19 April 2013 @ 08:27 pm
[There's a moment where you can see Luke, looking angry and about to cry, before his fist suddenly descents on the terminal screen, punching it as hard as he can. The view rattles angrily, and again when he plants his hands down on either side of the keyboard hard. His voice is high pitched as he struggles not to cry, but it's a futile effort, and it's not long after he starts speaking before he can't see the terminal because of the tears.]

Jason, you damn bastard!!! How could you make me do those things?! How could you make anyone do those things!? I killed my friends; I killed people I care about because of you! And then you made us tell you about everyone!? Betray everyone?! You... you...!

[He just can't anymore; he sinks down against the terminal, just barely in view as he curls his arms around him, sobbing so hard it feels like his chest is going to burst. It's a moment before he can say anything more, and when he does, it's barely more than a whimper.]

...I hate you... I hate all of you...
03 February 2013 @ 03:35 am
Good morning... this is Kidou Yuuto.

[For some reason, he seems pretty sad while talking with everyone today. You'd think he were excited about the new floors like a lot of others...]

I was going to see if anyone wanted to start a soccer team with Genda and I now that we have a field, I was actually going to get Genda to help me make an announcement about it but... I searched everywhere for him, and.. I found his grave, instead.

[He hangs his head a little and stays quiet for a moment, before letting out a sigh and speaking again.]

So.. I would like everyone to know that Genda Koujirou is no longer here...

[And that's all he says before shutting off the feed.]
03 February 2013 @ 04:20 am
okay so two things and I'm gonna try and keep this simple
because otherwise I seriously worry how many of you are actually going to pay attention past this sentence

okay so number one-
anyone else a little worried about how excited this Ruana kid is about all this lovey-dovey stuff
everyone else saw her little show at the wedding right?
and now this hot pink and red mess of meals
not to mention all these candy hearts everywhere
none of that's sounding the fucking klaxons of 'danger, danger Will Robinson' for the rest of you?

I'm asking just in case anyone starts catching any inapprops feelings for anyone else
so I can kick back, grab some candy heart pancakes and chant 'I told you so' to the tune of Amazing Grace

number two-
can I get a Strider role call?
hell, Lalondes too why not, let's go
10 November 2012 @ 07:05 pm
So Thanksgiving is coming up, at least for the country I was living in for a long time.

For those of you who don't know, there's a historical basis behind it but the main idea nowadays is to get together with family and friends, stuff your faces, watch sports, and think of things you're thankful for.

So, tower residents. What are you thankful for?
03 November 2012 @ 09:01 pm
If you could, please respond here with your costume, deaths- ones you caused, or ones others caused you -and also what you 'gained' from participation, if anything. Likewise useful would be a list of winners, but I suppose that may be shooting for the stars just a bit.

After you've done that, you may go back to your hugs, tissues, or whatever it is that soothes your troubled souls.
01 October 2012 @ 09:11 am
[Ryuuosuke does not look like he's been in a fight! Actually, he just looks mildly annoyed. Or disappointed?]

There's nothing under my bed. I checked. A lot. I understand the theory of 'nothing is scarier' but that's not usually what the tower runs on, right?

[Addendum: apparently other people (his roommates) can see his particular monster, but he can't.]
02 September 2012 @ 09:27 am
I think I'd better say this before anything worse happens.

If you are particularly religious, particularly if you are Mesian, Christian, Jewish, or anyone else who would be offended talking to someone who had killed YHVH back home, please tell me in this post and then we can just not talk to each other and save ourselves a lot of trouble.

We're fighting the administrators, not each other.
19 August 2012 @ 05:55 pm
A question.

Let us humor our captors and say that they are telling us the truth that our worlds are destroyed. Let us then assume we have only two places we can be: we might stay here, in this Tower for however long that may last or we might attempt to break out.

The Tower, while a cage, offers a sense of security. There are constant meals and general protection from what lies outside it's walls. We are, however, at the beck and call of the people who run the Tower and their whims. Yet with them you could say it's the devil you know, and know that their torment and cruelty would be as consistent as the stability they offer.

So assume a means of leaving this is found and we might venture out, and that what is outside is in fact inhabitable. But what we venture out into is a vast unknown and the only information we do have is that creatures like the ones who invaded here - and many more of them - roam the outside world. It would be a harsh, dangerous world. But also one with possibilities that could not be explored here. With freedom not to be found between these walls.

So given the choice if the chance of going home is out of the question, what do you choose: stability or freedom?
We have taken the liberty of doing some research into the Tower's history and past trends, in hopes of uncovering something about the way this place operates, or solving one of the many mysteries that surrounds it. It would greatly benefit us if you could lend your assistance and help us with our research; the more people that answer the better, as it gives us more data to work with.

We understand that someone's probably sick of these kind of forms, questions and questionnaires, but we've done our best to compile the data from the past ones and hopefully not make it too repetitive, and get to the heart of the matter:

cut for length )

In addition, we have a few more gaps we'd like to fill about the earlier days of the Tower, but it seems that many of the people that were here at the beginning have disappeared. For those that were here in the very early days, we have a few questions about the environment-- nothing too invasive. Your cooperation would be invaluable.

Lastly, we have one more question to posit, both for discussion and for the sake of our curiosity and research; how do souls work in your world? If you have information on how your own soul specifically works and are willing to share it, this would help us a lot.

For any of these queries, if you feel more comfortable locking your answer, this is perfectly acceptable and we will take steps to make sure it is as private as possible. Anonymous posting may also be used if you're dubious as to the functionality of the lock system.

(OOC: responses may come from either [personal profile] morituramfides or [personal profile] beknightedheroine.)
27 July 2012 @ 10:05 pm
[When the feed turns on, the face of a teenaged girl shows up! The short-haired blonde, violet-eyed girl might seem familiar to some of you. In a vast contrast to her fierce arrival, she seems a bit... nervous?]

Ah, bonjour... my name is Ruler, and I have been here for a little over a week now. It may seem forward, but I... have a request.

[Whatever it is seems to be bothering her, because she hesitates for a few moments before she speaks up again. She sounds almost timid now.]

Are there any residents here with... teaching experience? N-Not training, I am quite capable in that area! I mean...

[Ugh, she has to just spit it out.] I require... reading lessons. Writing, too, if that is possible...

[And now she's just. Steeling herself! Ugh, being illiterate in this day and age must be so horrible...]
11 July 2012 @ 09:11 pm
Ahh it seems we have some new members amongst us! Well hello kittens, Michel knows that this place isn't exactly a beautiful concert hall, but despite everything, we are trying to put a little joy in our lives! Tomorrow there will be a party celebrating not only the radiant Maya Amano, but all those who have had birthdays for the past few months.

You are all invited, of course! It would not be a party otherwise. And if you did not see my post last time - in which case, how shameful to have missed my visage, but regardless, there is also blind dates organized so that you may meet new friends and mingle with others. This is nor purely romantic of course, but who knows what might come out of that toss of fate...

Therefore, I give to you the list of names that have signed up so far!

[If you continue to read, you realize he has listed off the entire list of anyone who was signed up for a blind date, by themselves or otherwise.]

Now, now don't forget the rules; if you signed up, you cannot back out! Oh no, that would be wrong and of such terrible spirits! And if you were not signed up, then...that is how the apple falls from the tree, I'm afraid! Think of it this way; if someone deemed you important enough to sign you up, you must be important to someone! And that, my los residentes de la torre is in the spirit of tomorrow's party!

Speaking of which, there will be lovely little flower corsages' for those who wish to bestow it upon their date tomorrow found near the entrance. No, no you don't have to thank me...but rather my fellow bandmate, Jun Kurosu who was kind enough to assemble them. Do not worry yourselves silly either - this is not a requirement, but if you wish to capture your date's heart, one would think you should use all the chances presented to you, hmmm?
02 July 2012 @ 05:29 pm
I-Is this thing on?

[The screen shows Tara, looking more than a little confused and lost as she fiddles around with the settings on the terminal. Those of who you know her might be able to tell that she's different in appearance. Gone is most of the softness to her body. Now, muscles can be seen on her arms, as her shaking hands move over the terminal's settings. Her face is leaner, more angled, less round. Even so, she still looks healthy. She's lost weight, since being voted out and dropped back into the tower. But she hasn't starved. She's taken care of herself.

She also looks like she's been crying. Even now, Tara takes a swipe at her eyes as though chasing away the last few tears.]

It's...is it usual for people to be just...gone? To just...go away and, a-and not be here anymore?

...does anyone know what happens to them? I mean...our worlds, th-they're gone, right? So...if they're not here...w-where are they?

[But she knows. She knows in her heart what's happened. And so Tara plunges on, onto new concerns, onto new friends, onto new life and new problems that she might just be able to do something about. Tara wipes at her eyes, sniffles a bit more, and then forces herself to look back up at the camera.]

Well...it looks like the food's back, a-and the power, and...I've seen some people that, th-that I thought were in the pods with us. Guess that means it's over, right? That's...th-that's good. That's s-something.

Are you all okay? Everyone? Being back here, and all. I mean...I-I can't do a lot, with healing. But I can do some. I know a potion. Trust me. I-It helps. So, i-if you're still not feeling great...give me a call.

...I'm okay. [Some of you will know that this is directed very deliberately at you.] I mean, I'm tired, but...I-I'm okay.

Cut for length and Tara making plans for future )

...th-thank you.

((ooc: Holy frack, sorry for the TL;DR. But these were all the points weighing heavily on Tara's mind, and I thought it made sense for her to get them all out of the way at once. I'll be making a proper log post in a couple of days, in case anyone would prefer to catch her there.))

23 May 2012 @ 10:56 pm
[Taro's voice is unlike what those who met him his first day here would have heard. It's actually serious. His expression is grim.]

I know you guys saw that too. Whoever these people are - the people who run this place, I'm guessing? Whoever they are, they seem pretty sick. Vivisection? Really?

[He struggles to keep his expression from turning to anger.]

So, a few things.

First of all, yes, I know they can probably hear this.

Second, if anyone would like to fill me in on this 'Q&A session' that apparently happened before I got here.

Third, which was the reason I was going to make this post before that broadcast... is it just me or are some of the floors... draining, in some ways? Like you aren't up to your full potential? Like the uh... what was it. Thirty second floor?

[He's not going to explicitly mention abilities yet, but it's what he means.]

... Thanks. And my name's Taro Watanabe, for those of you I haven't met yet.