09 August 2013 @ 07:02 am
[Whelp, at least someone here is more amused than bothered by this rather rude wake-up-call.]

So, I suppose some people did take my words to heart, belated as it may be in this particular case. Congratulations~

Though, I do wonder... just how did you get your hands on proper explosives around here? And more importantly... why haven't you shared?

[He's been working on his own bomb for months now, okay? It's coming along nicely, but good material is just so hard to come by.]
29 July 2013 @ 09:52 am
[The video opens to the sight of Kiryu leaning back in his chair, feet lazily up on the table as h shuffles a deck of cards while eying the screen with a raised eyebrow - he looks really absolutely unimpressed by what he's seeing. ...Or by what he hasn't seen in his time here.]

Not quite four months. Not quite four months since my return to this annoying place and I must say, my initial impression holds: Not a thing has changed.

There are still the same fools in charge and still the same idiots abound everywhere that believe that submission to the orders of the administration without question and struggle will eventually get them back to their oh so precious home and friends.

[He chuckles for a moment, shaking his head.]

I think the last month really ought to have shattered that illusion.

[And if it hasn't then well... there are always those absolutely beyond help.]

Be it as it may... the head of our jailers is quite fond of games, isn't she? Well, I have my own game to propose.

There are no Duelists left here... aside of me, at least. It's really a shame, but nevertheless... we'll make it a good duel.

Those of you that have the guts to stand up and challenge the will that is imposed on us: Now seems like a good time. We aren't puppets on strings for them to tug on and control. We already showed them that we don't follow their orders blindly and we saw how it payed off. Now we will take things a step further. Show them your anger, drive fear in their hearts. Let the flames of our wrath spread until nothing but ashes is left behind and every last floor of this tower burns.

And to you foolish heroes that have learned and embraced helplessness... that accept this rule of tantrum throwing children and cowards that refuse to show face... you are quite welcome to take on our raging inferno if you dare. As are our oh so dear hosts, of course.

[He finally stops shuffling his cards, pushing his chair away from the table with one foot before getting up, extending his left arm as the air around begins to glimmer and his duel disk materializes.]

So, why don't we get our game started? I'll even take the first turn.

[And with that he slots his newly shuffled cards and draws the first one off his deck, smirking first down at the card, then towards the camera, before slapping it down on the surface of his duel disk.]

Come, Infertity Demon.

[Just then the ground besides him starts to glow and a figure rises out of the light, growling as it settles by its master's side. Kiryu chuckles shortly before pointing right at the terminal.]

Go. Hell Pressure.

[Infernity Demon growls anew as it pushes its hands out to the front, a purple magic seal forming right before it and the last thing that can be heard before all cuts to static is the sound of metal ripping like tissue paper mixing into Kiryu's reverberating laughter.]

[ooc: Whelp. Kiryu is obviously not going to respond to this post, but feel free to shout at him anyways. Anyone who wants to stop him or follow his call, the log for that is here! :3]
11 July 2013 @ 08:56 pm
I have noticed many amongst us appear concerned about Ruana's next step, namely her siphoning of the souls left on dead worlds.

I can and do understand the will to oppose Ruana, I encourage it. However, this desire I have witnessed of saving the lost souls is quite intriguing, if not misplaced. The vast majority of these souls are people we have never met and will most likely never meet. For that matter we did not even know they existed before stepping into this tower, nor did we have any thoughts for them before seeing that message.

They have had whatsoever no impact on our lives and never will they have any. Nothing binds them to us and what fate will befall them, ultimately is none of our concern. It is their own fight while we have our own fights. Hence I have only one question:

Why do you care?