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Experiment Results:
Special experimentation subjects displayed a high amount of adaptability, but not enough to keep from being preyed upon without aid.

Regular experimentation subjects displayed a high degree of malleability in their actions, and would often bend when pressed to do so.

However, there were many cases of resistance, and the results were not equal amongst all participants. Further study will be needed at some point in the future.

Subjects will find their rewards in their rooms.

((All characters who participated in the experiments will find one object or animal from home on their beds. This can be of any size, as long as it fits in the tower, provided it fits all other requirements for objects brought into the Tower.))

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Except that they were testing levels of mind control and it will happen again? No.

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That is true I guess. And something to think about.

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That is a worrying thought. What is a undamaged Matriorb?

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[There is a few moments of no text while Suzaku takes this in]

So... you have an egg that will hatch into a creature that will create more trolls?

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Are there lots of Matriorbs? [Because they sound rare, really, if they hatch these mother grubs that give birth to trolls.]

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Then it might be a fake one...

Unless they have somehow found a mother grub somewhere...

I really don't know. [He has no idea, this all sounds strange, he can't even imagine the things Kanaya is telling him.]

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Strange. Be careful, it might be a trick.

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I was hoping to have been able to put talk of "experimentation" behind me. A pity, that.

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[LOW FUCKING BLOW DOUCHEBAG. There's a long pause before she responds.]