H-hey! What's going on here?!

[ A voice penetrated the networks, somewhat strained. Someone might have been running around a little too much after getting up in a strange room.

She didn't even give a second thought to where she was going, until she found the library. The library had those strange techie things that she had always noticed in Facility from time to time. It reminded her of her Faciliberry, in which did not function correctly. She couldn't reach anyone beyond that.

On top of that, she wasn't quite sure what to believe right now. Could Val be playing a trick on her again, or was this really happening?

She furrowed her brows. ]

Val this isn't funny. I'm not laughing.....where is everyone? Yujinn? Zero? Maka?

[ she mused softly.... ]

This....can't be happening.... again.