21 December 2012 @ 10:03 pm
A good day to you all.

I have heard that there is a case of the flu going around. The flu is no good at all. You should all stay in bed and eat warm foods.

If everyone would be so kind, I would like a list of people who are sick in bed. I plan to cook some stew this evening and tomorrow, and would like to make enough to share with those of you who are sick. I can also deliver it, if you would like.

If anyone has free hands for assisting with the cooking then I would appreciate that as well. Thank you very much. Let us who are still healthy stay that way.
21 December 2012 @ 01:27 pm
[...It seems as though someone that is not accustomed to such illnesses has come down with a nasty flu. The last couple of days he's just stayed in his room, tried to get warm with the blankets around him but it was no use. He didn't understand, he wasn't supposed to get sick.... can one that was never meant to exist even get sick?

On this particular day it's the same, but... something is definitely off about him.]

If anyone is in need of some assistance due to this.... [ah, what's a good word for it?] ...epidemic, tell me and I will help in any way possible.

[Wait, this wasn't right, he's completely evil and yet he's wanting to help people? Strange!]

Do not be afraid to ask, I'll do whatever I can.... [even though he's sick himself.]
Huh, that time of the year again huh? Man, I feel so old.

It's been over three years huh? I wonder what everyone's doing now.

[ She's not really paying attention to what she's saying over the computers, but she knows the computer is recording. ]

I wonder how everyone is...hmmm.

[ ooc: Ishtar's Birthday and she's reminiscing the past. silly pointless post but feel free to bother her. She'd be happy to make new friends :> ]