10 July 2012 @ 07:34 am
 Well well well, isn't this interesting?

[Asakim Dowin appears on screen, actually smiling. Oh he was angry, downright furious at being taken away from his journey to find what he sought. But otherwise, he seemed relatively calm, if not happy. Appearances were deceiving...]

I suppose I would expect to see a certain person here, but this type of setting is impossible for the likes of Vindel to come up with on his own. The note has been read, and I must ask if this is really some hoax or not? I mean I know my world's done for.

[Considering the Einst and Beowulf destroyed it.]

But something nags at me, wondering at the possibility of other worlds existing. An interesting idea, and would make more sense. Otherwise, I must be talking to myself.

At any rate, hello fellow strangers. My name is Asakim Dowin, a survivor of hell's nightmare. I don't suppose anyone here knows a thing or two about robots, do they? I need some assistance in fixing up a certain toy of mine.