12 April 2014 @ 08:11 pm
[Ion clears his throat as the feed comes to life. He looks tired and shaken and most definitely uncertain about his choice to make this message a video.]

I apologize for any trouble I may experience in this recording, I...I'm afraid I'm not terribly used to using the Network, but I have an important announcement I feel is necessary to make. It's...

[He hesitates, taking a deep breath before he continues on.]

...it's been a few days since those of us who were transported to outside of the Tower returned. I'm sure many of you know Patrick Dawn. He was my roommate and my friend. I wasn't sure what to think when he didn't wake up with the rest of us. I kept hoping...

[Again, he pauses. Ion's face turns a bit stonier and he gets to the point.]

He died. Outside. I followed him when he wandered off and I meant to bring him back to the group but he--there was an accident with a machine.

[For most of the message thus far Ion had been unable to make direct eye contact with the screen, but here he looks up, eyes pleading.]

It's with a heavy heart I inform everyone that I do not believe Rick will be returning. I'm sorry. I couldn't save him. If anyone would like to join me and share in saying kind words, I'm going to be paying my respects to him tomorrow on the forty-eighth floor.

[With that said, Ion makes to turn off the feed but then hesitates, his expression darkening further. After a brief deliberation he speaks again.]

I have something else to say, and I hope you can forgive me for not...bringing this subject to light sooner. I should have, but I'll admit that I've been afraid to. For those of you I haven't already informed, on February 14th, Ruana...[Here Ion struggles briefly with his words.]...disposed of her heart.

[As an afterthought, he adds one final thought--] Please be careful. [--before the feed goes dark.]

((ooc: Ion will reply to any replies made to this post, but he may not be particularly talkative.))
26 January 2014 @ 08:07 pm
[[OOC: This is backdated to the 16th, after the Nyx Avatar battle. I meant to make this post earlier, but so it goes. Better late than never!]]

The video opens up on Jade Curtiss, picking up and slipping on his glasses, then looking at the camera while smiling his usual unconcerned smile and wearing his usual military uniform.

"Forgive me my abruptness, but I'd like to conduct a little survey," he says pleasantly. "My name is Jade Curtiss, and I had the fascinating experience of my first death yesterday--at, apparently, the hands of Death itself, no less. When I awoke this morning, I couldn't help but wonder, what sorts of deaths have you all experienced thus far? If you wouldn't mind indulging my curiosity, please leave a response in whatever format you prefer with as much detail as you feel comfortable with giving.

"Please be aware that I will likely ask follow-up questions. This is, of course, completely optional. For those of you who do participate, thank you in advance for your cooperation."

He nods his head politely, then reaches forward for something off-screen. The video cuts there. ...Morbid much?
22 January 2014 @ 10:26 am
[Now this is unusual--the blonde man is on camera! Although it should be easy to figure out that whatever extenuating circumstances have driven him to this were not kind; unkempt, unshaven, blue eyes dead and glistening with tears, his appearance screams of a man in mourning who hasn't left his room for almost a week. And this is, indeed, the case.]

[A text apology would be the path of least resistance, but the last time he tried that people got angry at him, and he's sure that they're all angry enough with him as it is. He wants them to see how sorry he is, even if he's feeling too miserable to leave the first floor dorms. It's about all he can manage.]

[...If even that. Cameras have never agreed with Rick, and as he opens his mouth to try and speak, he realizes that they're certainly not going to be friendly with him now.]


[He closes his mouth and squeezes his eyes shut. Don't think about the fact that you're being filmed. Don't think about how everyone checking the terminals can watch your red face blubbering about your horrible mistakes. Which they are already judging you viciously for, by the way. Just ignore that for a minute. Right.]

...S-Some...s-s-s-something-- [Rick grinds on that first syllable a few more times through his teeth, falters, gives up.] --I-I m-m-mean--l-last--th--there--th--u-um--

[He can't do this. Rick swipes off his glasses and buries his face in his hand, taking several deep, long breaths. When he speaks again, his words are still muffled in his palm.]

...I-I've m-made...a m-m-mistake...

[The blonde man sits in front of the terminal for some time thereafter, as if he's going to try and continue, but when the words don't come he quickly reaches over and turns off the feed.]

[He doesn't stay to look at replies to his post--the idea of other people commenting on that embarrassing display almost makes him sick. Instead, he stumbles back to his quiet, dark room on the first floor and curls up in his bed.]
11 July 2013 @ 08:56 pm
I have noticed many amongst us appear concerned about Ruana's next step, namely her siphoning of the souls left on dead worlds.

I can and do understand the will to oppose Ruana, I encourage it. However, this desire I have witnessed of saving the lost souls is quite intriguing, if not misplaced. The vast majority of these souls are people we have never met and will most likely never meet. For that matter we did not even know they existed before stepping into this tower, nor did we have any thoughts for them before seeing that message.

They have had whatsoever no impact on our lives and never will they have any. Nothing binds them to us and what fate will befall them, ultimately is none of our concern. It is their own fight while we have our own fights. Hence I have only one question:

Why do you care?