03 June 2013 @ 05:36 pm
[So Rabbit has come to a sobering conclusion.]

So. We ain't re-re-real.

[This only means one thing]

Nuthin' here is real.

[And further more]

So I don't gotta act like it is real.

[Which is why he is boldly and uncaringly standing in front of a terminal. Stark. Naked.]

I can do whatever I want. S'all fa-fake anyway. Who's gonna stop me?
19 May 2013 @ 01:21 pm
[The video screen turns on to a familiar, if still somewhat dented copper face, grinning brightly into the screen. He then steps off to the side, and sharply tugs another, slightly taller figure in, trying to position him directly in front of the screen]

C'mon, Spine! Ya gotta do it! Say hello ta everyone!

[Said slightly taller figure may just have an exasperated look on his face.]

Rabbit, I don't think--

[Oh. The feed is already active. Well, that's just... great. The Spine adjusts his tie and gives the screen his best 'no really all according to plan' smile.]

Ah... Hello! [Does he sound like he still thinks this is a bad idea? Yes. Yes he does.] My name is The Spine. Rabbit why're we doin' this.

[Because you gotta, that's why. Older brother says so. He just keeps grinning, knowing full well that The Spine would have to go along with it now that he was in front of the camera.]

An' i-if any of ya di-di-didn't know, I'm Rabbit!

[Wait there was more to this. Rabbit just kept going, ignoring his brothers discomfort]

An' for your entertainment t-t-t-t-today, I'm g-gonna ma-make the both of us disappear!

[All right, so this wasn't so bad so far, although Spine still didn't think it was wise.

...Wait, what.]

And, uh, just how do you plan on doin' that, Rabbit?

[He has a bad, bad feeling about this.]

[Rabbit leans in, resting one hand on The Spine's front, and the other on his shoulder]

A ma-magician ne-never reveals their se-secrets, Spine. But if ya really mu-must know...

[He glances around conspiratorially... Before slowly reaching up... And yanking off both hat and wig, shooting down the hall with a victorious whoop]

[You're getting an odd look, buddy. Whatever you're planning, he's ready for it.

Or... not.]

What the--RABBIT! Get back here, you--

[He makes a grab for Rabbit's collar. Too slow. The feed gets a glimpse of an irritated profile. Then there's a blur of silver-and-black (was that an elbow?) and the receding sound of heavy footsteps gaining speed.]

[And woe upon anyone else in the Dormitory areas. All of them. Because there are now two stampeding robots charging up and down the hall, Rabbit occsionally trying to lose The Spine. He will eventually stop, sneaking up to another terminal, wig and hat still firmly in hand]

O-one heckuva ma-magic trick, huh?

[[OOC: The Spine