It appears that the floors are back to normal. Or expanded.

But what I'm more worried about is how many people have woken up from days of what I can only hope is sleep, like myself, and all of this fog. None of it feels right. I would appreciate some details, if someone can spare a moment.

[ filtered to Allen Ridgeley ]

I apologize if I'm interrupting anything important. Would you mind speaking with me?
02 September 2012 @ 12:55 am
[Well hey it's a bit soon for him to be making another post but he has a good reason for this!! Look he's even going to skip over the formalities this time and get straight to the point to show how serious this is.]

To add onto what Sayaka said, I'm here to send out a warning to be alert as well.

[He crosses his arms]

A few days ago... something happened to me. I was in the cafeteria, and shortly after taking a sip from my drink, I was immediately hit with pain throughout my body. I tried to go to the infirmary... but for some reason I started loosing control of myself and I... [He bites his lip and stays silent for a moment.]

I almost killed someone. [He drops his gaze away from the screen, but continues talking.]

I can't say why that happened, but I can say for sure that it wasn't anything normal. I would never raise a hand to another person, let alone try to kill them.

[He clears his throat and looks back to the screen, a very stern expression set upon his face.]

So be on the look out for things like this happening, keep your guards up, and be careful.
02 September 2012 @ 01:55 am
Are there any scientists beyond the ones I have met around here?

Specifically, anyone willing to design a dehydration gun or lend it temporarily?

I am interested in doing an experiment in the name of science. I will be in the library for a brief time.
13 August 2012 @ 11:13 am
Is something going on? The readings are off.


12:30PM EST - The Tower is rattling.

12:45PM EST - The Tower is shaking more violently. Things are starting to move around, fall over, and fall off shelves. Something like loud, twisted whalesong can be heard.

12:55PM EST - The Tower is shaking violently; anything not bolted down will start falling over. A massive whale can be seen swimming up through the fog out the lower level windows--the fog cuts into its already bubbling, too-tight skin, and it trails thick black blood, but it isn't losing momentum and it's going to break through the fog barrier soon at the rate it's moving.

1:00PM EST - The whale reaches the top of the Tower and begins ramming into it. The tower creaks and screeches and groans; a bright white light circles the Tower as a barrier is revealed to cover the entire thing.

The whale rams it. It begins cracking.]
07 August 2012 @ 03:22 am
[ It is a perfectly good and responsible looking young man that appears on the network's screen. Don't go say the contrary. His voice is collected and calm as he talks, with perfect manners. ]

Very interesting machine... Allowing anyone to speak from a distance. If only it could be reduced and made portable...

[ He looks up at the camera afterward and nods. ]

Forgive my manners. Like you may have guessed, I am new to this tower. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lezard, Lezard Valeth.

Speaking of which, this tower is certainly an interesting place… So many possibilities, so much to discover. It's a shame that for us to be here our homeworlds had to die. Such a high price to pay for such little reward….

[ He readjusts his glasses. ] 

Does anyone here have concrete proof one way or another as far as the fate of our worlds are concerned? The letter and projection are not proof enough to me I'm afraid, no matter how likely to be the truth it is.

Any group of research that may confirmed the veracity of the letters maybe?

Oh, and I have heard a lot of talks about people sleeping for abnormally long time period. Do such occurrence happen often in the tower?