleepy at best and drugged at worst.

A hand, not belonging to the boy, appears just above the camera's lens. Just a hand--and oh, it stretches, stretches like there were no bones in it at all, stretches too far, out toward Zo.

There's an instant of crystal-clear picture as the hand reaches into Zo's chest, and then all the monitors in the room explode.

The feed cuts out.]