29 November 2012 @ 03:06 pm
how many times have you gone back quote unquote home?
this would be my second time going back
also how long do you get sent back for
both times for me it was like a fucking month
god a fucking month of this shit where you have nothing to do
do you even realize how boring that is?
its like making angels in the fucking ground pretending its actually fun
i assume making snow angels is the shit
but tv programming could be a lying fuck
i only saw snow once and we kind of had shit to do
its cold anyways and why the fuck would you like snow
because freezing your ass off is so much fun
but thats not the point
im back i guess

it feels emptier than usual
23 September 2012 @ 08:11 pm
what do you while waiting for the sleep paralysis to wear off?
i mean it was kind of terrifying the first time
and maybe even the second time
but at this point its like the hugest fucking waste of time to be stuck lying on your bed waiting to get feeling to your fingers again
but now im curious
what is the longest you got stuck lying in bed for
like an approximate if you werent sure of the exact time
13 September 2012 @ 11:16 pm
wow, oookay.
this place is pretty messed up!
i find it to be a terrible fourteenth birthday present.
even if it's not my birthday anymore.
but, uh, belatedly!
hi, i'm john egbert.
apparently there's a lalonde-me running around, so hi lalonde-me.
it's really freaky to consider a me, that's also a rose, but still me?
how does that even work. is that like doomed timeline shenanigans?
wow does that mean there's a doomed timeline somewhere that combined me and rose?
maybe i messed up on the ectobiology and created some weird rose-me-hybrid.
freaky tentacle-ghosty-movie-wizard baby!
oh man that sounds like an awesome horror movie or something.
we should write our own horror movie.
hi everybody else that's not-me, too!
20 July 2012 @ 03:34 pm
hey tower folks
im in a bit of a jam
and i aint making any jokes
and im gonna stop right now because i almost started some sick rhymes and that wasnt what i was aiming for
so lets say you got hit by some major sick fires
these burns are pretty bad
anyone know how to take care of sick burns
its probably like taking care of actual burns
but yeah
you tell me how to deal with all these sick burns
and idk
we can figure something out i guess
aint a big deal anyways
just need some friendly help once in awhile
and since im on the network
has anyone noticed that there are people missing?
more than usual
like the place just seems to be severely lacking in more people than usual
14 May 2012 @ 05:58 am
that was incredibly stupid
this is stupid
thanks btw
for the people who sponsored me
i mean it kind of sucks that you did
since i lost
and im pretty sure sponsoring didnt come scot free
misery sure does fucking love company
and i dont appreciate the gifts this place keeps giving us
seriously like i need to start some smuppet collection
that isnt even my shtick
im running out of space to keep shoving these stupid stuffed toys around
if i wanted a smuppet id just make them myself
i mean i lived with that shit for thirteen years
im pretty sure i would know how to make them
but thats besides the point
i dont even know why you guys would care

it looks like new people arrived while we were all in there though
welcome to the tower of this is complete and utter bullshit
population us

[Filtered to Taiki]

i mean i appreciated it and all
but youre probably neck deep in bullshit now
even if you say youre okay
im going to call you out on that
so dont bother
As usual this place is just one 8ig 8ullshit factory.
They fuck with us over and over again and give us what? Crap from home that's supposed to make up for it?
Well I 8't 8iting for this stuff. What am I even supposed to do with a FLARP 8ook here? Play?
........Actually, that wouldn't 8e such a 8ad idea! Any8ody want to play l8er?

[Fail Filtered to John Egbert]

Hey Eg8ert. You didn't have to do that 8ack there. In the la8yrinth, I mean.
It sucks pretty 8ad that I couldn't win, huh? 8ut I made it pretty far! Until Makara got me. Ugh, I can't 8elieve he managed to kill me.
Aaaaaaaanyway. Thanks.
May8e we could hang out l8er or something? It's pro8a8ly 8een a while since I've 8een here if what I heard from Vantas is any indic8tion.

[Fail Filtered to Romeo]

Heeeeeeeey kid. You sure did sponsor me a lot!
It's nice to see someone recognize my gr8ness.
Thanks for all of that, I suppose. Even if your human food just keeps getting weirder and weirder. ::::/
What was that stuff in the 8ox? A luncha8le? What is that even?
06 May 2012 @ 07:26 pm
OOC: So we don't wind up spamming the Network Comm and because some people just want to write: comment here to post your nightmares/punishment as you have written them. Please specify if it's a nightmare or a punishment in the subject line.

If it's a punishment, please also put in the subject line if it's viewable and on what day(s).

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Thanks guys!

11 April 2012 @ 06:53 pm
what the ever loving fuck was that???
thanks so much shitty tower
i wanted to see earth as a desolate shithole
forget the fact that it shouldnt have even existed
and i was bored out of my skull
im back
got a little lost and went by the ruins of earth
worst roadtrip
the radio kept playing bruno mars on repeat
the ac was busted
i have sand in places i didnt think it could get to
the scenery kind of sucked
considering there was none
what i miss???
02 November 2011 @ 12:51 am
sup homies

finally woke up from that coma that lasted three seasons
only to find out i have amnesia and an evil twin bent on ruling the world
and theres some love quadrangle goin on involving my mother the butler my uncle and a monkey
and somehow its all my fault

so other than that whatd i miss
24 September 2011 @ 07:25 pm
[ hey, there's a vaguely familiar set of courier gracing the network. it's been a while. yeah, he's still alive, the little bugger. and he is ecstatic. something be simmering in that brain of his and he will never rest until this idea is born and raised and makes its own little individual ideas. ]

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.
okay no not really. not even remotely. but i wasn't going to pass up that chance.
so i have a plan. there's been a severe lack of good cinematography going on here and i'm going to fix that. i mean, seriously, how many people here have even heard of a time to kill, let alone ?
yeah, i thought so. so i'm going to go right ahead and propose a movie night! and i have just the movie for everyone. no one can walk away from this movie without having their life completely changed. it is a true work of art and it will stun you silent.
we are watching con air.
all we've got to do is figure out a time and place. i've already got the movie so it's not like that's going to be an issue or anything. so who's with me?

[ that was a rhetorical question, he will find you. ]

[ ooc; he's planning on putting his extremely important trunk contents to use. yes he does have a copy of Con Air. and there will be a viewing party on Floor 14 for everyone that he plans on dragging there. at 9pm est. ]
18 September 2011 @ 10:37 pm
so jades gone
dont know if shes dead or not but shes not anywhere in the tower and all of her stuff is gone
yeah not sure what to make of it
i should go wash some windows now
12 September 2011 @ 12:50 pm
[ The feed switches on to a freshly bathed and groomed Jade, who looks much better than she had previously. Her hair's brushed and washed, and her face is less sunburned. ]


[ A smile, and she steps back from the camera enough so that everyone can see what she's wearing. ]

Kanaya made me new dresses. They're really pretty.

[ It's blue, with long princess sleeves that might look silly on another girl but look perfect on Jade. The bandages still cover her hands, however. With form-fitting clothing it's easy to tell that she's still malnourished; her body looks too fragile and small for a thirteen year old girl. ]

I wanted to know whose idea the ice cream was. And if anyone wanted to try mixing the ice creams together with me?

[ The collar might be affecting her positively! She seems a lot happier than normal. ]

It'll be fun, I promise. If you want to, you should let me know and meet me in the cafeteria.
06 September 2011 @ 01:12 pm
first off.
important question.
whats with these optional clothes provided.
like jesus dick suddenly its the 80s and everyone has the dumbest ideas about the future.
forget the spaceships forged from rigs still running windows 95.
shit is straight up lifted outta a jem video.
bret michaels approaches his band with an idea for their next mv.
hint were rocking the space theme.
cmon dudes gather up the gaudy skintight monochrome horseshit and lets do this.
btw roomies wheres the beer bong.
25 August 2011 @ 06:54 pm
Hello Fellow Towermates
I Have A Few Inquiries For Both Those Who Have Been Here For An Extended Period Of Time And Newcomers
The Information May Show Patterns To Help Predict When More May Arrive
Or Depart
And Where They Are From
It Is Also A Possibility The Information Proves To Be Seemingly Random

Please Answer The Following Questions
When Did You Arrive
What Activity Where You Partaking In When Taken
How Many Others Are From The Same Place You Are From
I Should Specify Both Time And Location Knowing Many Of The Trolls Are From Different Locations
If You Know A Date That Is Acceptable As Well
Do You Have Any Special Abilities
Edit One What Color Is Your Collar

While These Questions May Be Seemingly Random I Am Looking For Any Kind Of Connection
If You Can Think About Any Other Question Please Tell Me And I Will Make The Addition To The List

Thank You For Your Time
14 August 2011 @ 02:23 pm
SO 1 H4V3 G4TH3R3D TH4T 1 4M NOT 1N TH3 V31L 4NYMOR3!
BUT TH4T 1S 4BOUT 4LL! >:[
04 August 2011 @ 04:18 pm
[ first comes a short text post, the words almost sharp and definitely typed fast and with a clear intention of wanting answers now. ]

i'm going to admit that "let's all be happy here" kind of goes beyond the definition of weird and slams head-on into creepy.
can someone give me a quick rundown on that?
because, yeah.
i'm really creeped out.

[ and then it switches to the image of a young boy with black hair and bright blue eyes, looking for all the world like he's just found a new toy that's gone and decided to bite him in the nose. and yet, at the same time there's an underlying eagerness. NEW PLACES, NEW THINGS, NEW PEOPLE. COME INTO HIS ARMS, LET HIM INSPECT YOU... ]

Is this more time stuff? Because, well, to be honest I'm kind of getting sick of the time stuff.
03 August 2011 @ 07:44 am
[The video turns on at first to show a kid that...well, he looks a lot like Dave Strider, except not. No shades, lighter skin, lighter hair, purple eyes...hell, he looks just as much like Rose Lalonde. He looks angry, unamused, and very, very tired. With a very new side dose of slight surprise at realizing the video had already begun recording.]

Ugh, I knew that I should have just gone with text...

[Said quietly, mostly to himself. More like a more erudite, non-Texan Dave. With an echo? Huh. Must just be the mic. Yeah, sure. He cuts the feed, shortly followed by this message.]

Cut for purple pretentious prickish courier! )