22 January 2014 @ 12:55 pm
[There's a static, and a bit of focusing, till the video shows Ib. Her orange collar is a bit of a contrast against her red-and-white clothes, her expression calm.]

Hello. My name is Ib.

[She nods, holding up a rose.]

I woke up here with this in my box. So far, everyone I've met doesn't have one. All the same, I thought I should just warn people.

[A pause as she looks it over, then back to the camera.]

If anyone does have one, or suddenly finds themselves with one, don't lose it. It's important.

... That's it. Thank you.

[Ib bows, then quickly ends the transmission.]

((OOC: Ib still thinks this place has something to do with the gallery, but won't go into that unless she's prodded.))
07 January 2014 @ 05:16 pm
So. That month certainly happened. As usual I'll be the contrary fool who points out that leaping directly for Jason's throat was foolish and hastily conceived. I hope at least some of you understand that outright murdering the one person that makes our own deaths a minor inconvenience would be ill-advised at best. When next this opportunity presents itself, I advise that quick planning should lead to a less half-baked idea.

[Deadpan as ever (or perhaps even more so), Waver appeared today in much better shape than he had been the previous month, though for some reason he was currently lacking the usual sunglasses. If not for the frown set deeply on his face and disapproving tone, one might dare think he might have been in a good mood.]

Now that that's been said--and without touching upon specifics--I'd like to hear how everyone else is faring at the moment. [It would be stupid to outright say HEY GUYS HOW'D THE COLLAR EXPERIMENT GO FOR YOU ALL, so Waver elected to be vague.]

If anyone should care to answer that, I have quite a lot of work to do- [He idly held up a number of sheets of what appeared to be parchment, the topmost one having runic writing on it.] -so I will most likely be found on floor twenty-seven in a half hour or so. [And for the next few days without a break, probably.]

[There followed a short pause, after which the severity in the cold and British accented speech lessened slightly.]

...My disapproval of the methods aside, congratulations. Ill-advised or not, you did accomplish something. Don't allow yourselves to think this a failure.