28 November 2011 @ 11:43 pm
alriight who'2 fuckiing briight iidea wa2 thii2?
very funny ha ha ii know ii haven't 2topped workiing iin a whiile but thii2 kiidnappiing attempt ii2 ju2t 2ad
kk iif ii fiind out you're behiind thii2 ii'm 2piilliing coffee all over your 2tupiid whiite jacket
and then burniing iit
and to22iing the charred remaiins two the 2eadweller2
11 November 2011 @ 10:01 am
okay, iit doe2n't exactly make up for everythiing.
but all of you troll2 can ju2t go ahead and be jealou2 of my recuperacoon, biitche2.
ii'm gettiing 2uch a fuckiing good niight 2leep toniight, you ju2t watch.

[Locked to Psiioniic]

thii2 ii2 2ort of embarrassiing.
are you okay?

[OOC: um. What hiatus?]
14 October 2011 @ 05:21 pm
im fuckin useless and despicable and you dont know that for some reason and aras makin me tell you so im tellin you
in my vversion a things you broke off bein moirails wwith me to go off wwith sol to be matesprits and spend all a your time on pee dee ehs right in my face right in evverybodys face but especially mine
because i wwas alwways flushed for you but you didnt evven care
you didnt care about me at all i guess you wwere just tryin to savve the other trolls or somethin so i dont knoww wwhy i wwas evven clingin to you here wwhen i knoww you dont fuckin care
anywway i had a plan to savve both a us and join up wwith the guy keepin us all trapped in the vveil and i didnt evven care that youd left me i still asked because wwere both seadwwellers
but you didnt wwant to and you and sol came after me to probably kill me
so i stopped you
only i sort a killed you like a fuckin complete failure idiot
so i get it
you dont havve to answwer this
actually no please answwer this so i knoww if youvve seen it because i dont wwant to alwways be wwonderin if you saww it or not
but you dont evver havve to talk to me again after that i get it
im a miserable piece a jetsam
if i wwasnt stuck here id seclude myself awway from evveryone else forevver
its not like it wwould make any difference really
nobody really evver wwants me there anywway

[ooc: whiiiiine. Thanks, Sol. :|]
09 October 2011 @ 10:10 am
[Someone is totally oblivious to the event going on. People missing? Experiments? He's been hermitting and playing HALO, and doesn't know about it, yet. Are there flickers at the corner of his vision? Just more of his brain playing tricks on him - totally business as usual.

He's got another problem, though, which is reaching critical importance.]

ii can't beliieve thii2.
ii need two complaiin two the fuckiing management or 2omethiing.
who the fuck giive2 a job that iinvolve2 2wiimmiing two a troll who'2 never been iin water deeper than hii2 ablutiion trap?
and they 2aiid ii can't change iit and ii have two go!

how hard ii2 iit two learn how two 2wiim?
doe2 anyone who DOE2N'T have giill2 have any iidea how two do thii2?
08 October 2011 @ 11:45 pm
Filter: Sollux )

Filtered AWAY from Dualscar and The Condesce )

Filter: Dualscar )

some of these new floors if they can even be called that are a little
the one with the handprints everywhere especially

[Mostly because dried, it looks too much like the color of her own blood.]
24 September 2011 @ 07:25 pm
[ hey, there's a vaguely familiar set of courier gracing the network. it's been a while. yeah, he's still alive, the little bugger. and he is ecstatic. something be simmering in that brain of his and he will never rest until this idea is born and raised and makes its own little individual ideas. ]

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.
okay no not really. not even remotely. but i wasn't going to pass up that chance.
so i have a plan. there's been a severe lack of good cinematography going on here and i'm going to fix that. i mean, seriously, how many people here have even heard of a time to kill, let alone ?
yeah, i thought so. so i'm going to go right ahead and propose a movie night! and i have just the movie for everyone. no one can walk away from this movie without having their life completely changed. it is a true work of art and it will stun you silent.
we are watching con air.
all we've got to do is figure out a time and place. i've already got the movie so it's not like that's going to be an issue or anything. so who's with me?

[ that was a rhetorical question, he will find you. ]

[ ooc; he's planning on putting his extremely important trunk contents to use. yes he does have a copy of Con Air. and there will be a viewing party on Floor 14 for everyone that he plans on dragging there. at 9pm est. ]
21 September 2011 @ 10:52 am
Heeeeeeeey everyone!
I see that there's a lot of things going on here, 8ut I'm kiiiiiiiinda a little lost here.
So you know what you all should do now, right?
You should all tell me what's going on!
It's only the right thing to do, given the priority of my status over almost everything else.
Remem8er, not to keep me w8ting. 8)
20 September 2011 @ 04:52 pm

[sup tower, how's it goin'. have one (1) very very ticked off aquatic troll staring at the screen. even if you were used to seeing his species, he's a bit.. notable. mostly due to the fact that he's the kind one can instantaneously recognize as a villain-type. maybe it's the crazy collar. or the sneer revealing perfectly serrated teeth. or the deep, jagged scars running diagonally across his face.

something like that, anyway. point is, like most other arrivals, he's not exactly delighted to be here.

If someone would be so... kind as to further explain the situation I find myself in, that would be appreciated. Perhaps I'll even spare you if it seems useful enough, hm? That said, if any 'a the imperial forces are here, now would be the time to make yourself known. If not, it should already be established I have little patience for cowards or traitors.

Consider this your warning.

[yep, and it's off. no "thank you for your time" or any of that nonsense, apparently.]

(ooc: action to anyone who wants it! he'll be wondering about the second floor. a warning, though: chances are, he's going to be out for blood.)
25 August 2011 @ 06:54 pm
Hello Fellow Towermates
I Have A Few Inquiries For Both Those Who Have Been Here For An Extended Period Of Time And Newcomers
The Information May Show Patterns To Help Predict When More May Arrive
Or Depart
And Where They Are From
It Is Also A Possibility The Information Proves To Be Seemingly Random

Please Answer The Following Questions
When Did You Arrive
What Activity Where You Partaking In When Taken
How Many Others Are From The Same Place You Are From
I Should Specify Both Time And Location Knowing Many Of The Trolls Are From Different Locations
If You Know A Date That Is Acceptable As Well
Do You Have Any Special Abilities
Edit One What Color Is Your Collar

While These Questions May Be Seemingly Random I Am Looking For Any Kind Of Connection
If You Can Think About Any Other Question Please Tell Me And I Will Make The Addition To The List

Thank You For Your Time
25 August 2011 @ 03:08 am


[He woke up to an empty room earlier, so the first thing he did was meander his ass down to the library terminal. Forever attached to the computer. He flicks on the video, looking like he'd been emotionally assaulted by a truck. Living for weeks in a place where all of your friends are dead will do that to you.

Despite the obvious red stains on his cheeks, he tries to keep his usual ornery face on.]

The Veil is a fucking ghost rock, guys. Someone please tell me I wasn't the only one sent back to their world like this? This is like the epitome of epic mindfuck torture.
31 May 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Ignore. ♥
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