10 May 2013 @ 03:08 pm
 [Hey folks, a familiar face from months ago appears on screen, though he looks...less than pleased. In fact, he is quite angry, and doesn't wait long before finally speaking. And by speaking, he shouts everything.]

Alright, I wanna who the hell threw me out of here and into a dead friggin facility! Do you have any idea how much I got lost on that rust bucket!?

Anyway, what the hell happened while I was away? And is there any good food this month? If there ain't, I'll just kill a shark or something and eat that.

[He would do it too..]

Also, who the hell took my magazines!? I want those things back right now!
09 December 2012 @ 06:02 pm
[Long before this, you may hear a shout of pain and some curse words. Those of you can probably recognize this as Yusuke, and after a few minutes, he appears on the network, already yelling.]


[So sorry, folks.\
29 September 2012 @ 07:23 pm
Alright guys, let's try and keep this short, alright? I'm friggin starving.

Got knocked out after the whole shadow shit, damn good nap, and stuff probably went down, some good stuff too. So are the shadows gone? Everyone done crying? And did I miss some torture the assholes were doing? I'd rather know right now than later. 

Also, we get anyone new? Anymore guys from the facility? Doubt it, but hey, I know how assholes like these guys can be. Just wanna know.
10 September 2012 @ 09:04 pm
[Yusuke is on screen...and he is not pleased either, glaring and shouting at the screen.]

 Okay, I'm sick of these fucking shadows, and I'm sick of everyone being whiny! So, those that still have problems, listen up:

Get the fuck over it.

Easier said than done, I know. Hell, I've been in that type of situation a few times, and it took a few punches in the face to snap me back into action. But let's put it this way: you guys are going to DIE if you don't just accept it. Far as I know, they speak the truth, and ya know what? Truth hurts, and life fucking hurts. Either deal and fight, or just run away and let the better guys do it!

[He sighs, leaning back in his chair.]

Listen, I ain't exactly perfect and had no shadow pop out. Why? Because I sure as hell know my fucking problems and face it. I'm a clone, my life was a fucking lie, my friends are probably dead, I lost my girlfriend, I suck at the dating life, I don't really have other skills aside from punching assholes, and the only other talent I have is a damn good singing voice.

[Anyone who went to the karaoke party can vouch for that.] 

And even as a fucking clone, I failed to save my friends, or anyone else, be it from the fucking Consortium or the Tower, I keep failing over and over. Barely got anyone I know here, and hell, I keep fearing I'm gonna lose them for good.

[There is another sigh coming from him.]

Point is, if a guy like me can admit all the damn bullshit with a straight face, then you guys shouldn't have a problem. And if ya do, you can count on me to punch ya in the face, and you shadows.
20 August 2012 @ 01:50 pm
[ Ishtar looked a little worse for wear, but she seemed to be holding on. The past week had been a bit of a disaster to deal with. She wasn't expecting to be chased by monsters and running around like a madman. She was glad that it finally looked better now, even though it probably wasn't. ]

Does this happen often? You know...monsters on the loose, and stuff?

[ She mused. She didn't know how else to approach this situation. ]

Because this is going to be one hell of a stay if it happens often.

[ She raised her brow. Her expression suddenly changing into a more concerned one. ]

Is everyone okay? If anyone needs help dressing wounds, or healing then I can offer my abilities. They're not great, but I can patch you up real well? If you need anything at all, please tell me. I don't mind helping around and about.

Elian, are you alright? Gaara, I haven't seen you at all since the attack. Tell me your location at least. Duzie, I know you're around somewhere, but be careful alright? Hei and Yusuke, you guys are fine right? Sorry I got you guys in a little trouble there when the monsters attacked.
01 August 2012 @ 05:17 pm
[This is Yusuke when he's mildly annoyed, border-lining on pissed off considering their circumstances.]

 Okay, if this is another cloning facility, I am seriously gonna be pissed off....Okay, even MORE pissed off, but hell, everyone is suddenly asleep, so that's leaving a guy like me both confused and pissed.

We lost a damn good cook for who knows how long. Of all the times he gets sick, I swear!

[He sighs heavily, but eventually calms down.]

Anyway, because somebody has to plan for this crap, I am pretty sure I got an idea on how wake them up. The answer you ask?

[There's a brief pause, and he smirks, right before shouting:]

KARAOKE PARTY! Who's with me on this?
H-hey! What's going on here?!

[ A voice penetrated the networks, somewhat strained. Someone might have been running around a little too much after getting up in a strange room.

She didn't even give a second thought to where she was going, until she found the library. The library had those strange techie things that she had always noticed in Facility from time to time. It reminded her of her Faciliberry, in which did not function correctly. She couldn't reach anyone beyond that.

On top of that, she wasn't quite sure what to believe right now. Could Val be playing a trick on her again, or was this really happening?

She furrowed her brows. ]

Val this isn't funny. I'm not laughing.....where is everyone? Yujinn? Zero? Maka?

[ she mused softly.... ]

This....can't be happening.... again.
08 July 2012 @ 06:43 pm
 Yeah yeah, this thing workin' or not? Sick and tired of not using these damn--

[He blinks before realizing it is indeed working. He gives a big smile at that.]

Hello notfacility/tower! This is your resident asskicker, Yusuke Urameshi, saying he has arrived! Sure you heard that Hei guy flapping his gums about others like him, guess you can say that makes us like bros. Honestly, couldn't care less.

Any rate, anyone from that shithole facility, make sure to contact either me or grumpy over there; losing his girlfriend has made him a bit of cranky from what I can tell. Me on the other hand? Maybe I'll be busy making this place safe by talking to the monsters here with my fists. [He raises them get his point across while grinning.] They make GREAT conversation starters!

Also, ladies, single now. [He winks while giving a chuckle.] Give me a call sometime.

And if anyone is willing to spar, hit me up! Always like a good fight every now and then!