09 April 2014 @ 10:30 pm
[Prussia is sitting in front of the Network screen like nothing ever happened, like he hadn't just poofed out of the tower for a good deal of time. His yellow bird is in its customary place on his head, and not even that recent network post he spotted questioning whether the pets were real could make him do anything else with it. It didn't matter if it wasn't "his" bird; he'd accept whatever made him comfortable here. That, of course, is beside the point; he's got some serious catching up to do.]

Hey, everybody. Guess who's back and awesome as ever? Prussia. Yep, awesome. [He's not putting much gusto into the word today.] Had my initiation oatmeal and everything.

I dunno if anyone noticed, but I've been gone for a while. Did anyone see a stone in the graveyard for me? Just wondering. So, because of that, I need someone to catch me up on just what's been going on in the tower. I have no idea how long I've been gone, because being stuck on a dead world kind of screws up your sense of time. So, if anyone could tell me what I've missed, that'd be greeeeeat.

Oh yeah, another thing. Is Enoch still here? Just wondering.
15 January 2014 @ 09:35 pm
[The feed clicks on abruptly. Richtofen glances up at the camera, then down at the keyboard, and scowls.]

Wha- No, you stupid thing, I did not mean-!

[He heaves a sigh. He's silent for about three seconds, then looks back up at the camera wearing a grin that's more predatory than anything. He raises both hands, fingers spread, and gives them a little wiggle.]

...My hands are not cooperating with me today. [He balls them into fists. His smile is tight-lipped, eyes shining with annoyance.] Ah, well. Video will work just as well as text, I suppose...

[He sucks in a big breath, and lets it out in a high-pitched whine of air that trails into a word.]

Soooooo, Tower, mein kleine friends. It has been a little bit, has it not? Two weeks, perhaps three? [He moves one hand around in the air as if grasping for words, and a shiver of a laugh creeps into his voice.] You know, it is just so hard to tell the time when you are trapped in a desolate wasteland without even bugs to keep you company!

[He ends in a shout that wipes the smile off his face, so Richtofen - chest heaving just a bit - takes care to twist his lips upward before he goes on.]

But I digress.

[He leans back in his seat, hoists his boots up onto the terminal. With his arms folded behind his head, he looks confident, even if he's too high-strung to ever be considered "relaxed."]

Tell me, what have I missed? It feels like it has been forever since I have been around all of you lovely people. Please, I implore you, I want to know everything that has happened while I have been away. [He lifts an index finger and gives it a little wave.] The doctor does not like being out of the loop, you know!

[It's unclear why he's asking this on the network, of all places. Surely nothing too secret can be revealed in public... Maybe he just wants attention.]
08 January 2014 @ 02:05 pm
I remembered! I remembered everything!

The shrine, the forests, the mansion by the lake, everything! And it was all dead!

[Wriggle falls back from the terminal with a sigh, having pushed her face nearly right to the screen while yelling her epiphany. With her upper half in full view you can see that she's wearing the hat of a certain gatekeeper and a pink scarf is wrapped around her neck]

You know I never thought I'd be happy to be back here but... No, happy isn't the right word. What was it? Relieved? Content? No! Argh, I can't think of it this is so frustrating! I don't know how I feel. I don't like it here but I don't wanna spend any more time in a Gensokyo that isn't Gensokyo.

[She runs her hands through her hair and looks away from the screen. Absentmindedly she starts to pull and fidget with her collar as she thinks about what to say next. If she carries on like that all that's going to come out is incoherent yelling but when she speaks again her voice is a notch quieter]

Hey... Um, listen. I know that even when I was here before there was stuff happening that was really beyond me. There are some people that know a lot, right?

[Again she pauses, swallowing her fear before finally asking]

Is there any way to make everything go back to the way it was? I know that's a lot to ask. I mean, to fix so many buildings and revive so many people and plants and insects... Even if there's no way to turn everything back to normal is there at least a way to start things growing again? Even if everyone I knew is really dead for good, if we can start again, make new friends, I think that'll be enough...

[For such a little youkai she's had a lot on her mind but when she's finally said her piece she feels a little better. Resting her chin in her hands she regards the screen with a somewhat distant expression]

So what happened when I was away? Something must have, I'm not sure how long I was gone but it felt like a long time. Is there anyone I used to know still here?

Oh yeah, and whoever left that scarf in my mailbox thanks a lot. It's a lot colder than I remember it.
21 June 2013 @ 03:53 pm
[Wriggle sits at the terminal with her chin resting in her hands. She seems rather tired and irritable in her expression and the way she moves but when she speaks it seems almost bored]

So I've been thinking a lot, and then I realised that I'm not very good at thinking. I'm getting kinda sick of this place, I don't remember the last time I was somewhere that wasn't here but I've got important stuff to do.

You guys know the monsters that have been running around, right? The one with the blue mask, which one is that? That girl... Ruana? I was talking to her but she wasn't making any sense something about killing them when they're normal but I don't know what that means.

I know I don't really know a lot of you guys and I really hate to ask for help but do any of you know what we're s'posed to do? I don't wanna just lay low while all this stuff happens, I wanna do something but I don't know what.

I just hate feeling so useless all the time.

[From her, that's actually quite a big thing to admit]
08 May 2013 @ 09:52 pm
Hello to everyone that is listening in on this. I have a simple question to ask of you all. What would you say are your goals while you are present within the tower. Also, what would you do to accomplish them?
22 January 2013 @ 08:12 pm
What wedding? I didn't know there was a wedding...

Are you listening? Hey!

[Wriggle bashes the terminal a few times and leans in closer as if that would help her see them again. She looks slightly uneasy but still curious]

Where'd you guys go? What else were you talking about?


[She can barely recall the memories of using the terminal as an adult and she'd been fiddling with one when the video feed had suddenly turned on. It doesn't seem like she has any idea of what she's doing]
15 January 2013 @ 11:01 am
Content Warning: Thread with Tavros got smutty I really can't believe I'm putting this right in the OP but the general public has a right to be warned.

[The feed clicks on, revealing an extremely wide, extremely frantic purple eye.]

[After a few seconds, the features surrounding said eye come into view, as the operator of the video backs up. And backs up a little more.]

[It's a gargantuan troll. Everything about him looks like it's been blown well out of reasonable proportion. His shoulders took up the width of the screen, and the way he hunched over couldn't have been anything but uncomfortable. His face was painted up like a monotone clown - all dark smudges against stark white. The design hadn't changed much in the sweeps he'd spent here. What was your face was your face, no matter how you felt about it. The paint was what he was born with, the design was a part of him - one thing in life that couldn't be done on a whim.]

[Most of that face, however, was obscured by the most absurd mane of hair imaginable. It exploded from his head in a mass of mats and twists and curls, getting in his eyes and mouth before running down his neck and past his shoulders. It was reminiscent of vines taking over a building - crawling up and threatening to engulf the two massive, spiraling horns that sprouted from his head.]

[For being as giant as he was, Gamzee had been lacking in the brute strength department - a solitary physical trait he failed to inherit from his ancestor. His limbs and neck were thick, but not as thick as they could or should be. His hands rivaled the size of dinner plates, but the fingers on them remained knuckles and spindle.]

[Now that both manic eyes were visible, as well as a decent amount of the rest of him, Gamzee's dark lips parted to speak, revealing terribly sharp and terribly disgusting fangs. Plucking a vial of dark purple liquid from his pants pocket, he held it up to the camera.]

All you magnanimous motherfuckers, please to be all popping the most righteous of motherfuckin' squats at the terminal and start bestowing on to your wicked brother all what's knowledge holy you up and got in those inferior thinkpans 'bout the matter what all is at being your mother fucking blood.
06 July 2012 @ 12:19 pm
[Good afternoon, Tower. Eikichi is standing in front of the terminal's camera, grinning from ear to ear and looking quite proud of himself. In fact you might say he looks unusually energized.]


Is this thing on...okay it is.

Inhabitants of this stone tower! I, the beautiful, amazing, great, quick-thinking Michel have a proposition for next week. As it so happens that it was the birthday of someone special two days ago, I realized she needs a proper celebration! And considering there hasn't been a good party around here lately, the solution is simple; a proper birthday bash, not just for our bella dama who will be our guest of honor, but also for anyone who hasn't had a proper birthday for the past months.

And as exceptional as he is, Michel can't do this alone! I can help with the decorations and the music, but I know the tower is filled with considerable talent! Chefs! Decorators! Even a few musicians who might have slipped from Michel's grasp when he didn't notice you...reveal yourselves to me so that we may make this the best bash ever!

And...turn that frown upside down! Michel isn't going to stand for it any longer!

Times have been hard and difficult, that's true, but if we don't get a little joy in our lives, we'll just like this place drag us down with it. I'll have none of that and neither should you! As a certain someone I admire would say, 'Let's Positive Thinking!'

So go on, find a mirror, look at yourself and say "I look great today!".

Don't worry I'll be waiting.

[He crosses his arms with a smirk plastered on his face and waits for a full eight seconds before continuing.]

Now that you're all energized and ready to do this...there's more!

It's not just a birthday party and way to cheer everyone up, if you can, bring that lovely lady or the handsome guy! Come as a couple as there will be a competition to crown the lord and lady of the evening! And don't worry, Michel's a very fair man. As much as he knows he's the only true king around, he'll let someone else enjoy it for that night.

So put on your best!

Oh, no date you say? That's not a problem! Do the words Blind Date have any meaning to you? Send me your name -- don't worry Michel won't share -- and he'll set you up with all the others who don't have one. Considering our beautiful chica population lower, you may end up with another guy! But don't worry, a date doesn't mean you need to kiss at all...who knows, you might end up with a new friend! Michel's certain everyone will have a good time regardless! And who knows...you might find true love and you'll have me to be thankful for!

....I know, I know, how can someone like me exist? Sometimes I wonder that too.

So, who's with me?!

[Look at that grin. Look at that face. Look at all this wild energy. Surely it must stir something within you for that...right to fight for your party...]

[As private as Eikichi can make it to the rest of the team members minus Maya]

Jun, you're in charge of making her a proper birthday bouquet. Miyabi, you want to make her a cake? Tatsuya, Lisa...help me find her some presents? If we have to make 'em I don't care.

And everyone's coming to the music room with me! I've been inspired to write her a birthday song and I'll need everyone's help!


[[OOC - Blind Date Signups are Here]]
23 May 2012 @ 07:40 pm
1 4M NOT SUR3 1F 1T R3V1V3S L1K3 W3 DO, BUT 1'M GU3SS1NG Y3S
17 May 2012 @ 09:02 pm
[ Hello, Tower! Have an out of breath freaked out teenager with blue hair. From the sound of it, he's just outrun something and raced to the terminal.

Yes, it's Minato, and he is looking rather... ruffled. ]

Ah... excuse me, I have a question.

[ He takes a moment to catch his breath off-screen, because from the sounds of it, he's a bit freaked out. ]

Has anyone else encountered a large, white spider roaming the floors?