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Δ video Δ: Locked to Tetra

[When the feed first comes on, Link is still, not sure if he's got this set up right.]

Tetra? Are you and the Princess okay? I'm sorry I didn't find you in the maze...

[Bitty twisted his ankle while recklessly running around and looking for them.]
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[She's still pretty exhausted and rubs at her eyes blearily when she makes it to the terminal and replies.]

It's okay, Link. We're alright just really tired. Zelda especially.
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[It's okay, Hero. She promises.]

Zelda killed Jason and then Ruana came down.

[And ate Jason too.]
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[She's glad that he wasn't here for when she had eaten Dax. That had been more gruesome than Jason's turn.]

Jason's point?
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Oh, yeah. This wasn't Jason's game this time. Ruana picked us. I guess it was to prove a point to Jason before he died. The labyrinth, that was one of Jason's old experiments.
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They used to but then Dax started to try helping us. So Ruana killed him. And now Jason tried blowing up the tower. I guess she figured they needed to be punished.
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[She gives him a tiny smile in return.]

Any time, kid. If you need to know anything else, you can swing by mine and Zelda's room.