05 July 2012 @ 01:29 pm
Well now, it seems people have flooded back into this place. It seems there was a large percentage of people taken.

In any case, a discussion I had a while ago brought up a question I wanted to ask.

[Even if it was less of a discussion and more bristling at each other. Whatever.]

It's obvious enough that something translates for us - for example I'm typing this in Japanese but someone else might see it in German or English or... I don't know, something like Aramaic.

I'm curious what language everyone is speaking in, and if you speak more than one language. Call it a professional curiosity.
02 July 2012 @ 11:28 pm
[If you're in room 2 - 10 then you are perfectly free to bother him. He's already woken up and gotten acquainted with one roommate of his and now he's not doing a whole lot. It's a good time to introduce yourself, if you want.]
[Network Post]

id really just like to know who the actual fuck has enough power to remove somebody from am sburb session.
like im not an expert on sburb or anything.
but that shit seems like it should be impossible.
and way to go dipshits but the earth was already destroyed.
and youre not the one who did that.
so there we go ive caught you in your fucking lie.
but its whatever.
ill go along with it for now.
i mean youve clearly got the most sugoi of fashion senses.
white spandex.
yellow collar.
i just feel so goddamn beautiful in it you have no idea.
k but seriously im pissed off.
i go from one shitty situation to the next.
when the hell does a bro get a break.
apparently the answer to that is never.
fuck me i need a beer.
where can i find a beer.
please tell me this place has fucking booze.

also dave.
you here.
because if youre not.

im wrecking their shit.