25 January 2013 @ 04:24 am
[ When she first arrived in the tower the last thing she ever thought of was being a parent. The events of the past couple weeks have taught her that it wasn't necessarily about her or some shit. At least that girl can fight with the proper training. Since everyone was back to normal, Ryougi herself included, it was only proper to find her. After visiting the "usual" spots with no luck, it was time to amp up the lazy. Lethargic as usual, this dark-haired, dark-eyed woman doesn't seem the type who would use a terminal, but here she was. ]

Has anyone seen a girl too young to be stuck in this pit? [ Yes, there's a ton of those here. Maybe she should be a bit specific. ] Plain-looking with dark hair. Not the one that looks exactly like me--[ Because she does exist. ]--but a mini version. Kinda acts like a nerd by carrying books around and reads them in places other than the library.

[ Tch. ] Whatever. If you've seen her, tell me. Don't waste my time with idle talk.

[ Definitely the coolest person to engage in conversation with, right? RIGHT!! At least she can't stab anyone from the screen. ]