09 January 2013 @ 02:44 am
Look, Oz, we control what comes onto the screen.which button did you hit to make the capital letters/ Aa Bb Cc Dd ! @ # !!!!!!!! :) :p :D *) **) **) **) &H

* )

*=* *-* *_*

[...it seems two of the Tower's more recent acquisitions have discovered the network terminals in the third-floor library, and are entirely computer illiterate.

Someone should turn on video and scare the crap out of them.]
07 January 2013 @ 10:12 pm

[Those who live in room 4-12 (if there are any) or people simply passing by will be surprised to find a new arrival here, dressed in that bodysuit, and purple collar latched snugly around his neck. Not that Ryoji seems to notice, he's still peacefully dreaming away...

For now.

As soon as he wakes up, all hell will break loose, once Ryoji realizes he's alive, his world has been ended, and he's stuck here, unable to escape and keep the residents safe.

...Wake him?]


[A few hours later, Ryoji makes a post to the network. The video feed reveals his face, still pale from all the distress, that collar, and his shoulders, which are stiffened. He works his lip for a long while before speaking, not really knowing what to say.]

I... ended everything. The Fall happened, and I was right, no one could stop it. N-Not even Minato-kun.

[He sighs shakily, lowers his head. There's a few moments of silence, but observant listeners will hear sobbing and a whispered mantra: "I'm so sorry, so sorry..."

Then he looks up, smiling weakly, all signs of sadness desperately hidden.]

So... would anyone like to h-help me out? I'm lost...