11 July 2013 @ 03:59 pm
[Today, Hakuno Kishinami looks tired. Not defeated, or depressed, or anything like that... just emotionally exhausted. The loss of Caster hurt her a lot more than she thought it would, and she had allowed herself a couple of days to mourn losing yet another person she's grown to like... but she can't keep doing this. She recovered after losing her dear Saber, so she can soldier on through this.

The loss of her other Servant did cause something good, though: Hakuno's finally getting off her butt and taking an active role in her own protection.]

I have a question... well. A question and a request, rather.

Is anyone good with swords? Not... fighting, really. [Though she probably still could use some help there...] I mean making them. Fixing them.

[She reaches off-screen for something and holds it - them - up: pieces of a sword. Broken, obvious, but still rather wickedly sharp-looking.]

A while ago, this showed up in my trunk. It was... a special sword I had received back home. I was wondering if someone could help me fix it, and strengthen it. It was only meant to be used once, but I'd really like to change that so I have something to protect myself with.

... I, uh... I don't really have anything I can offer for your services... but I'd still be willing to help out somehow to repay whoever can assist me.
05 April 2013 @ 11:03 pm
[ Though Rani's face isn't typically the type to show a wide range of emotion, her voice carries a slight hint of sadness to it as she speaks over the terminal. She's gotten the letter, she's found her trunk of items, pretty much only clothes, and her communicator, but she could live without such things. Those she wishes to see are nowhere to be found, but perhaps... ]

I hope I am not presumptuous to wish my companions are here as well. Any of the Misakas, Miss Tohsaka, Miss Rita, Miss Grell...Sir Knight...?

Or, am I the sole survivor as that letter claimed?
Hey... I have a favor to ask. I need help from both of you.

Shinji is here. I know you two may not think very highly of him... but could you please keep an eye on him for me?