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[Someone apparently never taught Seychelles to keep her voice down in the library, because she is yelling over the network from one of the library's terminals, and this is one irate-looking girl in her early teens. Her clothing is more old-fashioned than her icons suggest - a history buff might recognize it as being from the early 1800s.]

If this is supposed to be some kind of joke or an elaborate time-out, it isn't funny! I wanna go back to my islands, now! And you better not ignore me! Do you know how long it took me to make this work?!

[The answer to that is a solid three hours of hitting the terminal and randomly pressing buttons. Even now she doesn't know if it's actually working, but she's at the end of her rope.]
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[Wait an action?! Why is that?! Because Vietnam was in the library since she wanted to use the terminals too!

She only just entered when she heard the loud "ENGLAND!" and immediately recognised that voice, rushing over to see if that really was her fellow Francophone there. Lo and behold, there she was.

Only looking...different. Younger?]

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[Vietnam will have to figure this out soon, as she rakes through her brain to wonder why Seychelles doesn't recognise her! From what England had told her before, there are some who come from different team periods. Like America being a tiny child right now. And then there's the fact that she looks like she's struggling to use this machine.

Although, wow England, rude! And here Vietnam thought he was a wonderful gentleman. History, what have you done.]

A-ah, yes of course! [Time to ease her way into this, if Seychelles really did come from a previous time, this would be more shocking!] I am Vietnam, a country in Asia!
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[Empire life...it's okay she has a bias against France, it's probably why.]

It's nice to meet you too... [How doe heck does Vietnam say they will know each other better in the future, is the question. Also it seems like Seychelles was from the time where England was looking after her? And if that just happened, then this is a very long time back...(she's just estimating right now)]

Congratulations! Being your very own country is fulfilling. But ah...what year is it for you?
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[Trời ơi, we really do have a huge problem.

She clears her throat.]

2013...we share the same calendar, as well.

I think this is going to confuse you more, isn't it?
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Oh goodness no. [She quickly waves her hand, shuddering at the thought of being someone else's colony once more. Even though in her opinion, England is a few superior guardian than France will ever be, and China doesn't count (little does she know).]

I am independent. Or better yet, I should say that we are related through France. In the late 1800s I was raised by him too.

I do not blame you for not believing me, but [She waves her hand over to the terminal] this is something that exists further along in our time. In the 1900s.
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[She shakes her head and manages to smile.] He certainly was. Now all their energies are spent, I assure you. Wild youths age them fast. [Look at all those Old Grumps now!

It looks like Seychelles was beginning to get onto the same page as her though! Just really needed to explain everything to her.]

Ah, about that, we are in this place which is referred to as the Tower. Somehow we were taken here, by a young boy, apparently to save us. I was only recently taken myself, a month ago, so I still do not know much about it as the other inhabitants here.

[She pauses for a moment.] England is here though. As is France. England said he was here for two years, even.
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That jerk didn't put you here. [Oh hi, Seychelles, have a small England look alike you probably won't know of.

A pout.
] I wish it was just England.
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He's my brother. [Sealand pouts; he does not look happy about this fact.]

It was the administrators that brought us here... They're the people in charge of the tower.
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[Sealand preens a little at that.] Y-Yeah, of course I'm cuter! He's just a jerk, and the ugly one of the family.

They don't... tell you what to do that much - you can go anywhere in the Tower. But you have to be careful though - there are monsters.
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[Nathan wouldn't have noticed Seychelle's video if he hadn't been searching back on the other entries after he posted his own. When he hears what she says, he can't help but be glad he did; it's always so validating when somebody seems to be having just as rotten of a day.]

They nabbed you, too? Jesus! The Nazi pedophile fetishists are going after pigtail-wearing girls now, those bastards!
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[Yeah, yeah. Rag on the accent. In a few years she'll realize just how absolutely irresistible it is, he's sure, and get all hot and juiced just thinking about it. He can let it rest for now, though, seeing as she's so clearly not of legal age.]

I'm talking about the freaks who brought us here, that's what! Only a real pervert would put someone this beautiful in spandex and a collar.

[He's changed out of the spandex he woke up in, of course, after finding his clothes in his trunk, but Nathan tugs on the aforementioned collar in exasperation.]

Please tell me I'm not the only one who woke up in spandex.
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No shit! Shit! I knew it!

[Nathan looks like he's about to explode out of his skin in discomfort. He can't stand still in front of the video feed.]

Of course it bothers me! I bet they even have cameras strung up in the bathrooms to watch us shower! That would bother any rational, sane individual!
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[Guess who else is in the library?

No one should have to guess. The answer is incredibly obvious.

Needless to say England isn't expecting to hear his name being shouted like that; in fact, he doesn't even recognise the voice at first. The only young girl he can think of that he's acquainted with is Tetra, but he doubts that Zelda's little descendant would be calling for him in that way.

As he comes up on the terminals, though, he realises quickly who's calling for him. And why, judging by the time period she's dressed from.

He stands behind her chair with his arms crossed, disapproval on his face.]
Did you need something?
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[The clothes were a big enough hint, but when she turns and he can see how much younger her face is compared to the Seychelles he knew at home, England is made certain even before she says "empire" what era she's from.

Well, this will be...interesting.

England scoffs; given her time period, he expected that kind of reaction, so he takes it in stride.]
Not an empire any more, actually. You're a bit behind the times.

[He doesn't even bother refuting the claim that he's the one who locked her up here. That can come after he's told her that they're from completely different centuries.]