03 July 2012 @ 10:46 am
Yaaay, we're back online! That was so scary. The power went off for an entire month. No food, little water, monsters everywhere, it was like Hell just stopped by. A little longer and I think lots of people would have cracked. Lots of people would lose hope. Lots of people would give into despair.

But can I just be honest here? Let me be honest. Speaking strictly as an educator, I think that to give in after just a month is pathetic. Just look at all the luxuries you take for granted. Your generation can't live or fight without them. None of this was anything close to what could only be described as "true horror". I worry what would happen during a recession.

For all the survivors, congratulations. For all the weak losers, congratulations.

By the way, don't think I haven't forgotten about the school trip. We're having that tomorrow.
02 July 2012 @ 01:03 am
For first impressions to a place I have seen far worse although that has not been common.

[It's hard to imagine that a voice so young could possess such a dull indignation while speaking. For someone who has been tested on mercilessly for a month and altered both physically and mentally during that time he sounds far more annoyed and tested than truly angry.]

To build a prison one doesn't require just physical walls, but mental ones as well. A prisoner only learns to see a prison as a cage and not just a building only after that prisoner has been broken, like how a caged bird doesn't know how to truly use their wings because they've been clipped. But the difference is that the prisoner must clip his own wings. You can be held down but your ability to fly cannot be stripped unless you surrender it.

You are not prisoners until you allow yourself to believe you are.

Although something interesting did come out of "test" we endured. Many of us seem to be from different worlds. Some don't even seem to be human. I come from a world were there are many creatures as well. I have quite a curiosity in the worlds everyone else comes from, and the creatures that live there.

Ah. It's also come to my attention that there are many people here from my world. If they would be so kind, I would like to speak with them.

[Hey, other supernatural entities and demons from the SMT/Persona-verse. That means you as far as Lucifer is concerned.]

[OOC: I still need to put up a permissions post proper for him, but one small thing about Lucifer. He does have a supernatural sense that allows him to tell what others are if they're some form of supernatural/powerful entity. For beings not from his canon (at the very least) this is regulated to only getting a basic idea of what they are (god/demon/grim reaper/ect.) and not anything about WHO they are beyond that. If this is okay with you/too invasive and you play one of those characters please tell me in the header of your comment.]

[Few seconds after some static, the image of a bear appears on the screen. He's leaning back on his seat with a glass of red wine in his paws. The bear chuckles a little and gives the wine a sip.]

Ehh. Attention, students of Hope's Peak Academy. Attention, students of Hope's Peak Academy. That means you, you bastards.

We're taking a school trip around this Tower. All of you should have gotten the itinerary. Share with another classmate if you lost them or if they were eaten. That is all.

[Private: Itinerary]

7:00 Meet up at the first floor.

7:30 Breakfast. Nutrition bars at the cafeteria.

8:30 Floor Six. Nature Walk.

10:00 Floor Ten. Swimming. Skinny dipping optional.

12:00 Floor Thirty-Two. Picnic.

2:00 Floor Twenty-Five. Class Appreciation.

3:00 Floor One. Some important announcements.

Students may bring along an outside friend if they wish.
15 May 2012 @ 01:23 pm

...Er... This is how you use it right? Well, it certainly looks like it's recording...

Erm, anyways, hi, I have some questions if you guys don't mind?

Is it true that our worlds' destroyed like the letter says? I mean, it sounds a bit morbid for a welcoming letter, don't you think? And just how large is this tower anyways?

That's all for now, I guess and... oh, right! My name is Makoto Naegi, in case you guys needed it.
[Forward dated to the 13th.]

[The recording begins with dead air for a few tense seconds, before a young girl's voice picks up.]

..so the network's stopped streaming all of that stuff now. If I'd gotten on and it was still happening, I don't know what I'd do. [Ignoring that she'd seen some people that were in the labyrinth out and walking about the tower again herself, but that had been a very.. fuzzy week for her.]

--That's not the point of this, though. Um. Roxas, did I faint or something, the other day? And...

...Madoka. Are you really here? I'm.. if you are, I'm sorry for saying that you were just a dream...! Please, please really be here.