15 October 2013 @ 03:08 pm
 I know this month isn't going to be a very nice one....

So, I was wondering - perhaps some of us can get together and make cookies and cakes and stuff? I think we can only make pumpkin ones, sadly, but we can still make them as delicious as ever! Unless some of you guys have other fruits that we can use? That would be wonderful, too!

Zelos, Feferi, Diarmuid, Kyoko and Cu, maybe you wanna help! Both the Rikus, too! And what about you too, Ryoji? And if you've got friends, bring them along too!

I think if if we all do something fun together, it might be a nice distraction from what might happen this month and....[And she brushes her hair behind her ear, trying not to be too sad about what happened to Diarmuid recently] well, what's been going on lately...
23 August 2013 @ 02:10 pm
[It hurt. Everything hurt. Existing alone ached and burned through what Labrys could only describe as her 'heart'. She'd been in a daze since dying to those shadows that whispered such horrible things--things that still echoed and bounced around in her head. Labrys heard the voices of her friends and sisters saying such cruel, hateful things and it hurt more than she could measure.]

[She wanted to forget. Forget like she'd forgotten before, when she had constructed the illusion of a human body and another life--a better life, just like any other student.]

[Exhausted, she dropped into a chair on floor ninety-six and leaned on the table in front of her, head resting on folded arms. Eventually, Labrys forgot why she'd been so tired and distraught in the first place.]

[...Then she forgot what she'd been doing the past few weeks.]

[After a while she forgot a great deal more, not the least of which being why she'd sat down in the first place. Was this not an inefficient use of time? Logic processors indicated this was not the Kirijo laboratory. Advisable course of action: find information. Standing, the robot girl somewhat stiffly walked until she encountered a terminal.]

[Her face was largely passive and expressionless, voice still holding its accent but utterly devoid of its usual life or energy.]

My sensors are indicatin' an unknown environment. Ain't sure if this is a new method of testin' capabilities. Unit number 031, requestin' and awaitin' orders.

[Oh, shit.]
22 August 2013 @ 11:55 pm
✑ text

So, it's true. Death isn't permanent here.

[ He's not sure whether he should be happy or upset about this... on one hand, his magic can't cause any permanent harm to others. On the other, he will never die. He's right back to square one, in that sense. ]

I guess I don't have a reason to hide who I am, anymore. In my world, I was responsible for terrible things. Things that, when I arrived here, thought might have lead to my world being destroyed, before learning the truth.

I owe a lot of answers to the people of my world. I'll be waiting in the fourth floor lounge.

- Zeref

✒ action, floor four

[ And sure enough, there he is. He's sitting cross-legged in one of the chairs, staring out at the clouds outside. His magic feels under control, for the moment. Feel free to approach. ]
08 August 2013 @ 09:56 pm
you know what today is? international cat day

you know what you should all celebrate? international cat day

also maybe no one else cares, but looks like katsuya's gone. I'll be holding try-outs for Lambda-sama's personal patissiere in the cafeteria tomorrow

[She's actually much more upset about this than it looks.]
04 May 2013 @ 01:38 am
[Someone is feeling lonely and depressed and just... oh just about every flavor of 'not good' in the book that a robot can feel. If he had a stomach it would be in knots right now.

It's... been an unpleasant time here. The damage on his face is clear enough, with the one blue eye constantly flickering out. He gives his head a sharp rap and it flickers back on again, but there's no smile into the terminal right now.

He just wants to try and cheer himself up

H-hey. Does anyone he-he-here wanna song? I gotta few s-s-songs if ya wanna hear 'em.

[No accordion, none of the songs he wanted to sing needed it anyway. He was kind of taking Legolas's advice and doing what he likes to do anyway.]

It's a re-re-real sweet one. Nuthin' t-too loud 'r nuthin.

[He hums a few bars, before going into the piece, the tune just a little bit more mournful than usual.]


I-i-if ya want any other s-songs, I got more. Wou-wouldn't mind s-singin' 'em fer someone if they wanna hear it.
*Yes, this was totally worth bringing his dinner up to the library to share. Enoch is seated in the terminal chair, a plate of glazed chicken in his lap and a glass of rosewater wine in his hand. While his words and manner are formal, there's a real, if exhausted, gratitude in his voice.*

I must give gratitude where it's due. *Enoch raises the glass.* It's much appreciated. Thank you, Riki.

((backdated to the dinner hours of the first, of course.))
01 May 2013 @ 03:53 pm
Hey, Ishimaru. Where the fuck're you at? Waited like three hours.

Anybody see the kid, always wearing a uniform, probably shouted at you for talking in the library or some shit?
15 April 2013 @ 04:28 am
[ Cecil rarely ever looks happy when she uses the network, but this afternoon, she looks especially worn down— exhausted and perhaps a bit sickly to those who are familiar with her natural, particularly fair complexion. It's true, she's been through a lot lately, but up until today, she's still managed to maintain her composure throughout the majority of her hardships in the Tower. Not so, now.

Ah, but she's not using the dormitory third floor terminal to speak of what's bothering her. As per usual, her purpose is to offer assistance.

Good afternoon, everyone. As Hei and Ishtar have already announced, a group of us are teaching residents various skills and passing on education regarding a vast array of topics. I am introducing armed combat.

For those of you I am unacquainted with, my name is Cecil Harvey. On my home world, I was the captain of my country's esteemed military force, the Red Wings, an airship fleet. I am also a knight. I am proficient with most variants of swords, axes, knives, as well as archery. I am asking for fellow weapons experts to demonstrate their abilities for the classes.

However, there are a few weapons I have no great knowledge of or skill with, such as firearms, hammers, and spears, to name a few. While I can still teach the basic fundamentals of armed combat, I admit that I am no expert in them, so I am also asking for warriors who would like to take a more active role in the classes, so that my students are able to have the best training available to them.

If you are interested in anything regarding my training, please inform me. My mailbox is #0063 and my dormitory room is 3-01. Thank you and be well.

[ She offers a half-hearted smile and the feed shuts off. ]
09 April 2013 @ 08:58 pm
 [Hei's up, though if you look closer, you can tell he is very tired. The one thing that might let people know he is more awake is the little mogwai poking at his face, and the eye-twitching he was having.]

My apologies for being absent. [Not that it was his choice.] At any rate, I have been told a few things, but if there is anything I missed, I would appreciate being informed.

I am still recruiting teachers for the school system now in place thanks to Ishtar. For those that missed her network post, I am recruiting various people to put together a bunch of teachers to teach others within the tower. Currently, there is a listing here, and there is not set limit so far on the number of teachers for the subject, as new teachers can offer new input or new ways to educate the subject matter. Students are free to attend as well, and all those interested should meet at the library.

Currently, Cecil and I are teaching combat in place of Reno, for those that are unaware of his...absence. Cecil specializes in weapon's training, while I shall stick with hand-to-hand combat. Just a fair warning: during my training--[He finally growls a bit and sets Mao down onto the floor before looking back at the camera seriously.] I don't hold back during those sessions, at least not by much. Fair warning.

That is all.

[The feed cuts just as you can hear the whine of the Mogwai, and see Hei about to pick him back up.]
09 April 2013 @ 05:19 pm
[ When the feed turns on, there's one Maya Fey, who looks a little bit... uncertain about things. Even more so than usual. ]

Hey, guys.

You know that Chocolate Day thing that was supposed to happen? I think I won't be able to celebrate it until sometime next month, since it doesn't look like we'll have enough chocolate. But I'll make sure to ask for some next month for sure!

But if anyone is craving for chocolate, I kind of made a chocolate statue of Nick last month. It's in my room, so if anyone wants to see it, well... it's there.

Oh! And since nobody knows who Nick is, I'll just draw him for you.

There, perfect! So, just tell me if you want any of the Nick chocolate, alright? I've been keeping it in shape, but I'm thinking that it might melt soon, so this limited time offer will only last for a really short while!
03 March 2013 @ 02:42 pm
[So Nesir has been avoiding people for the most part, annoyed at the grief for Dax, angry at the fact her soul was trapped, but she's also going crazy with nerves about her part in the infiltration in a few days and she has a question she's been thinking about since she met Kuwabara.

She doesn't even have to pretend to look pale and worried]

Hello, my name do be Nesir Aeser and I do be having something to talk about. I do be aware that there do many people from many worlds here and we all do be different and having different strengths and weaknesses. But lately I did be coming across a worrying weakness and was wondering how many people did be sharing it.

Apparently there do be people who can no be fighting women. I do no be knowing if this do be some kind of curse, or just something in a different world that do be a problem. But I am sure I do no be needing to explain how people with this weakness are going to be in more danger than the rest of us, considering everything..

[As in: Ruana is a woman, Nesir actually doesn't care about most people, and is just interested in this concept, but it should be enough to worry others.] I do no be knowing if there would be a way to lift the curse, but I do be offering my help to anyone with similar problems who do be wanting to be overcoming this.
28 February 2013 @ 03:08 pm
Hey so can somebody tell me what's going on and make it make sense?

Also any way to get cigarettes here, ran out a long time ago and it fucking sucks.
05 February 2013 @ 06:28 pm
[There's a pause before any words are spoken, Ishimaru hasn't used the recording equipment here before and he's making sure it's working properly. When he seems content, he smiles cheerfully, addressing his audience.]

Good morning! It seems most people have had a chance to explore the newly built floors. I hope you all exercised caution in doing so!

[The chipper smile on his face fades slightly.]

As well, I would like to make sure it is known that the hazardous conditions are not an excuse for rule-breaking! If I find anyone behaving poorly, on my honor as a disciplinary committee head, I will see you punished for your actions.

Notably, it seems that some of you also need a reminder that cannibalism is strictly prohibited. Those found guilty of such a thing will face severe penalties!
08 January 2013 @ 07:31 pm
[ Nothing will be able to distress Kyouko, and for her world being destroyed? She was reluctant to believe it, however was it much better, from living within a death school?! One thing that bothered her was the collar wrapped around her neck, and what purpose it served.

It wasn't soon before long that she had found any means of communication, to find out where this place was, and what she could do about it. As the video turned on, stoic expression would be met, alongside a pale-skinned detective.

Her expression did not change, only trying her own patience and ready to speak. ]

I have questions to ask to those who happen to be watching.

[ Now she waits. ]
02 January 2013 @ 01:42 am
This is my first new year's day, now that I think about it. People make resolutions around this time of year, right? What are yours?
23 December 2012 @ 03:04 am
Greetings people of the tower.

[ The message is simultaneously sent in video and text formats. ]

In a few days is an event called Christmas or Noel, originating from planet Earth. Christmas is a custom that is widely appreciated by humans as an occasion to be happy and spend time with loved ones. It is tradition to reunite with family, friends and even strangers in order to celebrate and simply... 'have a good time'.

I propose for Christmas Eve on the 24th of December and for Christmas itself on the 25th of December, that we all reunite in order to celebrate the event. As I believe many inhabitants of the tower currently suffer from some kind of disease, a celebration may be especially appreciated.

I have been working on decorating the 38th Floor in that end. I believe many in this tower probably may share similar plan, it would be advantageous if we could work together so that we have a... hell of a party ready in time.

-- Lieutenant Commander Data
15 December 2012 @ 11:13 pm
it would seem an illness has gone around
and that it is terribly potent.
it is a distressing fact.
i hope the administration was not responsible for it,
for i am no fighter and cannot repay them for their "kindness".

to everyone who is ill: try to rest and drink as much water
as you can, when you can.
don't overdo it.

i have never been ill like this before,
so this should be interesting.
it is bad to be sure, but i tis also a new experienc

please take care, all.
i will be takign my own advice on this

[And then Feelsbey went to sleep at the terminal. Whoops...]
01 December 2012 @ 12:53 am
Hey, uh, this might be a strange question to ask considering our situation, but I might as well.

[There's an awkward looking teen just peering at the camera with a nervous laughter. It seemed that he's having second thoughts about asking this question when the camera turned on.]

What do you think of Christmas? W-well, since it's coming up and all...
19 November 2012 @ 01:18 am
[The person who appears on the video feed looks like Chihiro and certainly sounds like him but something is off. Especially how he's on a completely green background and there's something not quite natural about the way he moves.

This is Alter Ego. The 'strong' AI programme Chihiro created. Strong in the sense that it's able to learn and think on its own. Chihiro got it back from the last event.

Alter looks very distressed right now.]

Help!! Someone please help! Master is very ill! He can't get out of bed! Please help him! Someone!
17 November 2012 @ 10:25 pm
[The feed is at first filled with static and the sounds of the device being knocked around. But eventually, words start to filter through.]

Ahh, I believe this i――No, perhaps――?

[And the person seems to figure it out, so the deep, resonant voice laughs jovially before it flickers to a video feed. There's a gratuitous shot of a manly as hell beard because Rider basically has his face in the camera, but seeing the image on the screen, he leans back to sit with his arms crossed.]

Ha, here we go! What odd little things these computers are. They are far too small and fragile, in my opinion, but that is neither here nor there for the purpose of this announcement.

[He grins even more, clapping his hands together.] Well! I have expected for this or myself to disappear, and yet both still remains. I suppose that crosses out the possibility of it being a strange dream, eh? So hello, those of you that may hear me upon this network! I confess that I do not know completely of the audience to whom I speak, but I suppose it matters little! I am Alexander III of Macedon, King of Conquerors, though I would prefer to be called Rider for now. And I extend my greetings to all of you, as comrades in this situation, as future friends and even more as potential future subjects. I would be remiss as the King of Conquerors to not consider adding this tower to my territories, eh? But this is a matter for another time.

For now, I seek information, if you would give it. I wish to know about those in charge, who I have heard briefly of. [Though he's still smiling, a fire seems to come to his eyes, as if he's fully aware that they might hear this themselves. He's throwing down a challenge, in a way.] I would like to know who I challenge, after all.

[With that grand address out of the way, he crosses his arms once more, his voice becoming less grandiose] And as a last note, I speak exclusively to the Masters and Servants of the War that also find themselves within this tower. If you do not know what this means, then it is not addressed to you, I am afraid. But to you, my friends, I propose a meeting amongst us, to discuss this situation and what it means for us. So please, contact me at your liberty, and we shall speak of where and how we should meet.

((ooc; to the Fate/ cast, which the last part is directed to, if you could include a contact method in a note on your tag or PM it to this journal, that would be awesome! Hopefully we can do a log to play out what Rider's suggesting if there's interest, but if not, we can figure out a conclusion and handwave it.))