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ITP: Consolidation.

OOC: So we don't wind up spamming the Network Comm and because some people just want to write: comment here to post your nightmares/punishment as you have written them. Please specify if it's a nightmare or a punishment in the subject line.

If it's a punishment, please also put in the subject line if it's viewable and on what day(s).

Remember to add your character's tag to the post.

Thanks guys!

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Punishment - Starting Day 6, Evening

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[It's dark. It's so dark, and he can't see anything… and then as he blinks the scene comes into focus. It's the alley behind the Port Island station, and Strega is sitting there, talking about something - except…]

[Except he looks down at himself, and he can see the ground below through himself. It's clear what's happened - he's a ghost. He tries to move towards the others, but they start spasming, Personas ripping out of their heads and proceeding to turn on their owners. He cries out, but no one seems to hear him.]

[Thanatos rips into Minato's chest, Medea cuts into Chidori's throat, and Moros starts tearing Jin's arm off. Ken can't do anything, just stand there and cry as they suffer and are slowly pulled apart by their own Personas.]

[It's dark again, and they're walking along a street. Minato looks over his shoulder towards something, and the group stops. Jin seems angry at Minato for some reason, and he starts yelling. Ken can't hear what he's saying, but Chidori is looking more and more distressed. She pulls out her axe, and Minato levels his gun at Jin's chest.]

[There's a crack and Minato's shot Chidori, who was moving to attack him. She falls back and drops to the ground, dead. Jin pulls out one of his grenades, and Minato just stares at him, as if daring him to do it. He pulls the pin and the world goes white.]

[They're standing in one of the higher levels of Tartarus. A huge Shadow stands before them, blocking their path. With one mighty sweep of its arm it knocks Chidori to the ground. Her face is white and her dress is stained with blood. Jin yells and summons Moros, but he's picked up by the throat and strangled.]

[Minato stares down the Shadow, and summons Samael, but the Persona's attacks don't seem to do anything. With its other arm the Shadow reaches out to grab Minato's neck, squeezing and crushing his windpipe.]

[The world goes black again - and the scenes of death and destruction play on.]