31 July 2012 @ 07:52 pm
[Painwheel is not amused, to say the least. She guesses she's supposed to be grateful she was (apparently) rescued from the apocalypse, but she's really not. Her world being gone means she'll never have her chance at revenge, so really, right now she's more angry than anything.

Still, she knows she needs to learn more about this place. She might be here for a while, after all. With that in mind, she makes her way to one of the communication rooms after she's managed to calm down. It takes a while to get there, partly because she doesn't want to be seen if she can help it. She doesn't expect people's reactions to her appearance to be any different here than they were in her world, and that's something she really doesn't want to deal with right now.

Not wanting to deal with typing, she opts for voice instead. Once she's fairly sure she's got it working properly, she speaks. Her voice sounds really rough, like she's been screaming for a long time... which isn't entirely inaccurate.]

If anyone's actually out there listening to this... I want to know more about this place. I've read the letters, but that's not enough. Tell me everything you know.

[And that's the entirety of her message. She's not exactly the most talkative person ever.]

((Anyone who wants to have their character run into Painwheel while she's on her way to her destination, please feel free! Just because she tried her best to avoid being seen doesn't mean she went completely unnoticed.))