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[Video] Reorientation

[Prussia is sitting in front of the Network screen like nothing ever happened, like he hadn't just poofed out of the tower for a good deal of time. His yellow bird is in its customary place on his head, and not even that recent network post he spotted questioning whether the pets were real could make him do anything else with it. It didn't matter if it wasn't "his" bird; he'd accept whatever made him comfortable here. That, of course, is beside the point; he's got some serious catching up to do.]

Hey, everybody. Guess who's back and awesome as ever? Prussia. Yep, awesome. [He's not putting much gusto into the word today.] Had my initiation oatmeal and everything.

I dunno if anyone noticed, but I've been gone for a while. Did anyone see a stone in the graveyard for me? Just wondering. So, because of that, I need someone to catch me up on just what's been going on in the tower. I have no idea how long I've been gone, because being stuck on a dead world kind of screws up your sense of time. So, if anyone could tell me what I've missed, that'd be greeeeeat.

Oh yeah, another thing. Is Enoch still here? Just wondering.
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[Neal looks... well, Neal looks incredibly tired.]

I guess we'll get the most important thing out of the way: Jason's dead.

Something happened late last month and a big chunk of us were thrown outside. There's nothing out there except for a whole lot of dead bodies.

The other problem we've got is that the countdown is getting lower and lower and I still couldn't tell you what we're going to do about it.
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Got his head cut off.

[He lets that sink in for a moment before continuing.]

The guy who did it, he... he cut off his own head to do it.

[But there's more.]

Then, ah... were you here last year when the old administrator, Dax I think his name was, was killed? Because when I got here I was told what Ruana did to him and it was the same thing as far as I can tell.

[He's still incredibly shaken up about everything that's happened. Don't mind him.]

It looks like it was once a city but there isn't really anything left. No stars or anything. The only thing that's left is the bodies, bizarrely. We probably all would have died-- really died, but Zo saved us. I'm still not entirely sure what happened to cause us to get thrown out in the first place, but it was nearly a third of the entire Tower.
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It... I'm not entirely sure myself, and I was watching the whole thing happen.

[He nods gravely.]

I hope so, too. It was better when we had a year left, but now we've got two months. That's not much time left at all. I don't like these odds.
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Yeah, it was-- it was on all of the monitors.

[And was one of those things that he really couldn't look away from. He'd seen people die before-- horribly, even. And it never got any easier.]

I wish I could say we have. Riki tried something to power the tower. Something about using part of our energy to give us a bit extra time but I don't know what happened with that.

That was back in February.
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Wish we had some idea of what it was.

I don't have a clue.

[Which, come to think of it, certainly makes him feel weird. Did they really manage to buy extra time?]
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There are probably people who know more about it, but it's not really safe to talk about it over the network when someone could be listening in.

Zelda is probably one of the people who know the most.
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[He blinks for a moment, raising his hands slowly to his face.

Good job, Neal. Good going.]

It's fine. There are other people whose names being mentioned could make it really ugly, though.

It's not safe to mention their names at all so I won't.

[Though actually, he's just aware of the one name but better to make it sound like it's a bigger number just to be safe.]
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*Enoch had to be told someone was asking for him by name on the network in order to even get back to him in time. But the important thing is he did get back to him before it would become an awkward game of network tag. He meets Prussia with a tired, strained smile.*

I'm still here, yes... Welcome back, G-... *Oh he's going by another name? Okay fine, this one matched his nameplate, anyway.* Welcome back, Prussia. For the short amount of time we have left.
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It's...been a bit complicated. Which terminal are you using? I'll come meet you.
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The third floor... I'm on the fifth dormitory level. Perhaps...perhaps it would be easier if you came up to me. Unless you would rather stay down there, of course.
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*Enoch manages a small smile at that, at least.* It's good to see you back. There's a lot to say. Walk with me?

*He motions for Prussia to follow as he heads for the stairs down.*
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Re: action

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Well, first...ah...forgive me, I can't recall what you were here for last.

*Things have been a little crazy lately, naturally.*
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All right...after Jason died...

*He leads Prussia down the stairs and through the gardens, towards the center where the lone real sapling and the teleporter stand.*

Well, after he died, we went looking for Dax's research.
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Of course he did. The piece of research he asked us to broadcast over the network said as much.

*The glamour around the sapling is shown to contain a teleporter - they are now in the secret room. Enoch gestures to the paper he's taped to the wall.*

That is what we found.
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It's all right to look for yourself. There are at least two other copies around here.

*He leads him closer to the papers, which detail the findings of the hacking team he led earlier.*

This place is safe, provided for us by Aria and her people - the workers with the damaged collars. Aria is the one wearing eyeglasses. Take care not to mention her, the existence of this place, or the location of the teleporter on the network or near the walls. It's where we organize the fight for our worlds, and the only true sanctuary in this tower.
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[Wriggle just sort of stared at the terminal blankly. It had been a while but she was certain she knew this guys face from somewhere]

I dunno, how long have you been gone? When I came back there were hidden floors and new collars and some of the tower people were on our side and stuff.
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[Okay so it was someone she knew]

Right... Who are you again? I know your face but-

Wait, Jason died!?

[She was going through some resurrection troubles at the time and never got the news]
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[Surprisingly it does. Her memory must be getting better]

Oh yeah! I do know you!

I don't know how I didn't see it, it's not like I'm good with this stuff. You're lucky I even thought to check these things or I wouldn't even know you were back.

But I guess when stuff like that happens everyone is glued to these screens, I never saw anything like that. You sure it really happened or did you just dream it?
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But that's big! Like super big! I'm sure lots of people must have seen it though...

Hey, when about was it? Was anything else important happening in the tower?

[Wriggle is working on a theory, probably the first theory she's ever worked on and she doesn't like it one bit]
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Aargh! You've gotta help me out here!

[She ruffles her hair in frustration and almost smacks her head on the terminal screen]

You know I'm bad with this kind of stuff. I don't know when I would have missed it, the only time I can think of was when I was really sick after-

[After being stabbed repeatedly by someone she thought was a friend. It was a memory Wriggle had almost forgotten about and for it to resurface so suddenly was unpleasant. She sinks back and grumbles]
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Hmph, it's not important!

[Except it obviously is because she actually remembers what happened]

It was just something from that maze, they must have tried to fumigate it or something.