08 April 2013 @ 01:33 pm
Hello. [The person seated in front of the library terminal is a pale, white-haired woman dressed in something reminiscent of a nun's habit, though there's nothing to cover her head. One of her yellow eyes is covered with an eyepatch. She tries to smile and does about as well as one might expect of a person in her situation, the expression both pinched and weak.] My name is Claudia Kotomine. I've—just arrived.

[There's definitely some uncertainty in her voice about how she should describe the situation, but nonetheless, she carries on.] If there are any other members of the Holy Church here, I'd like to hear from them as soon as possible. Or— Anyone else I'm acquainted with. And, mm, even if there aren't...

[She trails off momentarily, her one visible eye flicking away from the terminal as she considers something. Her lips purse together for a moment, and then she sighs. Well, she doesn't want to be ungrateful—at least she's able to eat—but—]

Ah, it's just that the kitchen seems equipped to do a lot more than it currently is! [She laughs, but the sound is nervous.] Is the food always in the state that it is now? I just thought—if there are better ingredients around anywhere, I could make something nicer. I'm more than willing to share with anyone who helps me with this, so...

...Ah, in any case, thank you for your time. [She forces another slight smile.] If there's anything you would like to ask of me in turn, I'm happy to assist or answer you to the best of my ability.

[For those that would prefer action, immediately after this she can be found browsing the library (and frustrating herself with her inability to find anything of immediate use), and later on she'll be investigating the thirteenth floor/the cathedral.]
17 March 2013 @ 08:03 pm
[ A young blonde is at a terminal in the dorms, typing away furiously. Her hair is drenched through from the ever constant rain and sitting beside her is what appears to be your stereotypical grey extraterrestrial. Child-sized and looking about curiously, the grey is a passive counterpoint to America's livid demeanor. ]

Hey, just what the hell is going on around here? One minute I'm making plans to celebrate St. Paddy's Day and the next I'm waking up in the Twilight Zone. It's raining. INDOORS! And it looks like I somehow ended up in someone's worst (or best?) latex fetish dreams. My clothes are nowhere to be found, my jacket is gone, this is definitely not my bedroom and not my house, and, ha, oh yeah, apparently the world ended.

Seriously. This joke isn't funny. Somebody please tell me this is just the sad results of one of England's stupid experiments gone wrong and everything will be back to normal if I click my heels and say "there's no place like home". This can't really be happening. It's not possible.
16 March 2013 @ 01:52 pm
Now that I've collected what I'd evaluate as the basics of this place and how it's run, I'm curious enough to ask for a discussion of general opinions rather than concrete facts.

Particularly, regarding the supposedly confirmed ideas revolving around the state of our worlds. While the evidence supporting our homeworlds' destruction is considerable, I'd still like to hear what people think. It initially crossed my mind that it could be a very well-constructed lie, and while that has become a very distant possibility I'm hesitant to discard it altogether. And if it is in fact true, what happens then? Do you think there is a way to restore the places from which we've originated, or are we fighting for a Pyrrhic victory at best?

And that's not yet touching upon the more clearly confirmed matter of our souls and the replica forms we're using in place of our original bodies. I'd imagine this has caused existential crises aplenty, but let's put that aside for the moment. If the administrators possess the technology or magic to create such close copies, how is it they can't simply take out original bodies along with our souls in the first place And if there is a way to restore our worlds, would you logically assume that includes our original selves?

You're free to answer if you like, or ignore me altogether. It's your own choice. I can't really picture this as a simple matter to talk about without inciting a sense of dread and misery, so I'll hardly be offended if everyone shrugs this off and pretends they never saw it.

--Lord El-Melloi II

[Waver, honey. I'm sure signing your name like that is simply habit by now, but you might give your younger self a stroke.]
12 March 2013 @ 06:34 pm
If this is the endgame, I have to say I'm pretty disappointed!
Not a8out the world 8eing destroyed or whatever. That was already o8vious from the 8eginning.
So the universe is gone, 8ig deal. The way I see it there are 8igger problems! Much 8igger!
First of all, there must 8e a mistake. My stylish noose should 8e 8lue, don't you think?
This shitty hue would 8e gr8 on some finfaced douche8ag I 8et.
8ut it's soooooooo not my color.
Secondly! This sad excuse for a meal is disgusting and I can't find the gru8 sauce.
I think I might die if I have to eat this crap plain! And no one wants to see that right?
Of course not! Soooooooo........
SOS gru8 sauce needed ASAP!
11 March 2013 @ 10:31 pm
[Some sounds of fumbling around can be heard as Sephiran tries and fails to get the video function working.]

Ah? Hmm? It seems these terminals aren't working as they should... the video function is disabled, and I've been waiting for hours for the service to actually work.

[Finally, Sephiran plops into the chair at the terminal. He clears his throat before he begins speaking.]

Hello, everyone. This is Sephiran speaking. I have but one simple question for you today. What do you see on Floor 100? I've noticed that everyone sees something different, so my curiosity has been piqued.
10 March 2013 @ 02:57 pm
[A rather young looking redhead appears on the screen, looking extremely annoyed. Well, he's usually annoyed, but people watching most likely don't know that because he's new to the tower, assuming the people here are strangers. ]

"So...they bring us here and tell us our world has been destroyed and saved us. Yeah, okay, maybe that's a possibility... (after all, hadn't Mikoto-san's power been going out of control when he and that shitty monkey had been fighting the Black Dog? Not even he couldn't deny it then. Had Mikoto-san actually...done it?So what the hell do the people in this tower want with us?"

[He's talking very excitedly, and here he pauses to take a much needed breath

"How can we be sure it isn't the people of the Tower who destroyed our world? He bites his lip here, not wanting to admit that it was probably actually his hero that destroyed his world in his particular case) Yeah, I'm pretty sure some of you already wondered that. But I just got here and I want to know what the people already living here think..."