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thank you for your patience
I have taken control of the tower
it was difficult but that's okay
I'll start sending people home in an hour
you should say goodbyes before then
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[Whoa wait what what huh what.]

Wait- who's this? Um, not that I'm not thankful, but...

No explanation? Really...?


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So, what, just back to our destroyed worlds just like that?
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Why would you bother?


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attempted filter to "ruana";

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That's really nice of you! Thank you! [He turns to Molly at his side and grins but his grin fades as he realises he wont see her again]

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Do you think our homes are okay? [she frowns]

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I think they are! I think the bad people were lying to us all this time... [He doesn't sound completely certain though]

I am sure it will be alright, we just need to keep our spirits up!

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Yeah! We get to go home!

[she suddenly hugs Romeo]

I'll miss you.

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[He hugs her back tightly] I'll miss you too Molly! But I wont forget you and we will still be friends forever!

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[He sqeezes her tight for a moment and then lets go and grabs her hand] We have to go say goodbye to everybody!

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But I just got here!


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[It's too good to be true. He's taking this with a grain of salt.]
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But can you tell us who you are? What was really going on? [he doesn't believe this, but he wants answers anyway.]