[The feed flickers later on in the morning in midst of the creeping fog settling within the lower levels (for now) of the tower before a clear voice speaks through. Despite the growing difficulty to see through it, he seems to have no trouble?]

Everyone, stay calm and listen. If my hunch is right, this fog is different from the kind that lingers outside this tower and if that's the case, there are some things you should know about it. You see... this fog is similar to the fog in a world I know.

For those who can't read well, I'll read it aloud... but the basics will be here in text.

[He pauses before speaking again, having only stopped to compose himself.]

[He pauses again before nodding to the screen.]

If any of you need any help for however long this lasts, the Investigation Team will be going around helping to tame any berserk Shadows that manifest. You'll be able to tell us apart from others because we don't have problems seeing through it for one reason or another.... usually special glasses.

[lol whut? ...For some reason, it looks like he's serious. He grows even more serious after this last pause and he filters the feed to his team and the others who know the power of Persona.]

Filtered to Persona Users + People from their worlds )
This is going to bring back a lot of memories...
28 August 2012 @ 08:36 pm
[the screen comes on, revealing a seventeen-year old with blond hair, who looks to be making an effort to remain serious and calm]

Um, hello. My name is Fate... Fate Testarossa Harlaown. It appears I've been brought to this place against my will, as I suspect all of you have as well... so I won't dwell on that matter.

[takes a deep breath, crossing her arms behind her back.]

I'd like to do whatever I can to help keep the peace around here, if I can. I would also like to volunteer to help any of the young people in the tower, if they so need it. I realize this is a difficult scenario for most people, so if I can provide support in any way possible, I'd like to provide it.

Finally... erm, it appears I have been placed in room 02-07... to anyone I might be staying with, I'd like to introduce myself, and express my hopes that we can live peacefully beside one another.

... That is all, I believe.