14 May 2012 @ 08:49 am
Would anyone like to have another friend?

[Short, sweet, and to the point - she's very tired of having more accidental enemies than people she can rely on.]
28 March 2012 @ 08:10 pm

turn on


where is the paper?????

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[WHACK. Hitting the computer activates the video function. Glaring at the screen is a tan-skinned man with pointed ears, a lovely gin-blossom nose, sunken eyes, and... green hair. And he's already changed out of that weird jumpsuit and into his normal clothes. The top of his orange collar is barely visible over his red cravat.

He narrows his eyes at the screen, then down at the keyboard

Blasted... typewriter! What kind of contraption is this! Where's the paper?! Cursed LIARS, telling me I could communicate with people using this thing!

[and now he's shaking the computer. Or trying to]

HEY!! TELL ME HOW TO GET BACK, YOU INFERNAL MACHINE!! Put me back on my ship right this instant!