28 March 2013 @ 12:28 am
[ Greetings people of the tower, have the King of Evil who cursed the tower this month appear on the terminals, for the first time in over six months. He looks fairly neutral, with a very light smile. ]

So long as it been since I last posted here, and yet I see nothing changed. The same cycle has been repeating over and over again, both here and where we come from. Higher powers play with those they see as inferior... Cruel and pointless games meant to satisfy their own amusement. From the tortured crowds sometimes a voice arise, then many--

But at the first bone tossed their way, the mindless masses go back in rank behind the higher powers they chose to venerate as deities. At the first occasion to forget, they chose blissful ignorance. Yes... In the end, complacency reigns. People always return to their meaningless preoccupations and lose of sight what should matter most.

[ He pauses and shakes his head in disapproval before continuing. ]

Have voice even been heard in this tower? Many entertained -and without a doubt still do- the idea that following certain golden haired women would bring them what they longed for. Yet, nothing happened. All they did was replace a deplorable situation with another, build a false hope they could comfort themselves with. All they did was turn a blind eye on reality.

Not a voice arise to stand against the status quo. [A very short and deep chuckle.] How pathetic. Tell me, Tower of Animus, do you not believe time has come for you to awaken and bring about an end to this?
16 March 2013 @ 01:52 pm
Now that I've collected what I'd evaluate as the basics of this place and how it's run, I'm curious enough to ask for a discussion of general opinions rather than concrete facts.

Particularly, regarding the supposedly confirmed ideas revolving around the state of our worlds. While the evidence supporting our homeworlds' destruction is considerable, I'd still like to hear what people think. It initially crossed my mind that it could be a very well-constructed lie, and while that has become a very distant possibility I'm hesitant to discard it altogether. And if it is in fact true, what happens then? Do you think there is a way to restore the places from which we've originated, or are we fighting for a Pyrrhic victory at best?

And that's not yet touching upon the more clearly confirmed matter of our souls and the replica forms we're using in place of our original bodies. I'd imagine this has caused existential crises aplenty, but let's put that aside for the moment. If the administrators possess the technology or magic to create such close copies, how is it they can't simply take out original bodies along with our souls in the first place And if there is a way to restore our worlds, would you logically assume that includes our original selves?

You're free to answer if you like, or ignore me altogether. It's your own choice. I can't really picture this as a simple matter to talk about without inciting a sense of dread and misery, so I'll hardly be offended if everyone shrugs this off and pretends they never saw it.

--Lord El-Melloi II

[Waver, honey. I'm sure signing your name like that is simply habit by now, but you might give your younger self a stroke.]
12 March 2013 @ 11:12 pm
Does anyone have any good ideas on what to do to keep your mind off of things going on and people you care about disappearing?

Just a bit curious, I guess. I'm looking for something to pass the time away.
21 January 2013 @ 06:42 pm
[Hazy though the reception may be, a pair of dark, deep brown eyes pierce the veil of the deliberately bad reception.]

Attention, denizens of the tower Animus. I am Doctor VIctor von Doom.

Click for hammy speech )

18 January 2013 @ 10:25 pm
Subtlety's not my strong suit.

What do you think of God? The gods, if you have more than one.

[Answers will come from this account, [personal profile] belzebul, or [personal profile] demonfly.]
11 January 2013 @ 09:22 pm
[It takes a moment for Eiki to adjust the camera just right, so her face has a rather extreme close up. Once she is done she sits back in a chair. She folds her hands together and places them ontop of the desk. She carries herself rather well, one could easily assume her to be some sort of statesman.]

Good evening everyone. My name is Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu and I am a recent arrival to this tower. I have been informed that the best way of gaining information about this location is through the network, so I am here to as the general public a few questions. I would appreciate as much information as possible, but whatever can be offered is fine.

For those who can assist me I will be grateful towards.

First, what is known about this tower? Those who run it? How did we arrive and what are these collars?

Second, how many people have currently been brought here? How many different places are represented? From what I can tell quite a few "worlds" are represented.

Third, what are the general rules of this place? And I don't mean rules as in you may do this, and not do that, but more how does this place function.

Thank you for your time.
11 January 2013 @ 08:13 am
[Nanaya's gotten into a few fights since getting here. Obviously. However, though he very much appreciates getting do-overs if he finds a battle unsatisfying, he has to admit it also takes some of the fun out of it. It reminds him all too much of the time he left the world of the living. No fun in killing those who have passed away. No will to live in them. Though he still very much prefers going out and having his own kind of fun than genuinely interacting with the tower's other residents, even Nanaya can have a taste for variety now and then.]

Death's a funny thing. Every moment of fear and anxiety anyone has ever gone through is rooted, if not directly caused, by it. Every time you turn on the lights at night, and every time you decide to close your eyes and ignore something to live just another day, that's your thanatophobia at work.

[Subtle. Not like it's the first thing any blatant psychopath says in the comm. Then again, Nanaya doesn't much care about what people know or don't know about him here.]

If that really forms such a large part of us, then couldn't you say we're effectively half of our own selves just by being unable to be truly killed? How you round it up is your own business, but that's almost like not living at all.

Aa... Although, if you're going to consider yourself dead already, then you might as well consider this some sort of hell while you're at it.

[That made all kinds of nonsense, but as always, Nanaya's much more interested in the poetic beauty of the situation, rather than the actual facts. Worth noting, though, that this isn't some attempt at standing out or intimidating others. Nanaya's genuinely intrigued, and very much interested in what others have to say.]
11 January 2013 @ 02:09 am
so does any1 no of any misc. mysteries that need to be solved? im in a detective kind of mood right now
so will be willing to help if the price is right and its interesting enough.

also, has anybody noticed a SCAR assault rifle somewhere?