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And now for something morbid.

[ When's the last time the network has seen him? Since Christmas? It's probably been that long since he's been out and about, what, with several of his counterparts disappearing completely along the way. After nearly a year in the tower he's had his highs and lows - most lows, admittedly. It's not the first time he's had these thoughts, but this time it feels worse.  ]

I wonder when our captors will be tired of toying with us? I have lost track of how long I have been here... though by now I know that I do not quite feel myself at all. I will not bore whomever chances to ah, see this shadow of a man on your screen. Nobody needs more depressing things in their lives when life has become this miserable place, ouais?

I know that for whatever reason we were compelled to confess to our darkest fears. It seems like another bout of fun is to be had for our benevolent saviors. I wonder who will be chosen? Care to take a few bets?

[ Part of him knows it'll be him. Part of him hopes he doesn't wake up in this tower if he loses. He didn't used to be so damned morbid, guys. Perhaps he's just a little tired of this scenery. ]

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Acting like that's just giving in. If you know that you don't feel like yourself, then fight back to stay the person you were.

[That's as much as what she's trying to do, at least.]
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Who cares about being bothersome. They can get over it, right? ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
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It's like one of those angry action movie guys with a cool scar. ..maybe I should stick to simpler stuff like (`〜´)

..if you disappear to somewhere else, then wouldn't that place have to be better than this? [Goes who's never been to the wasteland.] You can't really go lower than rock bottom.
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..don't even joke like that. You're wrong, okay?

There's not that many people here who use them (゜。゜) but then a lot of people here aren't good with computers in the first place so I'm not surprised
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Yeah, you're not posting up full logs of keysmashing or failing to grasp the purpose of the space bar. Seems to be going good to me.