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Those of you who know April Sinclair may want to know that she has left the tower. I searched the graveyard and found her tombstone today.

-Aleph Sinclair

[Those who want to console Aleph in person can find him in one corner of the third floor library. He's looking pretty miserable.]
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[Sealand sees the text post, but he doesn't respond - choosing to go and look for his friend himself instead. He's never met April, but he knows that she's Aleph's wife. And he knows Aleph is going to be upset. Sealand is the big brother; he has to make sure Aleph is okay.

It takes him a while but eventually he finds him in the library. After a bit of hesitation, Sealand goes over to sit next to him.

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Yeah. I'm sorry about... [He gestures vaguely, letting him know he knows who's gone.]

Are you okay?
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Yeah. You might see her again?
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[He nods.] Right. There's not long left now, so it'll be soon too.
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Is there anything I can do...? [To help restore their homes, or... or just to make him feel better.]
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[Sealand nods, leaning over to hug Aleph tightly. He doesn't like giving hugs that much, usually - except maybe, where it concerns his adoptive family back home. But Aleph is okay; Aleph is family now too.]
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It's okay. [Sealand pulls back, but keeps his hands on Aleph's shoulders. He's frowning as he looks up at him, and unsure, but determined to try and be the big brother here!] I know it's sad, but... but it won't be forever. We'll get back soon. Real soon!

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[It takes Diarmuid a little while to track Aleph down. Not because the man is hard to find, but because Diarmuid has to make sure he has gotten over his own grief at hearing the news. First Reno and Elena split up and now Aleph and April have forcibly been parted...

Is there really no hope for love in this place? And so, what does that mean for him and Waver? Especially with Grainne here now?

When he finally finds Aleph, Diarmuid sits next to him, reaching out to put a hand comforting hand on the other man's shoulder.]

Is there anything I can do?

[What else is there to say? 'I'm sorry' doesn't begin to cover it...]
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[Diarmuid nods, giving Aleph's shoulder a squeeze before he lets his hand fall away. It is the answer he expected, though, a part of him had hoped there might be something, even something small.

Unconsciously, now that his hands have nothing else to do, he starts playing with the silver ring on his finger.]

You are stronger than I am, I think. If I were in your shoes right now, I would still be sobbing in a corner somewhere...
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That is true...logically, but getting your heart to listen sometimes...

[Diarmuid shakes his head, just the faintest hint of a smile pulling at the corner of his mouth.]

She would not want you to break, though. I can just imagine how furious she would be. It's frightening...
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[Diarmuid nods and then falls quiet for a moment. When he speaks again, his voice is soft because he's actually a little embarrassed to be asking what he is going to ask. Even though he knows it's foolish, he just can't seem to get it out of his mind.]

Aleph, do you think they sent her home to purposely make you weaker? I know Zo wouldn't so such a thing and he's suppose to be the one in charge of who comes and goes, but...
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Ah...that is true. You and April worked more behind the scenes supporting people than attacking directly. I suppose I am letting my worries run away with me.

[Diarmuid sighs, running a hand through his hair as he does.]

It's too bad you probably don't have any of the wine from before left. If there was any time to get drunk, now is it.

[And he would gladly keep an eye on Aleph if he wanted to get drunk out of his mind for a little while.]
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[Diarmuid shakes his head.]

Don't be sorry. I was thinking of it more for you than for me. I thought it might take the edge off for a bit...


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