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Video | Having an alter ego is handy at times

[Hello, network. Have a strange man (?) on screen. Oddly enough, he doesn't seem like he's new to the tower, even though only a select few should be able to recognize him.]

I cannot stay here long, so I will be brief: an acquaintance of mine has been acting strangely lately, and I believe the cause to be the sweets that have appeared around the tower recently.

I want to be certain, however. Has anyone else been met with a similar situation during the past few days? If so... do you know of a way to reverse the effects?

[He is a patient one, but waiting around in a tower gone mad is not high on his to-do list.]
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Do you know Princess Zelda?
Do you know where she is?

[Sorry, Sheik; his princess seems to be in another castle and he needs to know which one.]

I lost her a while ago and I need to know where she is. And I can't find her. Do you know her?
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[audio forever and ever and ever........]

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Do you... Do you know anyone who would know?

Please, I really need to find her. I don't like that she's alone in this big tower, I need to be there with her.

[Plus his Picto Box is sadly empty. It's a tragedy!!!]
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[A pause.]

Then I'll wait in her room until she comes back.

[Clearly the answer, here.]
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But it's for her! I want to make sure she's okay...

[You can almost hear him frowning.]

What... what can I do, though? I just want to be near her, but I can't find her... I don't want to hurt her or anything.

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[An armored figure pops onto the screen. Anyone familiar with Samus will notice that her manner of speaking is...really, really off. It's like she's leering behind that visor.]

You need help finding someone, kid? I might can lend a hand...

[audio forever]

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[Vidya foreverrrrrr]

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[ ... She doesn't know how to filter this so she'll address her as "Sheik", knowing full well that it's Zelda now, since she told her.

Link pauses. ]

... They are causing problems? When I ate one the other day, I felt fine... actually, I have found a few in my food as well, and I have not felt any different or suddenly murderous.

[ Link has noticed the weird goings-on in the Tower? But... had no idea it was the candy HAHAHA... anyway, slightly more urgent since she saw what happened and is a little weirded out by it all, but -- Sheik. No, Zelda, she is using this alias to protect herself from someone. They need to talk. Best try to use code, here. ]

... Sheik, it has been some time. Could we meet?

[ This is Link's concerned expression here, Princess. You must be hiding for a reason... ]
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... I've got a lot of questions, since we last played together.

[ Link will play this straight and go visit you as soon as she's done dealing with the other, smaller Link. ]

But... yes, I am quite certain. I would not want to sample any more, but if I took a box and we cut some in half, I might be able to figure out from looking at one which one was the kind that I tried.

Would that be acceptable? I would not mind putting myself at risk, though, but I am more concerned as to what might happen if I also... became like the others.
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Then we shall meet as soon as we can.

[ Let's see... how to get a signal to her? Oh... right! ]

... And I promise, I have not forgotten what you have taught me. It has been invaluable. Thank you.

[ Pulling out the Ocarina, Link plays the Minuet of Forest.

If Zelda is observant, hopefully she'll get the message: "Let's meet on the Forest Floor, as soon as possible." It's the only way to get it across without those tracking her movements to be tipped off. ]

I will see you soon. Hopefully, when this is over.

[ Hanging up! If "Sheik" knows what they're doing, they will find Link on the forest floor, waiting with a knife, unarmed except for their shield, because it would be unwise of Link to be armed if this... truly does make them sick.

Hopefully the point is gotten, and it is all Link can hope for, because... well, Zelda does not need to end up hurt. ]
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[Action all day erryday]

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[ A nod. Link is relieved that they are also safe, but the reason they aren't armed... well, just in case they do lose their wits, the knife will be given to "Sheik".

Which... Link does now, yeah. She is now basically entirely unarmed save for her shield, which, if she was in a situation of being attacked, she wanted to keep on her person. ]

... As am I. I presume the young boy following you has caused a bigger mess than should be possible. I... was worried about communicating so openly, and it honestly had not occurred to me that perhaps the sweets were the cause of this.

[ Never heard of Valentines Day before, derp derp. Sheltered child, medieval era, and all. ]

If it comes to testing this for the sake of others, and it does end poorly, I did not want to be armed should you need to get away from me.

... I am concerned there may be no way to fix this, but... do you really believe these to be antidotes?

[ Holding up the box. Honestly, she doesn't, but you know. ]

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It's the other Link! Surely other Links would know where his princess is!!]

Um... I know I'm interrupting and I'm sorry, but do you know where Princess Zelda is?
I really need to find her.
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[ ... Blinking off-screen.

SUDDENLY we know why Zelda is in hiding. Thank GOD this is just voice; they won't need to look composed, either. Nonetheless, Link's expression remains stoic, even if it cannot be seen.

Now is the time to help Zelda. She must be kept safe, this boy is obviously not in his right mind. Of that, they are certain. ]

No, I have not seen her since the last trial we faced. Is something wrong? Is she okay?
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I don't know if she's okay or not. I want to see her and make sure.

[He pauses, but it seems like it's for no reason -]

I want to be near her again, but she ran when I left her alone, and I didn't like that. I don't like that she's alone.
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[ ... Oh, dear... ]

Give her some time. I understand your concern for her, but... she is very strong. I am certain she is okay, wherever she is. She has been through a lot of things here of late, and I am quite sure that she... needs space.
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I can give her space. I just want to know where she is.

But you're telling me the same thing that man did...

[He can't just wait or be patient or give her time. It's too hard.]

I... C-can I still look? Am I allowed to still look for her?
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[ ... Thoughtful pause. ]

That's because I'm concerned for her. Do you realize that one of us was killed recently and that she had to deal with his body?

[ ... Heh. How can they put this... ]

I believe that was before you were here, but... perhaps you should let her come to you. ... But if it concerns you that much, then I cannot stop you.

[ It has to be the chocolate. This boy doesn't seem to understand. ]
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Let her come to me...

[He pauses then, thinking about this.]

... But the only way to do that would be to hide in her room or the cafeteria, but that's really rude.

[Being a polite stalker is hard!!]

I'll just... look for her. It would be faster, I think.

I'm sorry I bothered you.


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