19 August 2012 @ 10:16 pm
[ Video? With her hair as dishevled as it was? Not likely! Aerith was quite happy sending out just her voice, which sounded just fine! ]

Do monsters attack this place very often? I wasn't expecting that at all! But then I bet nobody knows what I was expecting.

So, I've found what looks like a food hall and there are things here I actually recognise! All I need is Tifa to mix some cocktails then I'll forget that I've been brought to strange place that's being attacked by huge, flying whales.

Does anyone want to come with me?

[ There's a pause in which you can almost hear her smiling ]

It'd be just awful if I had to go on my own.

[Post is backdated to 2:00PM on the 14th.]

[There's a few seconds of dead air, as she goes over what she's going to say one last time.]

..So we're kinda in a crisis situation here!

Cuz of that, I figured we should... try to do a status report kind of thing! The top levels got totaled, and I know monsters had pretty much taken over a few other floors in mobs when I was last there.


[She gulps, obviously upset by having to ask this.]

I'd... like to ask you guys to report anyone you know is dead. Since the dorms are gone, I... don't think anyone's coming back that way for a while.

14 August 2012 @ 08:46 pm
[ The last few hours had been a blur, Aerith could vaguely remember going to the City of the Ancients and she could somewhat recall going down a seemingly endless series of steps on a glass staircase, and maybe Cloud was there? But she couldn't quite focus on what had happened after that as she had been so rudely awaken by the sound of crashing and sensation of the room shaking.

The young Cetra sat up with a start, in an unfamiliar place and couldn't help but panic. She quickly scanned the room and spotted something that might just help her. A small device that resembled her PHS! Launching from the bed she had been snoozing laying on she reached for the object and began to fiddle with it, inadvertently turning the video broadcast system on.

Oh what was his number? Oh-seven... nine?

If I could just have my PHS with me this wouldn't be a problem! Who can remember strings of numbers like that? That's why they have address books in them!

[ A sudden thud against the tower walls caused her to stumble, at which point Aerith noticed herself displayed on her new PHS ]

Oh! That's me!

Is this sending out this is a video? Who's it sending it to? Maybe it's just broadcasting it to everyone? Well that's more sophisticated than what I used to but alright.

[ Aerith clears her throat and stumbles again as the room continues to feel the tremors from above ]


Is anyone there? I think you have the wrong person, I'm not meant to be here right now.
08 August 2012 @ 10:56 pm
fail-filtered messages to Sephiroth )

[Evening, Animus-folk. Have a rather concerned looking Zack on your network today. He's definitely worried about something, and considering the late hour, that's not surprising. Monsters will be out soon.]

Has anybody seen General Sephiroth around today? I looked all over and I can't find him anywhere...his name's not on his door anymore, either, but that doesn't mean anything, does it? [a glance over his shoulder, probably at that door in question, then he looks back at the screen.]

Just...lemme know if you've seen him around, okay? It's not like him to not check in.
30 July 2012 @ 05:28 pm
[Tifa is there, smiling.]

Hey, Cloud, Zack?

Do you think we could put together a bonfire on one of the wilderness floors?
12 July 2012 @ 05:22 pm
[While he usually uses audio settings back home, this time he's going to use video. It might help if someone recognizes him, and not just by voice. Which is why everyone can see that he opted not to use the white jumpsuit (because who really would?), and instead used the clothes that he had found in the trunk. Thank god they gave him brushes, too, or his hair would be a mess.]

This connects to the network, yes? This is Tseng, Director of the Department for Administrative Research. ID Number 46952. [There's no confirmation after that, of course, and his eyes narrow.]

After awaking in room 03-04, I found the letter stating that Gaia had been destroyed. Unbelievable, of course, and whoever has decided to play this kind of prank can be assured that their pay will be docked.

[The collar, too, is a nice touch; just enough that it's annoying, and such a garish color.] I'm more concerned with someone touching my things, and somehow knowing what to pack in that trunk. They also left me without a lighter, if there is anyone willing to lend me one for a moment.

Any and all information from a reliable, spoken source, would be appreciated.

[End transmission.]
29 May 2012 @ 04:32 am
[The General seemed a bit...piqued, yet at the same time somewhat pleased. He absently stripped a dark liquid substance from his sword blade as he spoke quite calmly.]

As a precaution, I would advise avoiding Floors Four and Thirteen until the Tower maintenance crew - whatever it may be - clear both areas of debris. Anyone traveling to either floor, use caution; do not proceed alone, if possible, as we encountered hostile creatures on both floors last night.

[Hence the needed cleanup.]

Doctor Brown, Marty, my thanks again. [Sephiroth actually smiled, although it was tinged with just a bit of...malice.] Your craftsmanship, Doctor, is masterful. I'm in your debt.

Thirdly, should any residents be interested in joining our impromptu patrols or providing assistance and or support, contact either myself or Zack Fair. Experience preferred, but willingness will suffice under these conditions.
Sorry about the wait guys. Things got a little hectic after the labyrinth. I'm almost done making a schedule for patrols for the Night Watch. I just wanted to check and see if anyone else was interested before I finalized it.

(ooc: Sign up for the monthly log is HERE if anyone else is interested in signing up for it.)
27 May 2012 @ 11:33 pm

[Tetra's eyes are wide and she's grinning widely. Her hands might be shaking a bit but meh, details. It's not like shaky hands MEAN anything, right?]





[ooc translation since Tetra is wired on coffee: "Oh my goddesses this coffee stuff if amazing you should try it!!!!"

"Doc Brown has a whole pot in his lab I think I might go get more!"

"Oh goddesses what was that???"

"Something moved I'm outta here!"

"Oh wait that was just my shadow haha!"]

17 May 2012 @ 09:02 pm
[ Hello, Tower! Have an out of breath freaked out teenager with blue hair. From the sound of it, he's just outrun something and raced to the terminal.

Yes, it's Minato, and he is looking rather... ruffled. ]

Ah... excuse me, I have a question.

[ He takes a moment to catch his breath off-screen, because from the sounds of it, he's a bit freaked out. ]

Has anyone else encountered a large, white spider roaming the floors?
16 May 2012 @ 05:22 pm
Your wworlds havve been destroyed. WWhat part of that message wwas unclear?
Abandon the childish notion of evventual return; it's avversivve to behold.

[filtered to ahri, chidori, and the signless]

If you are still unawwares, I must advvise against exploration of floor twwenty-four.

[filtered to her imperious condescension]


except not, so just have a few milliseconds of static before hanging up!!! if returned, he'll get back to her once he's paced the room thirty or so times.]
15 May 2012 @ 06:09 pm
[ Here, have a serious young man with glowy eyes, spiky hair, and a love of all black wardrobe on the feed. It takes him a second before he starts talking in a rather quiet voice. ]

Is it possible to get weapons made here? I have some blue prints for the one I use to have on the Planet... Are there any inventors here?
15 May 2012 @ 01:23 pm

...Er... This is how you use it right? Well, it certainly looks like it's recording...

Erm, anyways, hi, I have some questions if you guys don't mind?

Is it true that our worlds' destroyed like the letter says? I mean, it sounds a bit morbid for a welcoming letter, don't you think? And just how large is this tower anyways?

That's all for now, I guess and... oh, right! My name is Makoto Naegi, in case you guys needed it.
14 May 2012 @ 08:49 am
Would anyone like to have another friend?

[Short, sweet, and to the point - she's very tired of having more accidental enemies than people she can rely on.]
11 May 2012 @ 08:25 pm
Fail Filtered to: Sephiroth
General, I've got good news and bad news. Got somewhere private enough that we can talk?

Open to Network, not fail-locked:
So, uh, I got a question for you guys. Anybody know where I can get a sword around here? Mine seems to have not made the trip with me and it feels weird to not have it, so...[sheepish look is go] I'd just really appreciate it if I could get a new one or something. Or if somebody could tell me they've seen my old one. It's about six feet long, weighs around 50 pounds...pretty hard to miss, but I can't find it anywhere.
09 May 2012 @ 10:56 pm
[The visage appearing over the video feed was...less than amused, honestly. MAKO green eyes framed with silver narrowed in growing consternation, as this particular user had been trying to make sense of this strange simulation for the last hour or so. With little luck, as this place damned sure wasn't his HQ field tent.

Not to mention that this thing in his hand certainly doesn't look like his PHS, there's a bloody collar around his neck (and for that, heads will roll, oh yes), his sword is nowhere to be found and some idiot considered it humorous to leave cryptic notes at the foot of his bunk... Needless to say, Sephiroth's temper with it was quickly evaporating.]

...I do not find this particularly amusing, gentlemen. We have work to be done, these pranks are better left for your celebrating at mission's completion.

[Granted, finding himself in a completely different place than the one in which he'd arrived the previous day did little to mollify his irritation, either. But, no matter the situation, a SOLDIER always kept a level head. ...most of the time.]

Fair! Strife! Report in, immediately!
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