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( video march. 7th )

[As the feed starts, everyone can see a familiar, or unfamiliar, boy, looking quite worried. For those who don't recognize him, he probably looks like some kind of hero wannabe, with the weird hair, goggles pulled over his eyes, and the cape worn around his shoulders. The reality is, he's just a weird soccer player.]

...good afternoon everyone, this is Kidou Yuuto. It looks as though I was sent home again... and I get the feeling I've been away for quite a while. This place seems different, though I can't put my finger on why. Would anyone like to explain what has happened since I was last here?
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[Returning from home. Minato knows how that feels, but he'll head directly towards the boy's questions.]

It depends on how long you've been gone, you might miss a lot or a little. However the most important change is Jason's death.

[Minato pauses to let that sink in.]
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Kidou! [Romeo grinned at him over the video. Guess who is still here.] You're back! Where are you? [Because explanations such as these, they need to come with hugs and dramatic hand clasps]
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[ She watches the feed at least thrice, as if she's making sure it's really there. Is it? Maybe she's just dreaming after all. Or maybe, just maybe, Ruana actually lived up to her promise and brought him back.

A hand moves to clench the goggles hanging around her neck - identical to his own, except they look like they've somehow been broken before and were awkwardly fixed by hand. ]

.. Yuuto..?
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*Enoch looks...tired. His eyes look much older than the rest of him again, but it's not just a passing look this time. It's as if his age has been permanently etched onto a face that physically cannot change. Yet, he doesn't look defeated in the slightest. His posture otherwise is of strength, not necessarily a soldier but of a rock, weathered by time and yet standing strong because that is its nature.*

You've been gone quite a while. Urotsuki has been missing you.