10 March 2013 @ 02:57 pm
[A rather young looking redhead appears on the screen, looking extremely annoyed. Well, he's usually annoyed, but people watching most likely don't know that because he's new to the tower, assuming the people here are strangers. ]

"So...they bring us here and tell us our world has been destroyed and saved us. Yeah, okay, maybe that's a possibility... (after all, hadn't Mikoto-san's power been going out of control when he and that shitty monkey had been fighting the Black Dog? Not even he couldn't deny it then. Had Mikoto-san actually...done it?So what the hell do the people in this tower want with us?"

[He's talking very excitedly, and here he pauses to take a much needed breath

"How can we be sure it isn't the people of the Tower who destroyed our world? He bites his lip here, not wanting to admit that it was probably actually his hero that destroyed his world in his particular case) Yeah, I'm pretty sure some of you already wondered that. But I just got here and I want to know what the people already living here think..."
06 March 2013 @ 10:11 pm
[Akito is holding a very familiar letter. She has read the words several times, but each time, they make even less sense. Without a warning, she grabs her communicator and quickly familiarizes herself with it.]

I don't take kindly to pranks. If you desire money from the Sohma estate, arrangements can be made. But treating me like some sort of bargaining chip won't do you any good.

[With that said, she stalks towards a door and throws it open.]

Shigure! [There is desperation in her voice. She sees no sense in hiding it. Her desperation makes her harder to control, after all, and she is well aware of that fact.] He was only in the other room...

If I'm here... [Surely he's here too?]