20 April 2013 @ 10:39 pm
action for roommates )

[Eventually, she makes her way to the terminals, and figures out how to post.]

Anybody here know how to fight hand-to-hand? A spar would be a good way to work off some energy after last week.
19 April 2013 @ 11:46 pm
[She's calming down from the whole thing, her eyes closed and a little shudder running through her. There was a part of her that was furious, wanted to hurt them, to punish the administrators for doing that to her, brainwashing her, cutting her, making her hunger like that.

Oh, that part, it wanted blood, but she tempered it, controlled it and as her eyes closed, she giggled. It wasn't a particularly sane giggle.]

That... that was a fun little game, wasn't it?


I wonder... was it merely a whim, or was there a purpose to our wanton playmates?
28 February 2013 @ 12:37 am
[Feferi's gray skin looks pale as she steps forward, and it's clear that she's shaking. But she takes a deep breath, because this is too important not to tell everyone.]

My name is Feferi Peixes. Anyone who knows me knows I'm infamous for fish puns, but I'm going to hold off on them here, just so the message is as clear as possible. I don't want it to get twisted by a bad turn of phrase.

The message you all saw about the soul thing...it's true. I know, because...

[She takes another deep breath, swallowing hard.]

I went down the elevator, with some others, when we saw it open. We had to take the chance. We needed to know what was down there.

When the group I was with saw a soul being extracted from a dead person, we couldn't believe what we were seeing. More than anything, we knew what a precious thing that was. We didn't want it to be harmed, and so we followed where the retrieval unit was taking it.

...we didn't expect that it would be carrying the soul straight to Jason. We confronted him, we refused to give up the presence of the other groups that were in the administrators' area, and he punished us by forcing us to go through the soul extraction and re-implantation processes while we were still conscious.

Before I go on any further, I have to stress this point: DO NOT TAKE THIS AS AN INVITATION TO CONFRONT JASON. He will not hesitate to put you through that process, and no one should ever have to experience a thing like that. I don't want anyone to consider this as an invitation to take some kind of vengeance. That path only leads to pain.

I didn't think that he was actually capable of anything close to mercy until I went through that. Everyone in this tower has been through it while unconscious, and that is truly a mercy. When it happens, your body is taken downstairs and placed into a sphere. That sphere fills with a violet liquid, and then it begins to contract.

[Tears start to run down her cheeks as she remembers, and her voice cracks.]

It quite literally squeezes your soul out of your body, and that is like no physical pain in this or any other universe. I don't think there is a single word that is capable of describing it. Agony isn't strong enough, because the pain keeps going while you feel your body stop working.

And even when you are only that shining light, the pain doesn't fade immediately. It takes time.

Then, you're surgically put into - into a...a new body. I...

[She can't keep talking. She breaks down sobbing, and then the feed cuts.]
07 February 2013 @ 07:28 pm
[See: One Riku seated at a terminal, his head propped up by one hand while the fingers of his other hand tap against the edge of the keyboard.]

Just want to give everyone a quick heads-up. If you see somebody who looks like me, just a bit younger and with a black coat, he's my Replica.

Problem is, he thinks he is me, thanks to his memories. Can't say I know all the details, but what I do know is that he thinks I'm the copy and that I somehow managed to ruin his life.

[He sighs, leaning back in his seat.]

So, I guess what I want to know is, what should I even do about that? His memories must feel real if he believes in them so strongly. I can't just push him until he accepts the truth. That'd be too coldhearted for my liking.

But at the same time, I can't just keep him in the dark. If I do, he'll probably keep trying to take me out. He's... pretty stubborn, after all.
28 January 2013 @ 02:51 pm
[Someone hated him. He's pretty sure of that. Well, no..

Lots of people hated him, on Auldrant, that is. Here, he hadn't been here long enough to annoy anyone to the length of which would deserve this kind of punishment.

The first sensation after waking up was the soreness. Everything ached and Jade couldn't open his eyes or move yet. Sleep paralysis, how he loathed it. Until here, he'd never had the displeasure of feeling it for any amount of time. When the soreness began to go away, tingling spread from his toes all the way up to his ears as his body continued to try to wake up.

When he could finally open his eyes, he was blearily staring at the ceiling and feeling like his mouth was stuffed with cotton. Every time he began to move any limbs, he could hear popping and cracking and other various old people noises. As he finally got himself to sit up, he hunched over and held his face, making a garbled noise. He was never sunshine and rainbows in the morning, but he was never this bad. Then again, he felt like he'd been asleep for a while; much longer than was necessary. There's a bit of a shift as Jade gets his legs over the side of the bed and sits there idly for a bit. Best to get all his faculties in order before he tries to get to a terminal.

When that's accomplished, Jade is up and going to get dressed before he goes into the hallway, shuffling for the first few steps before he gets himself back up to walking a bit better. When he's reached a terminal, he turns it on, his expression far less intense than it had been last time he'd addressed anyone.]

Is it normal in the Tower to fall asleep for three weeks?

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22 January 2013 @ 09:22 am
[After the last event, Chloe finally opted to speak to the network openly. Admittedly, she had already seen the requisite reactions to the event, and part of her detested reacting to something like this. It was merely another creature looming over with her, toying with her mind. Whatever lessons she could glean about an eternity spent in this tower meant very little to her.

However, eventually, introductions were bound to be in order.]

This cage is not so gilded as the last one I was drawn to, but I do not know that it is such a bad thing. Our hosts are certainly as prone to entertaining themselves at our expense as those I knew before. The accommodations lack a certain amount of privacy, but I think that I can manage. Still, to my fellow 'guests,' I bid you a welcome if that is the sort of thing you enjoy. If you are to eat the mushrooms, do be careful which side you eat from.

Would anyone happen to have any suggestions on which route to the morgue is preferred?

[And then, her hand wavering near the button to cut the feed off, she turned and allowed herself a nasty, cunning little smile. She felt an old itch that she wanted to scratch today, so why not give into the temptation?]

Oh, and ... Rolo was it? Do not mistake the imaginings of our host's mind alterations for reality. She has always been mine. She always will be. You aren't the first to try to take her away from me, and I do like to think that I learn from my mistakes.
20 January 2013 @ 09:51 am
[Almost as soon as Ryoji awakes and finds himself back to normal, he searches for the nearest terminal and switches it on. It's late, it's unlikely that anyone will hear this but... he needs to get it out somehow.

His face is pale, and for a moment, he almost looks like he's still wearing that terrifying mask. His bloodshot eyes, though, are there, are real eyes, not empty holes of darkness.

It takes him quite a few minutes before he gets up the courage to speak, and he doesn't have that booming voice anymore, either. This voice is just shaky... and sad.]

... Nyx is not a malevolent being. She only exists to give mankind what they all desire, deep in their hearts. She believes any man keeps this want a secret, hidden from the rest of the world and even himself.

B-But it's still there. The want for death.

It seems that this Tower is indestructible, and therefore Nyx could not bring down the Fall... I think she thought that there must be a way to end it, that she just wasn't seeing it. She thought that... maybe if people didn't want to die yet, then she'd make them want it...

[Ryoji lowers his head for a moment, eyes scrunched together as he lets out a pained sigh.]

That's not an excuse. I shouldn't be defending her-we...

I shouldn't be defending myself. I'm truly sorry. If anyone was harmed, please let me know. I'll do my best to make it up to you.

Private to Persona users he has met-Labrys, Yu, Ken, Minato, Naoya. )
12 January 2013 @ 11:20 pm
[ Someone who hasn't been around in a few months is back! On the consoles is a very confused princess whose looking more distressed by something other than being here. Amalia has no idea she's been gone as long as she has been. ]

Can someone please tell me what's going on? I went to 2-19 and I was told that it's not my room. I don't understand, did we get new assignments this week?
06 January 2013 @ 07:49 pm
[Kirika decides to try video. She rubs the back of her head gently.] Has anyone found themselves asleep for... a couple days?

[She pauses before fiddling around with the network.]

[Private; Rolo]

...That day, I wanted to thank you.

Thank you.

[Action open to her roomies 03-07. Mostly seeing who she's with this time.]
03 January 2013 @ 08:54 pm
 I trust everyone has recovered from their illness. In any event, I wanted to propose an idea I I share, one that originated back in the facility:

An educational system, or a school if you will. While there are lessons on fighting by others and training your body, I believe there needs to be a system to help balance the mind, and hopefully, make those not comfortable with each other slowly ease into that state. It is a flawed idea to be sure, but nothing in any world is perfect. Not even the tower moderators.

For those that wish to join, you can find me in the library or the kitchen most often, or simply reply here. Classes aren't mandatory, but are recommended. After all, there are many children here being deprived of some education.

[Would you rather have death on the mind, kids?]

And, to those I attacked while I was hallucinating under the effects of the disease: I am sorry.
20 November 2012 @ 12:23 pm
[ The video shows Homura at a library terminal. Her ring is visibly on her finger as she runs her hands through her hair, purposefully displaying it in hopes of attracting the attention of fellow Puella Magi. Then she sets her hand down again. ]

My name is Homura A-- [ She stops, remembering Moemura is here. She doesn't want to shock her with that information. ] --- Homura... I would like to speak to anyone who may be experienced with or presently in possession of firearms. I am in need of assistance regarding the subject matter. I am also curious to know if anyone may assist me in obtaining certain chemicals and 'parts' that I need for 'something'. I thank you for your cooperation.

[ She bows her head and shifts her gaze to a small object she has set by the terminal. Her last remaining Grief Seed. ]

I am aware that someone here may have the ability to "purify" soiled objects. If you are such a person and at all willing, I would like to request a face to face conversation with you regarding a matter of concern for myself and a select few others. [ On the note of those others...

Homura tries not to let her expression falter, but it's difficult. She's very worried as she goes on, though successfully masks her concern.

Madoka-san, Sayaka-san, Kyoko-san. If you hear this, please respond. And if you would be so kind, allow me to see your soul gem. A lot has happened and we must keep them clean in order to be effective in this environment.

08 October 2012 @ 03:48 pm
Um, good morning.

[ She gives the screen a tentative smile, but it's hard for her to get used to these terminals. It wasn't at all like talking to a real person. ]

There seem to be a lot of people who are new, so I wanted to say that if anyone would like something grown, I can help -- I'd like to help. I know we have the forest and the meadow levels but sometimes it's nice to have a bit of greenery in other places too, right?

Also, if anyone's wanted something different to eat since I know there's been a lot of pumpkins in the cafeteria lately!

[ She seems to gain a bit of confidence. ]

Oh, and my name is Amalia! I'll do my best to grow what you need!
29 September 2012 @ 07:23 pm
Alright guys, let's try and keep this short, alright? I'm friggin starving.

Got knocked out after the whole shadow shit, damn good nap, and stuff probably went down, some good stuff too. So are the shadows gone? Everyone done crying? And did I miss some torture the assholes were doing? I'd rather know right now than later. 

Also, we get anyone new? Anymore guys from the facility? Doubt it, but hey, I know how assholes like these guys can be. Just wanna know.
29 September 2012 @ 06:55 pm
[Hey,  here's someone the tower probably hasn't seen in a long time!]

 I understand a lot has happened. At the very least, I assume the shadows are gone.

Considering the circumstances, I realize that there might be those who desire more filling meals, yet not be able to cook effectively. I'll be going on a hunt and try to provide some, but I encourage no one eats too much. [And this was coming from assassin pig.] Just to be safe and conserve food. Human beings can survive alone on water for quite some time anyway.

I also wish to know who creates weapons here. Ever since the incident with the "space whale" or however you refer to it, I was able to get my hands on materials from the monsters that swarmed. [And after dealing with the shadow, he needed new, better gear.]

That is all.

[Filtered to Ryoji (AU), Kirika (AU), and Homura (OU)]

I wish to thank you all for your aid back with the shadow. Without it, I may have not only died, but failed to realize the flaws within myself.

[Filtered to Elena (OU)]

I have something that belongs to you. You might be interested in getting back I assume?
28 September 2012 @ 09:57 pm
[Oh hey, look, it's Sakuma! That's someone you don't see on the network often since he always seems to be busy hiding from people. As it is, he seems a little hesitant to speak--]

Does anyone here know how to make weapons? Since what I'm thinking of isn't that conventional. It's just... I'm tired of not beng able to do anything here in regards to fighting and I might as well play with my strengths. If it isn't possible to make something new, I'm willing to learn something else. My aim is pretty good.

[He pauses slightly.]

Also, I don't really have anything to offer in return. Sorry.

[Unless anyone is willing to learn how to play soccer, that is.

It seems like he's not finished though because he sits there for a bit longer as he fiddles around with the fliter options]

[Filtered away from Kidou.]

By the way, if any of you know Kidou Yuuto, his birthday is coming up and I was thinking of doing something for him. Maybe not a party-- [Because let's admit it, Sakuma would probably throw a really shitty one.]--but maybe a gathering in the media room and we can watch movies and hang out. So if you know him, or just want to join, drop by the media room on the evening of the 5th.

Genda, can you help me make some snacks? Fudou, you're coming too.
28 September 2012 @ 07:16 pm

How do you continue on knowing your existence is a lie? If you were a copy of the original person I guess.
[Normally he'd actually draw better, but he's so freaking pissed and annoyed that you'll get this. Also his terrible handwriting.]

Yo! You guys all better listen up and read Senpai's post, cause this shit's important. I drew somethin' to give you an idea of what we're up against.

[He holds it up and...]

But uh, if you end up denyin' it....and I can't really blame you, we'll come help you deal with it. Got that?