12 April 2014 @ 08:11 pm
[Ion clears his throat as the feed comes to life. He looks tired and shaken and most definitely uncertain about his choice to make this message a video.]

I apologize for any trouble I may experience in this recording, I...I'm afraid I'm not terribly used to using the Network, but I have an important announcement I feel is necessary to make. It's...

[He hesitates, taking a deep breath before he continues on.]

...it's been a few days since those of us who were transported to outside of the Tower returned. I'm sure many of you know Patrick Dawn. He was my roommate and my friend. I wasn't sure what to think when he didn't wake up with the rest of us. I kept hoping...

[Again, he pauses. Ion's face turns a bit stonier and he gets to the point.]

He died. Outside. I followed him when he wandered off and I meant to bring him back to the group but he--there was an accident with a machine.

[For most of the message thus far Ion had been unable to make direct eye contact with the screen, but here he looks up, eyes pleading.]

It's with a heavy heart I inform everyone that I do not believe Rick will be returning. I'm sorry. I couldn't save him. If anyone would like to join me and share in saying kind words, I'm going to be paying my respects to him tomorrow on the forty-eighth floor.

[With that said, Ion makes to turn off the feed but then hesitates, his expression darkening further. After a brief deliberation he speaks again.]

I have something else to say, and I hope you can forgive me for not...bringing this subject to light sooner. I should have, but I'll admit that I've been afraid to. For those of you I haven't already informed, on February 14th, Ruana...[Here Ion struggles briefly with his words.]...disposed of her heart.

[As an afterthought, he adds one final thought--] Please be careful. [--before the feed goes dark.]

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24 February 2014 @ 01:06 pm
[When the feed first comes on, Link is still, not sure if he's got this set up right.]

Tetra? Are you and the Princess okay? I'm sorry I didn't find you in the maze...

[Bitty twisted his ankle while recklessly running around and looking for them.]
10 May 2012 @ 04:28 am
Ah, good morning. This is Kidou Yuuto and Sea. We wanted to thank those of you who had helped us during that last week, on the inside of the labrynth and the outside.

were using colors so you cna tell us apart! im sea! but hes right we want to thank all the people who hleped the people in the maze out like me and kidou!
i got a lot of food and even a toy!

I would also like to thank Gandalf personally for the meals. I couldn't finish them all but I really appreciate them.

yes thank you mr gandalf! i got the toy becuase of you i think? and thank you everyone else too it was really good sicne i ate my food really fast on acident

Ah, yes. It was a good thing we were both given a lot of food, I'm not sure how Sea could have managed without all of it.

Anyway, putting that aside, I wish I could have brought some of it back for those who didn't get to participate. I find it quite unfair that we were treated to high quality food while you still had to deal with... oatmeal and such. 8(

sorry! i really like food :oc

No one is going to put that against you.

[Silly boy]

Well, I think that's about it. Is there anything else you'd like to add, Sea?

no im okay!

Right, then. Thank you all, again. We really appreciate the help! 8)
20 April 2012 @ 04:06 am
hi everyone its me again! link i mean
the sea one!

im looking for kanjee's friends! he's one of my really good friends here now so i thought i should meet his really good friends!
um... i dont think i remember all of your names even though he told me them
one of them is yoo and theres nowtoh and yohskay
and i think another named yukeekoh and
um it sounds like chee-ay but i dont think i can spell that sorry

[Not like you can spell everyone else's names, Link.]

but id really like to meet you all! you must be really nice since your kanjee's friends and he's really nice too!
you can call me sea if you want since theres a lot of links i dont mind!
and im sorry if i spelled things a little weird i havent heard names like yours before!
i was gonna use the vi
vidioh? videeoh

that thing thats like a window! but i dont know how to change it

and i dont know if theres all of you in the tower anymore or anything since people leave but if you are please say hi! i wont bite i promise!
03 April 2012 @ 12:50 pm
[Hello, network. Have a nine year old. c:]

... Um. Okay, so... I noticed that a lot of people were getting really confused!
About us, I mean. The Links around here! And that's not good, being confused about us - we didn't mean to confuse anyone!

[He gives the feed a little bow, before continuing.]

But it's okay! I'm going to explain it, now - I even have a picture! Pictures always help me understand, so I thought it would help everyone, too!

[That's when Link holds this up to the camera, smiling around it.]

See - we go really far back! The Link that came from the sky - we call him Sky so we don't get confused. But Sky was a really really old Link!
All the other Links are named after him, I think. And without even knowing it! All the Heroes throughout time are named Link, maybe!

There's probably a couple Links between Sky and the next two, but these two are who we call "Woods" and "Forest"! Forest is Woods when he's little, so I guess they're kind of the same person. They're Sky's great-great-great-great-a few more greats-grandkids! Or, um. Grandkid, I guess, since they're kind of the same person.
They're the Hero of Time, and really legendary where I come from, so be polite to them, okay? And Princess Zelda too, but everyone knows that you gotta be polite to princesses.

And uh... after they fought a big evil man called Ganondorf and sealed him away, something happened and the world got flooded, and then I was born!
Um... The King told me I'm not related to the other Links, though. I've just got the same name.
You can tell I'm not related 'cause I have green eyes, and they have blue!

[And getting all up in the feed so everyone can tell --]

See? Green.

But um - I'm the really latest Hero; the Hero of Winds! But it's not hard to understand now, right? It's a Hero thing; all Heroes are named Link! And we're not the same people, either! Except Woods and Forest, I guess. Since Forest is just Woods when he's little.

I can answer questions if people have any, too - I don't mind! I'm really nice, I promise!
27 February 2012 @ 04:35 pm
HoLy mOtHeRfUcK, tOwEr pEePs
OkAy a bRoThEr gOt a fEw tHiNgS To gEt aLl oUt hIs cHuTe
FiRsT ThInG To bE AlL SpEwInG At tO ThIs sCrEeN Be



Oh fUcK, oKaY I AlL FoRgEt wHaT ThE FiRsT MoThErFuCkEr wAs sUpPoSeD To bE BeInG
BuT ThE SeCoNd hAs tO AlL Do wItH ThIs dOpE FuCkIn pIeCe oF ArChItEcTuRaL BeAuTy
WhAt's tO Be gEtTiNg iTs mOsT WiCkEd oF ChIlLs oN RiGhT Up iN ThIs fUcKiN HaLlWaY
ChEcK ThIs sHiT OuT, mOtHeRfUcKeRs

Cut for more video and less retina-searing text. )
hello i have a lot of questions its about an animal here in the twoer
its a little thing with wings and horns and it cant fly because i think it hurts them?
and landing hurts them to becase their legs break becausetheir legs are too small to hold them
i dont know what to do but i adopted one adn its sleeping on my pillow and i fed it some of my leftovers from lunch that i snuck in
isthere a way to fix its legs because it is in a lot of pain
also im sorry im not good at speling and i dont know how to make it show me on the screen instead so i have to write with this box instead